Some Valentines Day ideas

There seems to be a large number of people reading this site looking for ideas for Valentines Day due to these articles I have:

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Well, in the spirit of my “Gifts for my Mother In Law” post, I’d like to tell you about 3 things that I did for Valentines Day over the years, which I think were big hits, and HOPEFULLY they will inspire you this year.

All I ask in return is a little help from you. Below you will see that you can leave a comment. Please could you leave a comment saying what you did for Valentines Day sometime in the past. This way, there will be a nice little list of ideas for Valentines Day that will benefit everyone (especially me 😉 ).

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So, here goes.

Valentines Idea #1:

Send Roses to the office. Obviously this is only really going to work if you’re a guy sending roses to your wife or girlfriend’s office. But believe me, this may sound corny, but it is a DEFINITE good thing to do. Other ladies in the office are jealous because she received roses, AND she feels good because she received her Red Roses for Valentines Day. (A sidenote, if you’re South African, I actually used NetFlorist for this and they were quite good, so the ad below is no coincidence…).

Valentines Idea #2:

Take the Day off work and go for a picnic. This is quite a cheap thing to do really, because you only need to buy a few sandwiches or some finger food, drinks, and a couple of deserts, and find a park or botanical garden to go and have your picnic. And, I think picnics are always quite high on the Romantic Scale.

Valentines Idea #3:

Similar to Valentines Idea #2, but the one year we took the day off to go horse-riding. Not necessarily everyone’s cup of tea, but it’s something fun to do. And then, there’s the picnic or lunch out afterwards.

So, thanks for stopping by, and feel free to leave your ideas in the comments below…

6 Replies to “Some Valentines Day ideas”

  1. I arranged a romantic fireside picnic for Valentines last year. I had truffles, good cheeses and wine, and various other treats. For desert a basket full of naughty but nice surprises.

  2. Book a spa treatment for you both, facials, full body massage, pedicure, hot stone massage etc…
    There are specials on & the relaxation and time-out from the ‘noise’ is just as good as a holiday.

  3. thanks tamerah, that’s a brilliant idea. I’m actually trying to organise something like that right now 🙂

    But, shhhh, don’t tell her 😛

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