Fathers Day Gift Ideas in South Africa

Carrying on from the “Mother’s Day” gift ideas article, I thought I would do the same for Father’s Day.

Do you keep asking yourself “when is Fathers Day“? Here’s an easy answer…

Because Father’s Day in South Africa is celebrated on the 3rd Sunday in June, this year (2009) Fathers Day will be on June 21st. So don’t waste any time and start planning your surprises for your dad. Though I’m pretty sure there are VERY few people who will be reading this more than a week before Father’s Day 😉

Personally, I think dads are easier to buy presents for than moms. Here are a few ideas for gifts for your dad that I can think of that you can buy online:

From SACamera:

I’ve just taken a look at the SACamera website, and I am SHOCKED! From the title I always thought that they just sold cameras, and I’m saving up for my Canon EOS 40D which Canon has been taunting me with for months now. But go to www.sacamera.co.za and see what they’ve got:

– Digital Cameras (obviously)
– Memory cards (pretty obvious too)
– Night vision binoculors (how COOL is THAT?!? 🙂 )
– Telescopes
– A couple of Books on Photography – recommended for your photographer dad
– A few MP3 players

So go on, check out their website at www.sacamera.co.za…

From GiftDay:

Some of these ideas are DEFINITELY not for the budget Fathers Day Gift buyer, but they will definitely be memorable gifts. Some of the gifts available from GiftDay are Advanced Driving Courses, Airplane rides, rides in Ferraris and Audi TTs. (We actually gave my father-in-law a birthday present of an advanced driving course, so I know it’s a gift that’s appreciated).

Another gift idea from GiftDay that won’t really break the bank is a course entitled “Introduction to Cocktail Making“. What dad wouldn’t love that?

From Kalahari.net:

I enjoy reading a lot, so I can really recommend books. But if you need ideas on what books to buy as a present, how about checking out Kalahari.net. You could look for books from the same genre that you know your dad enjoys.

Or, if your dad has a hobby, look for a book related to that hobby. Another idea is a book about something he enjoys. For example, if he enjoys Formula 1 racing, there are quite a few books on the history of the Formula 1. If he likes Ferraris, you could buy a book about the car…


So, I hope these ideas were helpful. And if you have any other ideas, feel free to leave a comment below.

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