Woolworths Foods is doing SOMETHING right

Woolworths LogoThis article applies to South Africans because of the products I’m talking about. ESPECIALLY since Woolworths in England has closed up shop (last I heard) after 99 years of business.

At the bottom of this post I tell you of 2 Woolworths Foods products that you HAVE to try. If you do, let me know if you agree with me…

What are your favourite foods from Woolworths? Do you even shop at Woolworths?

There are a few options here in SA:

Pick n Pay

They’re upping their game to cater for all the people who think that Woolworths is getting too expensive. As well as being something of an upmarket store in the townships.


My wife and I try to avoid the Spar (except for BroadAcres) because 90% of the time we’ve gone there, there’s something wrong with the fruit and veg.

For example, the last time we went (IN SANDTON, of all places) there was hectic fungus growing on some vegetables, which had expired 6 days before!!!

Woolworth Foods

My wife and I tend to shop at Woolworths for 95% of our groceries. It may be a little more expensive (though I’m not sure, because some of the things we buy are only available at Woolworths), but the quality tends to be a lot better.

IF they have stock!

My favourite foods

So, the point of this article. There are 2 things that I recommend that EVERYBODY go try out:

Roast Chicken

Woolworths sells a roast chicken, marinaded and packed in plastic.

You cook this chicken for about 1 to 1.5 hours in the oven, IN the bag (with 2 small incisions in the plastic bag). After it’s been cooking long enough that it’s ready, we take off the plastic, and turn on the grill in the oven for about 5 minutes to make the skin crispy.

It is REALLY tasty, and thanks to the bag which has kept the juices in, it’s not dried out at all.

And if I can cook, it, ANYBODY can cook it.

Full Cream Ayreshire Coconut Yogurt

Everybody knows yogurt’s healthy, right? Ok, maybe not the full cream yogurt, but it’s healthier than cake I hope.

Next time you go to Woolworths, look out for the yogurts in the black tubs. There are various flavours like Lemon Cream, Vanilla and Coconut.

My personal favourite is the coconut yogurt. It is SO good, my wife and I buy it for desert.

Try it and see if you don’t agree with me. You’ll stop buying biscuits and cakes and puddings for a while.

Any other foods you recommend? Please let everybody know by leaving a comment below.

9 Replies to “Woolworths Foods is doing SOMETHING right”

  1. The ready cooked frozen prawns at Woolies are the best. I am always wary of frozen prawns but these are really good, you literally defrost them and eat, yummy. Only one complaint, the tail is still on.

  2. I agree with you about the prawns. My wife makes a mean stir fry with them.

    Though I must confess, the tails make them easier to hold if you’re eating with your hands (finger food as opposed to stir fry) πŸ™‚

  3. hi

    I always buy apples & lettuce there ….it last for 3 weeks without going vrot…
    Their 2l Full cream milk is also cheaper


  4. I agree about the veggies. They sometimes have a disturbingly long life span.

    We always buy lettuce at Woolworths, though we prefer the bananas to the apples. And WOW did we buy HUGE bananas over the weekend. πŸ™‚

  5. We recently moved over to NZ and of all the things I miss, besides my f & f, I miss Woolies the most. The clothing here doesn’t compare, the food doesn’t compare, the home furnishings don’t compare. Woolies rocks. I wish Woolies would open up a couple of shops here in NZ. πŸ™

  6. Very rare do we shop at Woolworths as we find it is so over-priced, very expensive. Even tho most of their food items are really tasty, it still does not justify most of their prices. But the few items we occasionally buy and would recommend to anyone who loves soup or has little time on their hands to prepare a 1st course for visitors is the potato soup and the butternut soup, in sealed bags ~ absolutely delicious!

  7. I agree with you about the soups. But, if you take a look carefully, you’ll see that a lot of the time, Woolworths isn’t AS expensive as you picture.

    We were talking about the “Eat a meal for 4 for uner R150” tonight at dinner, and it is DEFINITELY great value for money.

  8. Haven’t heard abt Ò€œEat a meal for 4 for under R150Ò€³ so I would be interested to know what it is all abt. Is it something Woolworths advertises? :o)

  9. It’s definitely something they advertise. And, you might see posters advertising it inside the shop itself. It gives you the list of “ingredients”, and generally is a good meal.

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