Coricraft Wynberg – OH, MY, FREAK!!!

What a bunch of ABSOLUTE MORONS!!!

Coricraft Wynberg are UselessNormally, I wouldn’t put such personal feelings on the internet in such a public place. Especially since there are a lot of potential customers of Coricraft coming to this site. But, PLEASE let me explain why you should go shop somewhere else before trying Coricraft.

In the previous article, “Coricraft Menlyn – A different language“, I mentioned that our Bookshelf arrived damaged. Perhaps it WAS my fault for not checking it properly, but it was late (they eventually arrived at 6PM to deliver the goods, after making me wait all day), and the large crack was under a shelf, which you had to bend down to see. Well, it took a whole 2 months to get the damaged bookshelf swapped out for an undamaged one.

You may ask how we eventually got Coricraft to deliver a new bookshelf. Well, after a 2 month run-around, here was the clinching conversation with the Coricraft factory shop in Wynberg.

The players are:

My WifeW
Coricraft DumbassCD

W: We are tired of this run-around, and would like to know when the bookshelf will be delivered!

CD: Ok, I will phone you back to let you know

W: NO! You’ve said that too many times. I want to know WHEN you will phone me back!

CD: I will phone you back this afternoon.

W: Will you definitely phone me back?

CD: Yes.

W: OK, but if you don’t phone me back today and give me an EXACT date and time of when this will be delivered, I will phone your head-office and speak to management!

CD: No, please don’t do that, we’ll get into trouble!

Now, is that not supposed to be the point! “We’ll get into trouble!”

YES, that IS supposed to be the “Coricraft Dumbass” in the photo.

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  1. My husband and I had terrible service from Coricraft Century City, Cape Town. We ordered the Bruno Lounge suite (1 x 3 seater + 1 x 2 seater). It arrived late after us having to continually phone them to find out when it was arriving. The 3 seater had light ‘whitish’ marks on it and the 2 seater had black smudges on the side. The men who delivered the couches reconed they could get the couch through the front door and damaged our frame and door which intern damaged the foot of the one couch. We phoned Coricraft to complain and also wrote on the delivery note that damaged to the front door and marks on the couches had to be seen to.
    My husband phoned on numerous occassions to have the damages fixed by Coricraft as it was them who caused it. After a month or so, they ended up rembersing us R1000 or something basically so we would shut up. We knew we weren’t going to get anything else done by them so we reluctantly accepted the offer. We had such bad service there that I would definately warn people not to buy at that Coricraft. The staff dont really care and if they do care, there is not much that gets done about problems. JUST BE CAREFUL!!!

  2. we recently bought dining room furniture and a coffee table in Century City, delivery will be in 2 weeks(thats next week) hope they take care when they deliver

  3. My wife an I also purchased a dining room table from Coricraft Century City and when the table arrived the first time from the warehouse in Epping, the wood was cracked and filled with rather obvious wood filler. On the second delivery, the table wasn’t even the correct wood type! The third time, they got it right though. It appears that the showroom models are flawless, hand picked ones and that if you aggree to purchase an item, you should insist, in writing, that you be allowed to choose the item from the wharehouse yourself!

  4. I wish I`d known about this before shopping at Coricraft Blue Route Mall (Tokai). I waited 12 weeks (who waits 3 months for a couch!) after being told about 4-8 and then went the corner couch arrived it was ripped on the right arm but am still waiting for exchange 6 months later!!!!! I would rather have sat on the floor for the rest of the year than dealt with these dodgy people. DON`T BUY FROM CORICRAFT!

  5. it is true their service is very poor and stupid staff. They answer rudely , my experience at wynberg

  6. We have purcahsed from Coricraft Century city a few times and to date we have always been more than happy with the service as well as the product.

  7. Seriously – do you have no life? OK OK you got bad service but how long did it take you to write all these posts about it? A simple post on hello peter would have made you feel better… you are a very angry person buddy, maybe you should seek help or try smiling occasionally… alternatly you could move to a first world country!

  8. 😀

    How’s that?

    Don’t worry about me, writing these posts made me feel a LOT better.

    Thanks for caring though, it’s good to see there are people out there who care about the well being of others.

    And thanks for taking the time to read what I (and everybody else) wrote.

  9. If I had to write down all the problems I had with Coricraft (Boksburg) it will take many pages but Kristy is correct you can not spend so much energy on a usless bunch of morons (He is obvious complacent about poor service Im not)

  10. We have purchased 2 leather sofas and 2 leather chairs from Coricraft Century City so far and have just placed an order for another leather chair. To date I cannot fault their service or the product.

    It was a bit of a different story when we popped into their Tyger Valley branch over the week end though. The woman on duty was the most unhelpful person on the planet.

  11. I ordered and paid in full in January this year for a 3 and 2 seater couch. After paying, I was told that I had to wait for about 8 weeks for delivery as the manufacturing staff were on holiday etc. So after taking delivery of the couches in March, the two couches had mismatched fabrics…so to cut a long story short, I took delivery of the sixth set yes sixth set due to marks, flaws etc of couches on Friday, only to find that the arm was broken on the three seater. I have since requested a full refund. Never will i buy anything from Coricraft!

  12. I bought a couch and only 4months later the couch is broken. The thing is hanging on the floor. I was asked to send pictures and its 2.5 weeks later and already im getting the run around. Nobody can tell me what’s going on what so ever. I demanded a new couch seeing that the thing is brand new. The after sale service is a shocker! Wonder how long its going to take for the thing to get replaced.

  13. I went to Coricraft warehouse for damaged and discontinued stock in Wynberg Gauteng and wanted to purchase 5 diningroom chairs. The agent informed me that they do not sell the chairs seperately and only as a set with a table.

    Now there were 13 chairs standing arround 3 tables and they wanted R4500 per set. ( 1 Table and 4 chairs.) I explained that I only want to buy 5 chairs and a bench they had at the back.

    He simply refused and walked to the office.

    Now I ask you?? If this is a warehouse where they sell DAMAGED items and discontinued items why in the world will any company refuse a sale on the grounds of selling “sets”. It is DAMAGED and discotinued. You not going to be able to get them again. This is not a Coricraft showroom and with 13 chairs you not going to be able to complete 4 sets with 4 chairs each anyway..

    In my experience one would make a sale regardless of having an apparent policy to sell sets if there is a chair extra for 1 set and it is at a warehouse for damnaged and discontinued items..

    I will not be shoping at Coricraft again and is strongly advising all friends and family against supporting them.

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