Holiday Club is a SCAM

Please note: This is MY PERSONAL opinion. By reading past this point, you agree that you are entitled to your own opinion, and will not judge me (or sue me) for recounting my own experience and telling you about other peoples’ experiences.

But PLEASE read until the end, and forward this article to everyone you know.

Ok, now that I have that out of the way, let me tell you why I think the Vacation Club are a bunch of con-artists.

If you EVER get phoned and told that you have won a prize for some competition you don’t even remember entering, DO NOT LISTEN TO THEM!

They will ask you to come pick up your prize and listen to a presentation. DO NOT GO!

Vacation Club Con Artists

I got phoned one day by somebody from a Holiday Club company who said that I had entered a competition by filling out a form at a petrol station.

I don’t remember when or where I did that.

Oh, and guess what, the guy on the phone said he couldn’t tell me either. But I had definitely won a prize.

To read all about that experience (with a transcript from memory of how clever the person on the phone actually was in being able to make me believe him), go read the article here:

Rhino Marketing Holiday Club is a perfect Con

Ok, now that you’re back, let’s move on 🙂

QVC – Quality Vacation Club Scumbags

It looks like the Quality Vacation Club is doing their best to silence people who have fallen for their “scam” by suing a fellow blogger who is sharing his experience.

Here’s a link to a press article this blogger, Donn Edwards, released:

What makes me sick is the fact that while I was sitting through a presentation, I looked around and spotted at least 3 elderly couples who did not look like they could afford to get home, never mind join a Holiday Club Scheme. And yet they bought into it anyway.

The only thing that made me cheer up before leaving that day (with my “guaranteed” prize, that I had to pay for to use), was the fact that it looked like the salesman was going to cry when he thought that such a perfect sale was going out the door.

How to get back at the Vacation Club (free of charge)

If you’re keen on irritating the Holiday Club companies as much as they irritate everyone else, tell them you’d like to go to their prize giving. Confirm it every time they phone you.

Then don’t go. As simple as that.

So please, if you can, pass on the word about QVC, the Quality Vacation Club.

If you received this by email, PLEASE do me a favour, and pass it on to everybody you know.

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  1. I worked for holiday club for a day. Within a few hours of working there, I realised it is a scam. A legal one mind you, but a scam nevertheless. Their aim is to get you to invest in their businesses by tempting you with winning big prizes like tvs and holidays overseas. And you have always DEFINITELY won a prize – NOOOOOOOOOOOOOT! Don’t fall for it. Take it from someone who has been on the inside.

  2. Thanks for that. I’ve always wondered how people could work for the place. SURELY everyone is intelligent enough (like yourself 🙂 ) to realise they’re scamming people.

  3. look they get a bad rep but i am giving away real prizes. i think you shouldnt hate the players. hate the game. cellphone companies. those products on tv etc. look everybody knows you havenht won you go to a draw. well like i say i work for one of the named scumbags because i have to eat and i havent conned anyone as yet. you come see me at your request. i dont telemarket. we meet in a office and i offer you a product you can buy and i give you a free meal or free accomodation at a resort. i give it to all the people who see me. so unless these meal tickets and holidays are fake and the people dont come back to complain to me i dont know how to respond. people just like slinging around a bit of dirt from the old chutney pot cos they thought they were going to win the car out the draw because of course nobody goes to those things.

  4. Hi I was one of the unfortunate ones who bought into Quality Vacation Club 12 years ago and was promised holidays or weekends away at any given ime. After all these years they have only been able to accomodate me twice so anyone out there just don’t buy into it not only are you purchasing a holiday but then you have to pay R3000 annual and reservation fees which you land up throwing away because they can’t give accomodation in the area that you want.
    Don’t buy into the scam!!!
    And on top of it if you do win a holliday its in a given period and mid week “hello who get’s to take time off mid week”

  5. QVC Are rip off artists of note. When I enrolled in 1996 I paid about R24k but would get my money back after 10 years – here’s the rub "LESS COSTS", I didn’t ask what the costs would be, should have. after my ten year unsatisfactory stint and annual levvies I applied for my money back. They gave me back about R14k. With great difficulty I managed to obtain a statement from them only to find that they had charged me about R9k for marketing expenses. All I could assume was that they had charged me for selling me the package in the first place. Don’t touch them with a barge pole.

