www.CORICRAFT.co.za – WOW

Yip. That’s right. WOW. Have you EVER seen such an amazing web page. (Should I really call it a site?)

As a quick little break from the incompetence of the staff of Coricraft, I’d just like to spend a little time discussing the amazing homepage for Coricraft, available at www.coricraft.co.za. Let’s analyse it a little.

– At the bottom left of the page, in nice bright colours, we have a list of all the Customer Service staff at Coricraft.
– At the bottom right, we have a list of all the Coricraft Staff members who have been thanked for their great service by Coricraft Customers
– In the middle of the page, near the bottom, we have a list of all the stores that have delivered their couches and bookshelves and tables when they promised
– And, at the top of the page, in BEAUTIFUL fonts, are the contact details for Coricraft. We have their e-mail address and their phone number. Careful, you might not be able to see it too well.

Coricraft Homepage and Coricraft WebsiteIn case you read this after they’ve decided to change the beautiful Coricraft website, I’ve taken a screenshot. You can just click on the image on the left to see a larger version for your viewing pleasure.

Oh, and don’t you just LOVE the Coricraft Logo at the top!!!

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  1. Yip. an amazing website inded. clearly they’re furniture craftsmen, not IT people. (I’m referring to the people who id their website, not Coricraft – we already know they make furniture not websites).

  2. After reading comments on the services experienced in Coricraft. I decided to visit a show room based in Centurion since there were no comments on it. I bought a coffee table and a tv stand. Before that i mentioned to the sales person who was assisting me that based on the comments i read on the website, I am aware of the service they provide so i requested her to be honest with me wrt the availability of stock and delivery. After my purchase, she gave me a contact person from the warehouse to arrange delivery. Well, i did so and the person i was referred to, told me that i will received my delivery on Friday. the purchase was done Tuesday. Friday I received a call from the delivery driver, telling that they were at my place to deliver. So, i got my things on the said date and in a good condition. I guess i was lucky!

  3. Heard about the coricraft sale so checked out their website. In puzzlement I googled them and came up with you. In 8 months they still do not have a website! Hmm.

  4. Mary: I think you’re lucky. I wish I had that service. Many times over. I don’t actually think this site pervents a lot of people from buying from Coricraft. But at least it prepares them for it.

    Leanne: I really think Coricraft should AT LEAST put up SOMETHING that looks like a website. Heck, I’d do it for them, though it would only be right that I charge them a fortune, and take my time delivering. 😉

  5. I found the salespeople in the Cape Town branch to be useless. I cannot believe that they still do not have a website.

  6. I agree, they need a proper website! i have ordered a couch from the centurion branch, and they said it should be delivered in 4-6 weeks, i really hope it is not delayed or damaged! (i wish i had read everyones comments before purchasing furniture from them, if i had, i would not have bought from them!)

  7. I do freelance web design and development – I called Coricraft two years ago and spoke to whoever it was at the end of info@coricraft.co.za – wondering whether they needed a website design. their response was “No, we have far too many products to post on the website”.
    What a twit! In any case, they could always just put up the latest brochure and update it monthly, well, that could be the least they could do!

    Two years later… still no website worth looking at!

  8. “No, we have far too many products to post on the website”


    They were probably thinking that if Google can get away with a plain, all white website, they’re big enough to do the same. I mean, they must be as big as Google, with too many products to put on the website!

  9. I tried to buy 2 chairs from Coricraft this weekend. The ones I wanted are being discontinued and so are sold off the floor. The Salt River Branch only had one but Tygervalley had three. I was told that I would have to pay R300 for one to be moved from the Tygervalley store to the Salt river store!!!! “Customer pays for internal stock moves”??? I told them they could keep their chairs. The only problem is that Weylands sells the IDENTICAL chairs for more than twise the price (R4000 compared with Coricrafts R2000) – maybe that’s why they think they can get away with such bad service! Imagine what they could do if they combined thier good products with good service!!! I dream of IKEA!

