Coricraft Design Quarter – OMG

Coricraft Desing Quarter - Contact details on the bottom of this trophyCoricraft Design Quarter, employers of the winner of the most prestigious idiot of the year! Harsh, I know… But read on.

Once again, I wonder what made me even WANT to try and buy from Coricraft again… If you’ve read all my stories so far, then you’re starting to think that I should actually be the recipient for the honour above. But, like I’ve mentioned before, the Coricraft lounge suites and other furniture are not actually that bad quality or that badly priced. It’s the service that completely and utterly sucks, 90% of the time!

So we ordered 6 dining room chairs from Coricraft Design Quarter in Fourways in June 2006 and we were told that they would arrive in South Africa (and possibly in Joburg) by September, due to the fact that there was no stock in South Africa at the moment. So, like the fools we are, we deposited our money. But we were confident because the extremely helpful person behind the counter said that we could count on him to follow up as it was his specialty.

Nobody followed up.

So we went into the store and asked to speak to this special person, only to find that he no longer worked there. Beautiful. But Martin would be glad to help us.

Take it away Martin:

Martin: If you wait a bit, the next available cashier behind the counter will be able to help you find out if your stock is here.
Us: Ok, thanks.

Martin then walks off, and we wait, and watch as the 5 busy cashiers help customers, only to get up and leave as soon as they’re finished. With only 2 cashiers left, Martin comes back and sits behind a computer to look up something, so, JOKINGLY, I start a conversation:

Me: So, does the fact you’re behind a computer make you a cashier who can help us now? 🙂
Martin: NO! I told you. A cashier will help you if you just wait for them!
Me: Ok, but they are all leaving, and we’ve been waiting 20 minutes. So surely you know how to look things up on the computer.
Martin: That is not my job. You will have to wait for a cashier! These are the people who will help you!

WOW! Ok, thanks Martin! Of course, somebody else did end up helping us, only to tell us that our stock had been ready in the Coricraft Wynberg warehouse for 2 weeks!

Oh boy, not again!

The only good thing from this experience? The customers standing next to us with eyes as wide as plates, and passing comments to us about how they wished they hadn’t already paid a deposit, or they would have cancelled their sale after an outburst like that!

So, what are your comments?

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  1. Wow am I glad I read this. I was about to pay a hefty deposit for a coffee table that apparently is coming in via ship in about 4 weeks. He said they have already 30 orders but are receiving 200 pieces. Are they perhaps in trouble that they have to hold onto cash under the pretext that goods are being shipped? Makes one think does’nt it. I’d rather pay double and deal with a proffessional company that will deliver the goods on time and in good order … Thanks for your comments – it was’nt only an eye opener but was also good reading. And the webpage – definitely does not portray the upmarket approach they are trying to portray. Their staff must also catch a waike up- I am referring to the Century City – Cape Town bunch. God forbid you walk into the shop in denims and tackies. They walk around with a constant stick under their noses and look you up and down as they you have crawled out of gorgonzola cheese. They need to catch a huge wake up……

  2. Would also rather pay more and deal with a professional company, don’t like the fact that they skimp in the area of customer service. I was about to buy a couch from them but will look for other options rather.

  3. Thanks for the warning. I am in desprate search of a lounge siute, but since I’ve read all of this I won’t be goinig to coricraft. Another place that is just as stupid is Joshua doore in N1 city, Cape Town.

    Good luck for the future!!!!!

  4. Bought my tv stand and couch in Feb. Estimated delivery date is end of March (31 March). Crossing my fingers.

    Question is: If you are in CT, where else can you by good “medium” priced furniture? Weatherly’s doesn’t have as vast a range as Coricraft and Weylandts is either too ultra modern or too rustic, quite arty-farty really.

    Where else can a person by furniture in Cape Town?

  5. Just to say, I know exactly how you feel! Bought leather couches, table & TV cabinet from Coricraft, all 4 were badly damaged on delivery, months later still not resolved, replacement furniture that arrives is in worse condition than the once initially delivered, credits promised were never given – MOST INCOMPETENT COMPANY I’VE EVER HAD TO DEAL WITH, MANAGEMENT MAKE PROMISES THEY DON’T KEEP, PLEASE people do not keep supporting Coricraft, unless you feel like being screwed over!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. thanks for posting your experiences – very helpful to prospective buyers. i have been wanting some coricraft couches for some time – nice designs, and good prices. but it sounds like a nightmare.
    who else could you recommend for a set of good leather sofas?

  7. Personally, I don’t know anybody else, as we’ve only bought the sofas from Coricraft (we only need one set) and haven’t heard anybody else recommend somebody…

    If you’re in no rush, yet have the patience to follow up, go for Coricraft… But let us know how it goes. At least now you know what you COULD expect, so you’ll know how to deal with it in advance.

