Cleaning dirt marks off walls

If you have dirty (non-permanent) marks on your walls, then here’s a good way to clean them off…

But first, some of the ways that I’ve noticed these marks GET on the walls:

  • Dogs rubbing up against the walls as they run past
  • You sqaushed a mosquito on the wall, and now there’s a mark
  • You tried to clean the mark on the wall, and only made it worse…
  • While installing cupboards (or anything else) pencil marks were needed. Now they’re not…

So, the FANTASTIC way to clean these marks off the walls?

Try putting some dishwashing liquid (like Sunlight) onto a cloth, wet the cloth a bit, and rub…

This worked like a charm for me, so hopefully it works for you. Just remember, some house paints are easier to clean than others, so the paint MIGHT play a role in how effective this is.

Let me know if you have any other ideas by leaving a comment.

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