Prevent cats pooping in my garden

I live in a complex with a couple of wandering cats, and I really want to stop the cats from using my flower beds as a litterbox.

I went to the pet store and they sold me some liquid that I would have to spray around the area that they are pooping (to put it politely), but it is not that effective if they’ve already used the area before. And, unfortunately, the cats were using the flowerbeds near my herbs, and I didn’t want this spray going anywhere near the herbs.

How to stop cats pooping in your gardenI spoke to somebody else and they mentioned that cats don’t like using wet soil as their litter box, so I’m trying to keep the soil as moist as possible by watering often. It kills 2 birds with one stone by ensuring that my flowers are well watered, and the vain little cats don’t get their paws wet.

Does it work?

I think so. If for some reason I don’t manage to water as often as I’d like, then I’ll notice that a cat has paid me a visit.


I’ve noticed that a few websites on the internet suggest using a sprinkler system set up with a motion sensor. It’s quite an interesting idea, though perhaps a little overboard. If you have automatic sprinklers, than you shouldn’t have a problem.

I’ve also seen it said that you can pour vinegar around the area. This would be safer for my herbs, but I haven’t tried it (as I haven’t really needed to).

If you have any ideas, I’d love to hear them. Please leave a comment below…

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  1. it may sound cruel, but putting wooden BBQ skewers point up so seem to deter cats from small flower gardens.
    Black pepper is also effective, and irritates the cats’ senses. but i don’t know how that’ll affect your herbs

  2. Perhaps if cat owners only knew of the new organic, biodegradable and toilet flushable cat litter made from all natural corn cobs their cats will then stay home and use their own litter boxes.This new litter is available in most retail outlets countrywide and if all the cat owners were to switch to this new dust free and additive free litter many cats would then actually use their litter boxes. Clay and silica litters in general have additives and odourcontrol things added that actually put cats off. Cats having extremely good sense of smell rather prefers the cob smell to unnatural additives. So go out and tell people with cats about this new type of litter. It really works

  3. All of these are interesting ideas. I would like to point out, however that unfortunately most of the cats that urinate or otherwise deficate out of doors are doing so because they are homeless. I do use the new litter to which you refer, and our cats seem
    to appreciate it, it does have a much more pleasant smell for all of us (smiling).
    I have a friend that swears by leaving moth balls around his garden, in his neighborhood there are many “stray” kitties. I have never had the need to try it, but he says that it works quite well.
    Thank you for sharing and allowing me to as well, have a great day all.

  4. A friend recommended that I place a clove of garlic in the hole the cat used… I haven’t tried it yet, but will; who knows, I might even grow some garlic!
    I wouldn’t recommend using vinegar as it functions just like Round Up and will kill all vegitation near it.

  5. Hi Cory. I’ll DEFINITELY be trying that tomorrow. Seems like garlic is a great way to go, considering it also keeps bugs off your herbs and flowers…

  6. Ive been told about orange peel. Pine cones was another I heard about but doesnt work. Ive just ordered some plants called coleus canina which cats dont like the smell off so will see if that works, the sprays dont really work either.

  7. Since planting the plants i got in april and installing a sonic noise emitter i have been cat poop free. I only have a small yard with 5 coleus caninna plants in so bigger gardens would need more. Placed them in the spots the used as a toilet.

  8. i hve my cat 4 years,in the last couple a months my cat is pooing in every corner he gets, i have tried black pepper, i have put down a litter box, but he just refuse to make use of it, i am really getting fed up cause it is leaving a terrible smell behind and picking up poo is not really nice.please give me advice

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