    I think if you let the salesperson know that they are responsible, they might follow up. Try telling them that you have their name and phone number, and if the service is bad, you’ll put it up here, if the service is good, you’ll send them new clients (your comment will be read by about 50-100 people a day, so they might get quite busy).

  8. Hi there! I said a few days ago that I was in desperate search of a lounge suite, well I found one at russels N1 city Goodwood, The service is always good there when I go there. I said straight away that I want it and I get it today! And it’s just been the easter weekend.

    It’s been great hearing all the stories!

    Goodluck to everyone else out there!!!

  9. Hi There, I am glad I read your comments about coricraft. On Saturday, me and my brother went looking for a couch at coricraft Design Quarter, the sales person told us that they could do it for us in cream white colour, an hour later i went back with an intention to pay and spoke to a different sales person ,who told me that they cannot do the couch in any other colour except the one in the shop (brown colour). I think this was a sign that I should not buy from them, especialy since I need the couch immediately.

  10. Hmmm. I don’t think the word “immediately” is in Coricraft’s vocab. But that could just be me, and you. Oh, and Sandy, and Pamela, and CJ and Moyra…

  11. You can try Fielli, beautiful furniture good price good service! Just bought a lounge suit from them. Wish I had found this site last month as I’m awaiting for a delivery of 12 dining room chairs from coricraft!!!

  12. You must all be very unfortunate. You should give them another try now. The service issues have been addressed and i honestly dont know any Retailer in South Africa that really impress me with their service.

  13. Thanks Mark.

    As you’re the Retail Manager for Coricraft, I wonder if you wouldn’t like to give us a little more detail into how Coricraft have addressed the service issues?

  14. Hi all, Coricraft have just opened a branch in Kzn Springfield Park. The salesman there was so incompetent it was just unbelievable. He was unsure of prices of items, was vague and seemed to be on another planet. Fortunately for us we requested a couch off the display as we had been without a couch for a few months, the young lady at the till was not happy that we were messing up the display and told the salesman so. However after having read the above comments I am pleased that we took our couch home with us. On arriving at home I found two marks on the back of the couch. However, I will not bother to contact Coricraft in this regard and will find my own solution inremoving the stains. Obviously their prices are good and as it was a new opening store the specials were great. However anything I purchase in the future will have to be on a cash and carry basis for me. No ordering thank you! P.S. they don’t even have a phone at their new store yet!

  15. I can’t actually belive what I’m reading here! I put a deposit down on a couch at coricraft the crescent, only to be phoned 15 minutes later to be told that the fabric I chose was not in stock and my couch would only be available in 3 months time. I was then offered a loaner couch, which I decided to accept. They have promised delivery about 5 times, every time I rush home to be there for the delivery they never pitch. I also do not get follow up phone calls and have had to make numerous calls, for my account, to find out what is going on. I am continually promised a follow up date, but this has still not happened! So unimpressed with the service it’s frightening!
    I am currently having to sit on my carpet on my lounge floor if I want to do anything, can’t have company over, such a pain! I agree that the prices are very competitive, but with this shocking service, is it really worth the headache?

  16. I keep readin about all these problems that people have had with Coricraft. Granted they fall short some of the time and all of you waste no time running to this site, but how many of you have received great service and a wonderfull product and refered all your friends. Unfortunatelly these people dont make a comment only then could you try to compare apples with apples. And sorry but I would never purchase from Joshua Doore or Russels-Dont even get me startd there! Every company be it Wetherly’s or Coricraft have to make up the stock individualy so that your home does not end up looking like you purchased from the local furniture shop or “From your Uncle in the FURNITURE bussiness?????”

  17. I’ve had such a bad experiences with Coricraft, their service is pretty much non existant. I will never buy from them again…doesnt matter how good the product is, if you dont offer good client services then it means absolutely nothing. Good service is the key to a successfull business; I dont see them lasting too much longer in the market unless they make some major changes.

  18. Coricraft stinks as an outfit. I have two leather couches and a chair that are the biggest load of crap. The chair isnt even leather…. My advisw tto anyone is dont buy from them, they will give you the run around if you have a problem

  19. I bought 2 trileg side tables from coricraft crescent in umhlanga a few months back. When they arrived the table tops were cracked and had been shoddily touched up with a darker colour varnish (it looked as if someone had scribbled with a permanent marker on the mahogony coloured wood). They eventually collected them and told me they were ordering me new ones from the cape town branch. 1 month later they called me to say these too were damaged and they didn’t know when they could get more. I asked for a refund, submitted all the relevant forms and waited. After 2 months I still hadn’t been refunded. Eventually, after endless phonecalls and threatening them with legal action they refunded me. Not worth the unnessicary stress 🙁

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