  6. Dries asks the same question I have been asking. Is it not possible to hre a good attorney (we can share the costs to make it more affordable) and proceed legally to get out of this mess.
    Surely the wheel turns. These rogues have been stealing our money for years and getting away with it

  7. had a rep from thc in house. try to sell last stock @ 2685/point to secure a better status so high status members can do bookings online (apparently)
    but just to be considered it must be 10 points or more. it wil cost me 27700+every year higher levy just to have acsess to resorts through website to find out none available for the time i need it
    I then decide to flock my points which i was best offered 200/point and some costs which unfortunately i did not listened what it was,so you give it away for free and it will still cost you uot your pocket.


  9. That sucks. Any chance you can cancel the debit order? Or fax through a cancellation.

    What does it say on your form? How do you have to cancel? If it HAS to be by phone, then you can leave a message that you’re cancelling, and possibly record it? Then cancel the debit order.

  10. I managed to get hold of their headoffice in Gauteng operator lady told me to fax through my cancellation to some guy, who is not at the office at the moment!! they say within five days of purchase you can cancel everything….wish me luck!
    how i got myself into this! God only knows!…lets try and make everybody aware of this …you have won my foot!

  11. does anyone know of a prominent person we can refer this to such as a politician. Surely this type of behaviour calls for a commission of enquiry into malpractice. Its not much use exchanging comments on this forum if there is nothing we can to do get even with these punks

  12. Hi, at least now I know I am not alone. I bought into it.I pay my ass off every month and can never go on holiday.As they never have place avialable.Can I sue these people as they told us a bunch of lies, I heard this morning they only have 21 holiday venues but 60000 clients. That is unbelievable with this QVC is pulling RCI’s name down under with them because RCI has to give them places were there clients can go on holiday.I would also like to go to the newspapers what would be the correct way to do this

  13. Without prejudice of rights.
    People. There is a much deeper meaning of what has been done to us than all these little,with all due respect, worthless petty complaints like the so called competition, the luring you into going there on false pretences, winning and giving away the price, etc . These wont get you anywhere.
    I would like everybody who has not gotten what they were promised, to contact me on or fax me your details to 086 676 2524. I will then contact you asap and preferbly, first via e-mail. No matter how little you may think it might mean. Do not delay. There are a few other rather substantial matters that we should discuss regarding this matter and that could be done about this still.

  14. I have had THC for approx 14years now, paid R60k for 40 points, and I can assure you that I’ve never had problems, yes sometimes can’t get into the resort I want but always come right elsewhere. I’m so satisfied I intend buying more points! I suppose I sound like a THC rep, but I’m private and bought the points in Secunda after an invite, I’m really happy at this stage, today I’m hiring a car with my points.

  15. From Dries Struwig; As you know, I complained last Sunday on the blog. At 09:00 Monday morning, I was contacted by QVC about my complained. a Meeting was immediately given to me and my wife and I saw Mr. Paul Edkins on Friday – all in one week – morning at 08:00. Now, I need to stress the following; the proffessiolism of Mr. Paul Edkins was out of this world. So was the way in which we were received by QVC. Our problem was resolved 110% in only a few minutes and we got more from PaulQVC that we could ever expect. He must be the most honest and most geniun personbussinessman i have ever delt with, especially where we felt they made the mistake and can still admit and rectify there mistake without trying to look for loopholes where the blame can be put on you, and not on them. we all know, we (customer) allways get the blame, never the supplier. Well, to our biggest supprise ever, Paul understood our dilemma and fixed it immediately. They could just as well have had a ‘normal’ aproach and easily differed from us and have sent us home without any concern for his clients. he did not!! P.S. Paul saw us due to the spesiffic sercumstances. Speak to QVC, they will attend to your p

  16. We’ve been members of QVC for 5 years now, and have not had any problems. We live in Canada now, and use the points at least once a year to go to international resorts. We use the guest certificates for family to use. The only complaint would be that it can be difficult to get resorts, but with planning in advance we have always been accommodated in wonderful resorts. We stayed in an amazing resort in Victoria, BC from Dec 26 to Jan 1. My parents found accommodation in Kruger in March. You do need patience to get hold of them usually.

