Home Decorating Tip #8 – Create easily accessible paths

Lounge.jpgOtherwise known as Traffic Flow in Interior Decorating, these paths are the routes that people will take through your house, around furniture, etc… You will be able to notice these patterns on carpets after some time as high traffic flow can wear a carpet down.

Don’t make your guests (or yourself) climb over things or have to dodge furniture. Try and make your rooms easily accessible by people, even when there is a large number of people.

To create easily accessible “paths” around your house, try the following ideas:

  • Leave sufficient space between furniture so that people can easily go between the furniture
  • Use a focal point as a “destination” to draw people on a specific path – A painting at the end of a path or passageway works well
  • Make the destination of a path functional – For example, in a lounge, make sure you can get to the entrance, lights and seating without too much hassle

Something as simple as Traffic Flow may not seem important, but your guests are more likely to remember your house for bad traffic flow, than for good.


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