Silicon Bakeware

My wife made banana bread last night. That fact probably doesn’t interest you (though the banana bread was EXCELLENT. I’ll get the recipe for you if I can), but what is cool is that she used a silicon loaf tin. I’m not sure if you would call it a tin considering it’s made out of silicon, but anyway. She’s also got a silicon cookie tray.

Silicon cookware is amazing stuff. Here are my reasons for loving it (even though I’m not always the one using it):

Silicon Cookie Tray - part of your must have silicon bakewareAmazing Colors

Silicon cookware comes in a wide range of colors, most of them quite bright, so they look quite funky. And we all need funky kitchen appliances. 😉

Dishwasher Safe

To me, this is the most important thing (though don’t tell my wife). The fact that you can wash the silicon bakeware in the dishwasher is a great feature for us lazy people.


We once had to make caramel baskets by melting sugar into the silicon baking tray and cooling it in the fridge. Once the sugar/caramel had solidified, we just popped them out of the trays, without breaking a single one.

Heat resistant

Ok, this is an obvious one, considering you’re using the silicon loaf tin to actually bake bread in the oven. But it amazes me how something like this actually withstands the heat. But I guess I’m no scientist.

So, do yourself a favor this weekend and go out and buy yourself a silicon baking tray and a silicon loaf tin. Then come thank me for it once you’ve used it… I just know you will.


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