  17. Must say this: I had a operation in Dbn November. Needed accomodation for my wife and child while I’m in hospital. Got resort 40+ km from hosp but not in city any available. Wife had to move to 3 resorts from 12 Nov to 17Nov of which was 1 night in Oceanic (R500) on Hotel Express which is Auto Membership with THC. It was woth the cost of R2300 / year Levy. This two esorts was 9 points and my yearly point 17. It iritates me though that i can not manage my acc online, must always phone there and find no resort where and when needed. their stock is limmited. and also this acc was out of peak season and booking was made both within the week i needed the acc for my wife. the traveling from and to hasp used bit of fuel but all cost less than acc privately. now i decided to keep my membership cause i had great holidays before in margate although i wanted to be in Balito cause it would be closer drive. THC agents not always suit our conventional way of selling and it irritates me aswell. but the product is great for me. also the problem that if i need to sell the package its worthless. (R200/point but they sell for R2700/point and i paid R1800.00 ( 5 Years ago)

  18. Everytime I hear the word QVC I get upset all over again. I still have 50 points which I bought for R30000 on which I paid R35000 admin fees. I used a week about three years ago, and I did not even stay for the whole week due to unsatisfactory conditions. I am trying to sell my points for years without success because everybody knows that the product is not worth having.If somebody have some ideas on how to recover a little bit of the bad investment, I would like to hear from you please.

  19. I through bad judgement bought into Dream Vacations club.I had intentions of trying to use it but the way i worked prevented me from using correctly.I had already paid about 30 or R40 000 into this.I wanted to cancell contract and i even offered then to take what i had already paid but they refused and want me to paid in full and then cancel.I dont agree with this and if there is a good lawyer out there who can assist i would rather pay you than them.The credit lady was very friendly and tried to help but there so called management want to squeeze you for everything you are worth.When in the presentation you are always told this is rock bottom pricing and you can cancell or sell it at any time.That is a lie dont believe it.Also they push up there monthly subs so much that even after paying all the money for the points the yearly subs is more than you would have spent on a holiday anyway.This is my personal experience but go for it get your bad experience aswell


  21. So in short we are …. taken for a ride……. just started my monthly payments and deposit…. how do we get out of it???
    Anybody tried ….

  22. I dont know, i have had joy at dream vacation club, not too costly and its ok. i think the negative comments are from yougsters, not looking at the big picture

  23. Buying Holiday Club points was the worst ‘investment’ I have ever made.
    1. You can’t use them anywhere else but at resorts which the Holiday Club owns or has substantial shareholding. Even though they tell you different!!
    2. These points virtually cannot be sold! The Holiday Club wouldn’t buy them back, even at a discount, and the transfer fees they charge is ridiculously high. I couldn’t find someone to buy my points at half their ‘retail’ value.
    3. The reservation fees are charged annually and costs a pretty packet.
    4. The Holiday Club has provided us with the most expensive holidays, at resorts we didn’t really want to go to, at times when it really didn’t suit us.

    So it is simple. There is enough suckers like me who bought these wretched points, and cannot really use them. Search the web, and you will be able to choose the time, place and price of your holiday, no strings attached!!

    Bottom-line: Before you buy any Holiday Club points, ask 10 people who owns some. If 2 tells you it is a good idea, then consider buying. You’ll probably have difficulty finding 2 people even if you asked a 100!

    Unless of course you really like wasting your hard-earned money!!

  24. I purchased 30 unused points from a QVC member. Had it fror three years, no problem. Difficult to get the resort and time you want. unreasonable check-in and out times. usually 16h00 check-in and 10h00 check out.
    however, if you plan ahead, you can usually get your preferred or good resort. resort points are usually unreasonable, for example, a standard allocation is 30 points per annum, but some weekends and midweeks cost 50-90 points -ridiculous. you can never get peak accommodation less than 90 points and there are no added benefits like weekend/midweek getaways that cost even off-peak 1-5 points.

  25. I wrote in January and stated I had no problems whatsoever with THC (The Holiday Club), I just want to say, I bought another 20 points a couple of months ago, (total 60 )I just can’t see how you guys have so much problems, we use ours every year and I think sometimes that we don’t have enough! Just use it, you’ll see the benefits!

  26. Hi Ben

    Perhaps you’d care to write something that shows HOW you use your points? When do you use them, where, etc?

    I never signed up, so I don’t know if it’s easy or hard, I just think the way this company GETS you to sign up is scaly, scammy, spammy and should be made illegal! ESPECIALLY the way I saw them targeting the poorest people in the group of potential clients.

  27. Hi James,
    If you are referring the QVC system I cannot comment, remember I am a memeber of the Holiday club, Google their website and get an idea, the resorts owned by them as wel as the ones they have shares in with RCI I can vouch for, they are of the highest standard, I personally know of a new one (THC) between Hoedspruit and Phalaborwa, also a first is one in Mozambique in Bilene. We were not forced into buying any points, we were like everyone else invited to a “seminar/presentation” and this is where we bought in, approx 15years ago. We have been using our points every year, our favourite place is Hazyview Cabanas, this is where we bought an extra 20 points this year to add onto our 40 existing.If you book in advance, in other words plan your vacation for the next year if you can and you will not be disappointed with having being told that they are full. THC has a file (updated yearly) where you can pick your holiday destination and check according to your points you have, if you don’t have enough points for a specific place, lend some of next years point or pay the difference in with cash.I know I sound like a rep for THC but I’m just a points owner and very happy with the product!

