Frog Droppings

Have you ever wondered what frog droppings look like? Do you really care? You might if you’d seen something that you previously thought were rat droppings, so here are a couple of photos to put your mind at ease.

In my other posts about how to get rid of frogs I talk about how it’s really just a case of making them choose somewhere else to live.

I did that by waiting for the frogs to leave their holes and then filling it up with river sand. Of course that means you’ll either have to wait until night time for them to come out, or force them out…

I forced them out by filling the holes with water. but it took a long time because apparently frogs can breathe a little through their skin…

Anyway, one of the main reasons I wanted to get rid of the frogs is because they leave their little (and in some cases NOT so little) frog droppings all over the place.

Their droppings can also look a bit like rat droppings I believe. But that’s for another time.

In case you’re wondering what frog droppings look like, here are a couple of photos (click on them to see the full size):

The first photo is just so that you can see the relative size of the droppings (the green leaves are thyme, so you should know they’re quite small).

The second photo is a close up of the droppings so you can see what they look like.

I can honestly say I was relieved the first time I found out that they were frog dropings and not rat droppings.

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  1. Please help!!! We ate inundated with nocturnal frogs in the house. Have not been able to catch them. And they leave their disgusting droppings all over the house. How can we get rid of them? Ready to try anything but seldom see them and when we do they are too quick and nimble to catch

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