James Bond – Casino Royale – Movie Review

If this is the year of comebacks then the next installment of the Bond franchise far surpasses Superman, Batman and Chuck Norris. “Casino Royale” takes James Bond to a new level, blonde. And Daniel Craig becomes 007 with relative ease and dignity.

James Bond Casino Royale Movie and DVD ReviewA tougher, more hands on James Bond, not afraid to get beaten up, shot at or tortured (Men, you will cringe when you see the torture scene). He uses less gadgets and more force and is a welcome departure from previous Bonds.

The movie is one of Ian Fleming’s first books and is a remake of an earlier Bond film. It tells the story of James Bond’s first mission as a 007 where he takes on the bad guys in a game of high roller poker. And it does it with great special effects, a good script and some sexy women.

Taking on international terrorism in a tuxedo is not easy.

The Bond franchise has been reignited in “Casino Royale”. My official rating is 4.5 out of 5.

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