  28. Hello

    I am also one of the “Unfortunate” ones to get caught by the Holiday clubs.
    I am not saying it is a good or bad thing the clubs but in my experience it was bad.
    I bought into the promises that you can sell it back at any time speech i got on the day of the presentation.
    Also believed the “this is the lowest price it will only get more expensive”.
    I have had my contract for 3 years and have not had the opportunity to use this.
    So i contacted the company and was told they would not buy it back.They want me to pay the full amount before they will even consider canceling contract.
    They did say they would try and help me sell it but i would never get the amount i still owe even after 3 years of paying.
    I did contact a lawyer but even he says you don’t have a chance.My only option i have is to pay the installments and yearly charge which they push us as they want.I still have not managed to use this and who knows it may be a good thing but in my case it is a pain.I took my contract with Dream Vacations.
    Just want to warn people to ask the questions of if you want out what are the consequences and what it will cost you.Also get there answer in writing and signed.
    Hope this info helps someone , wish i had it before

  29. i was also telemarketed by QVC. when asking if this was not a scam or a holiday marketing strategy, i was assured that i had definetely won a prize- thinking it true because i had entered a competition to win 1 of 4 prizes, i asked again if they were positive that this was not a marketing thing and if i had to sit through a presentation-i was assured once again that i had won a valid prize in the competition and had just to attend the final draw. getting there on the highway was an absolute nightmare as a result of all the roadworks, but when i reached my destination and saw what it was, i was livid. i left after 10mins cursing all the way home. needless to say i have been warning all my friends and family and asked them to please inform everyone they know. what happened to honesty?

  30. My experience is similar to most other described above. Stef’s post echoes my experience to the T.

    My advise is to avoid the Holiday Club. My experience shows that they have dubious or questionable business ethics.


  31. I also joined the Holiday Club. After 10 months I realised that this Club is a one big Scam. I tried to cancel the contract but they refused to do so. I eventually instructed my Bank to stop the Debit Order which they did. I informed Holiuday club accordingly and never again heard anything from them So anybody who receives a phonecall from their marketing company Say yes to their offer to attend their presentation but dont go

  32. I bought 50 points in 2000 and I paid 55000 on levies to date. We used only one week because we could never get the acomodation needed.I tried to sell through Cape Escape but they offer me 150.00 per point which is crazy. I thing QVC have connections in high places which makes them impossible to be touched.The wheel is turning, and the scam will blow up in their faces sooner than later. At the moment I am a walking and talking adverticement to warn people against companies like QVC , Holiday Club, etc. If I can help it, nobody will be caught again.

  33. I did contact the Holiday Club, and got back a 3 page PDF letter explaining why the system works and I’m just using it wrong! Notably, they won’t buy their points back and won’t refund my levies.

    More importantly, however, I looked around the Internet and found a number of articles related to the poor or at times non-existent product that the Holiday Club is charging us poor suckers for.

    Surely, with both the power of collective Internet resources, and the upcoming Consumer Protection Act, we will have some hope of recourse .

    How about we rally together support at a collective point and investigate a joint “class type action: (of whatever form – petition,, legal, etc) to take this further.

  34. Yes this is Alma agian, I think it is easy to moan and grown about a mistake we made because it is toutching our pockets and I would love to say lets walk the talk, Commit ourselves – Carte Blance has na new consumer program that exploit people like this Holiday Clubs. Lets all work together DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT if we all have the same complaint sure sombody will listern so what do we say lets take some action……… let us all commit and send a request to Carte Blance requesting to investigate and lets put our hard earned money together and help ourselves and other even if it is just to make others aware of our mistakes…… so send an e-mail today do not wait and if all of us do we are doing something…. I am……

  35. I like your thinking Alma.

    I’ve set up a group on Google groups that people could use to talk to each other.

    Membership is by request only. You will have to send a request indicating you reason for requesting membership. In addition, all posting is moderated.

    Sorry about the controls, but this has to done to prevent spam infiltration and avoiding members details from being exposed to those outside the group.

    Let’s see how it goes.

  36. Can anyone assist me please? I have 30 QVC points and would like to sell them . who or what company /website can I go to to do this?






  38. Dear Fed Up and others.

    I can understand your frustration as I am in the same situation as you,

    However, to be (brutally) honest, it’s really no use ranting and complaining if you do nothing else about it.

