Did your weed killer not work properly?

Have you ever sprayed weed-killer and expected the weeds to die within a couple of days, only to see them carry on thriving?

There are 2 things that I have found may cause this:

The weed MUST be growing

One thing I’ve noticed is that a weed has to be growing actively for weed killer to be effective.

This means you have to water your weeds for a bit to ensure they’re growing. If it’s dormant or in a slow-growing phase, it won’t absorb the poison quickly enough for it to take effect.

That sounds like a pain, but I guess you’re probably already watering the area around the weed anyway. You may have to increase the watering for a while before you actually spray the weed with the weed killer.

Don’t water the weed for a few of days afterwards

This is an obvious one, I guess, but I would say to be on the safe side, ensure that your weeds are dry for at least 3 days after your sprayed them.

This gives the poison a chance to work it’s way into the weeds root system before being washed off.

So, do YOU have any other tips for getting rid of weeds?

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