A better way for watering roses

In my post titled “White fungus on Roses” I spoke about a new way that I was watering my roses. It’s not anything amazing, except that it just feels like it works a LOT better, and doesn’t get the leaves of my roses wet.

The new amazing method is just to take the nozzle or sprayer off the end of your hose, and just “pour” water around the bases of the roses by holding the hose pipe there.

A better way to water roses to prevent the leaves getting wetBe careful, because a lot more water can come out now that there is nothing stopping it (like your spray nozzle), and it can come out with a surprising force, even if it doesn’t look like it’s coming out that hard.

The best thing about this is that you can just hold the hose pipe to the base of the rose bush and you will thoroughly soak the ground around your roses. And, apart from a few splashes, the rose leaves will remain dry. You obviously don’t have to water your roses like this all the time, especially since it’s not the most comfortable way of watering, but I’ve changed to using this method, and it just seems better.

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