    As mentioned in a few posts back, there is a group set up to collect ideas and suggestions and perhaps collectively tackle this issue and make a change.

    With the upcoming laws to protect customers, I am sure we could sway some power.

    In spite of this, the response on the group has been disappointing thus far. Given the posts on this page alone, I would have expected many more to come forward. In reality, this is not the case.

    The group is private and only registered users can view and participate in discussions. You can find the group at :

    So, if you are really interested in resolving this, I urge you to join the group to share ideas. If nothing comes of it, so be it. However, I believe that given sufficient participation, we should be able to present a substantial collective to address this situation.

  39. Can anyone tell me how I can get rid of my points. Free to anyone who will take it over. NO JOKE.

  40. We have been with Quality Vacation Club for almost ten years now and I can tell you this much – it is one of the best investments we have ever made. We used the midweek breaks in many of the places we had to be for work purposes. This year we were able to travel the whole Garden Route for a month! Something we would NEVER have been able to afford, otherwise. There are times when we couldn’t get a specific booking but there were always alternative bookings available. I’m sorry that the sales people don’t just sell the product for what it is. For the first three years after buying the points, we never used them and almost gave them up. It was only by the third time that we took a midweek break (from the fourth year, on), that we realised the value of the system. We have been able to give holiday gifts to family and friends, too. So for us, this has been a worthwhile investment.

  41. Ben and Wilma
    Since you are so happy with it, do you want some more points, mine are for sale! THC is QVC

  42. QVC is the biggest scam in the history,more corrupt than the goverment.Please don’t do any bussines with them.Rather be save than sorry,i know what im talking about.

  43. I managed to sell my points through “Cape Escape” at a give away price, but at least I am off the hook and I am not connected to QVC which is a huge blessing . Up to date I managed to persuade about 100 people who was invited to a presentation to collect prizes, not to attend.

  44. Comment I joined Easy Holidays Club in Durban in 2009,hoping to use my 15 points during the world cup.From day one,a certain Mhlongo guy,in Durban,was a pain in my ass to ensure payments were up to date.Somehow,I overpaid but when I asked for a refund,I was sent from pillar to post & it was even worse cos I live in Swaziland.It was then that I cancelled my membership but till today,I have not seen my money nor have I ever gone on holiday.Wise up;this is a scam !

  45. Can anyone tell me what the cost of owning 20 points in The Holiday Club would be in annual levies. It is difficult to know the truth about total costs going directly to The Holiday Club. They refer you to a Salesman who takes up lots of time and tries to push for an immediate answer. I would appreciate any feedback in this respect as one of the other vacation clubs told me they wouldn’t accept THC points if they were given FREE. True – they wanted to sell me points themselves, so had a reason to steer me away from THC. How true is this?

  46. We are with QVC, hated it at first esp when you are still paying off the points. Did feel scammed at first – But if you ever want points buy them on gumtree from ppl desperate to get rid of them (make sure they own the points and have paid the bond on them).
    I use my qvc points, give breaks to friends and my hubby can use them as incentives for his team to do well at work…yes the management fee is there but paying it over the year you dont feel it, and when we want to go away we always find spaces.
    You often even get free mid week breaks that dont use points so you can bring friends along or just be nice… or sell your booking.
    My only regret is that I didnt buy my first points from a private individual. Other than that the resorts are great for families and you quickly start finding ones you love to return to…
    I UNDERSTAND many peoples fustration, I felt it too… and yes the stupid marketing people still call and invite me to dumb presentations even though I already have points, and yes, I make appointments and dont pitch:P
    But now years later, esp since I know how to use the system… I am happy with them. I dont feel sick every time a debit order goes off… IF YOU HAVE POINTS USE THEM…

  47. I helse Groot skelem gemors, wat die middel klas mense verneuk.
    Mense wat n normale vekansie nie kan bekostag nie, wat hulle heuning om die mond smeer en se jy kan nou bekostig om vekansie te gaan hou. Bull shit. dit is wat hulle jou voer en die storie van jy KAN KANSELEER BULL SHIT. hulle hou jou vir weke aan n lyntjie jy kom nerens. En as jy eintlik hulle aan die hanne kry moet jy jou hele budget met payslips en briewe vir hulle stuur, om maar net weer en weer af gekeer te word. Entlik mors jy jou eie tyd.

  48. Hi guys.

    I’m reading so much stuff here. I just want to know. I collected my free accommodation today. Through the LPA. I didn’t sign anything. I didn’t accept any quotation. But I have this free voucher. Am I at risk to pay anything. I haven’t joined the qvc club

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