Valentines Day 2009

In the spirit of tradition, I’ll just write a quick note and reminder (as if you need one) to say that Valentine’s Day 2009 is next Saturday!

What tradition, you may ask?

Well, I’ve already written a couple of posts about Valentines Day over the years:

Valentines day picnicThis year Valentines Day falls on a Saturday, which might make things a little easier if you’re looking to go out for the day. But it also means places are more likely to be fully booked.

(And, it also means you probably can’t surprise your loved one by rocking up at their office with flowers)

So, some of the best things to do which may not cost too much money or may not have “totally booked” issues are:

  • Go for a picnic (one of my favourite). Find a botanical gardens near you and pack a picnic basket
  • If you live in a city, find somewhere in the country side that may not be as busy as the inner city restaurents or hotels.
  • Go camping? (Not really my cup of tea 🙂 )

For anybody living in the Johannesburg/Pretoria areas, do you have any recommendations for places outside the city? I’m really trying to find some place new to go this year.

And anybody else, have any ideas you’d like to recommend? What did YOU do last year?

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  1. I think I’m lucky: It’s my husbands turn this year, so I’m off the hook!! A picnic would be nice though..

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