  10. Please also remember that if Coricraft charges R1000 less for an item that seems identical to the one Weylandts or @home Livingspace has….
    Have a much closer look. They might be selling the knock off item that’s made with cheaper and inferior material. I made the mistake not buying a more expensive item from @home Livingspace and opted for the cheaper (seemingly idendical) item at Coricraft. The “chrome” started bubbling, metal rusted and the stitching on the leather (which turned out not to be leather) came undone. They refused to give a refund or credit for the items, because I purchased it on a promotion. Hmmmm….

  11. Are you people mad?

    Why in heaven’s name would you even CONSIDER buying furniture from a place like Coricraft. I have been making furniture (which includes) couches, tables etc, as a HOBBY for over 10 years. And one thing I will guarantee you. The AVERAGE Hobbyist can make, with about R1000 worth of of tools and about R1000 worth of materials a permanently upholstered couch of significantly better quality in a weekend. Now compare that (R2000 and a couple of hours) to the the average R6000 to buy a similar couch from Coricraft. And remember, what you buy from coricraft is simply cheap wood that has been treated to look expensive with techniques that you can get from any hobbyist book that you can buy for about R200 at CNA or any other decent outlet.

    So stop complaining. If you do not have the time or inclination, speak to a local woodworker! They will look after you much better, definitely give you better quality, and you can bet your life they won’t damage the stock they deliver to you. And at worst, you will probably wait a week or two for your product, and here’s the killer, you will probably get it significantly cheaper. Even if similarly priced, you have the pride factor inherent in owning a piece of furniture custom made just for you.

  12. I live in namibia and furniture here is very expensive,so i opted to buy at Cori-craft. i’m very happy with the service,delivery and the furniture. i’m building a new house soon and will again make use of their services. Keep up the good work!i bought everything at the cape town branch.

  13. Don’t know why people complain so much about service at Coricraft when service in South Africa has drastically gone down the drain the past couple of years – It’s the new SA people…. From a technical point of view, atleast 3 of my friends own Coricraft couches (most of them for more than 4 years now) and they are all very happy with the quality of materials used, the prices and the comfort these couches offer. The only complaint there is, relates to the stuffing used in the Coricraft couches (Pettite) about 4/5 years ago. This material (guess it’s hollowfibre) starts pushing into buldges/humps after a few years of replumping of the cushions. This might be due to incorrect handling of the cushions as well… So I guess these couches aren’t as bad a people make them out. I just bought 2 couches for my house – Will keep you informed if anything bad happens to my “investment” 🙂

  14. When we bought our couch we were warned that it might start making lumps, but 3 years down the line it’s still fine and I have just sold it for a good price too… You can also buy new filling from Coricraft but I would compare their price to a habberdashery as well as it may be cheaper elsewhere…


  16. Coricraft, kry asb internet fasiliteite in al jul winkels sodat ons as kliënte die balans van ons bestelling daar en dan via internet betaling kan doen!! Niemand se kredietkaart het onbeperkte limiet vir groot betalings, niemand loop met soveel kontant rond! Jul kan tog nie verwag die kliënt moet 48uur voordat items afgehaal word internet betalings doen – sênou dis nie die regte items of die items is beskadig?? Nog erger: sênou die kliënt kom voor dooiemans deur te staan, sonder sy meubels EN sy geld??? Dis nie onmoontlik in vandag se tyd waar soveel besighede insolvent raak! MAAK DIT GERIEFLIKER VIR ONS AS KLIëNTE OM BY JUL TE KOOP!! Op die oomblik is dit ‘n FRUSTRASIE!!

  17. Ibouht a Lounge suite in 2011 around September Piad Cash for the Deposit and when they Delivered the Suite 6weeks later paid the other half This where the things went wrong
    1 One part of suite was in a different colour and not scotchgard
    waited for long time to fix this problem
    2 They then another part of the suite was delivered but the cushions where very soft compare to the other suite and still no scothgard and after numrious phone calls and visiting the store at Boksburg and been assured that they will attend to the problems as soon as posible. After 2 mnths they send Rep to have a look and to verify the problems and promised us that they will attend to the it
    My wife took a Day,s leave to be at home as they were coming to deliver the new or fix the cushions and coat the suite
    To-day the 16th Feb and nobody has been around to sort out the problems
    If this how they give service God bless them I will not buy from them again and tell my freinds and Family and maybe CarteBlanche

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