Jars Pasta sauce

This pasta requires minimal effort but tastes great! You just need to be able to boil pasta and open up jars of Mediterranean delicacies.

Shopping List:

  • 10 artichokes in olive oil
  • A handful of sundried tomatoes in olive oil
  • A handful of dried black olives in chili/herb oil
  • Approximately 30 ml of the olive oil from the olives or normal virgin olive oil
  • 1 clove of garlic
  • 1 green chili
  • 2 Handfuls of Parmessan shavings
  • 250g of Pasta (Penne or Fusili)

Most of the ingredients above can be found at a local supermarket. If not, any ‘Italian’ deli would stock all of the products.

After you’ve shopped, you open up all your jars whilst your pasta is boiling and follow the step-by-step guide below:

  • Reserve approximately 30 ml of the olive oil from the olives and add to the bowl
  • Crush the garlic clove and add to the oil
  • Chop up the chili finely and add to the bowl
  • Drain the Artichokes, cut into quarters and place in a medium sized bowl
  • Drain the sundried tomatoes, slice into thin slithers and add
  • Pit the olives and chop them roughly before adding to the bowl
  • Prepare your 2 Handfuls of Parmessan shavings

When your pasta is ready, drain, and place back in the pot. Pour your sauce over the pasta and mix well. Then serve up and add a handful of parmesan shavings to each plate…

You can also try this with other ingredients – see what you have in your fridge or what you find at the deli and just mix it up, experiment! That’s how I came up with this one and it’s one of my husband’s favourites now!!

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