Get rid of flies – The Obvious ways first

When it’s summer time, there are a few things that REALLY BUG me:


I want to try and help other people get rid of them using ways that I’ve read and learnt. We’ll start off with getting rid of flies today.

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Get-rid-of-flies.jpgIf you don’t want to be infested with maggots, then the obvious thing to do is prevent the source: Flies. Yes, preventing maggots also means not having a maggot breeding ground, but, because maggots come from flies, it would make sense to try and prevent the flies in the first place.

Quite a few people have issues with flies. To give you an example, here are some of the things people search for when looking for help getting rid of flies:

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So, here are some things that are so incredibly obvious, and yet some people don’t do them.

Leave your trash can lid closed at all times:
This might sound really obvious, but if a fly has access to rotting food, most likely found in trash cans, then they have good feeding and breeding grounds. Don’t give flies access to your old food.

Clean up your animal droppings:
Once again, this might be obvious, but remember, it might not even be YOUR animal’s droppings. Does your neighbour’s cat soil your garden?

Ensure you have no pooling of stagnant water anywhere:
This is cause for a whole host of things, not just flies, but it’s good enough to try and prevent flies

Make sure your drains are covered:
There are such things as “drain flies“, so keeping your drains as clean as possible and covered will help prevent flies.

Please leave some comments regarding things you noticed that prevented flies… (And I’m not talking about hiring an exterminator that will clear out your area). If you’d like to see what I mean by comments, check out my post about getting rid of maggots here

103 Replies to “Get rid of flies – The Obvious ways first”

  1. so, i have had this annoying fly or two the past week or so, but i didnt think much about it. that is until this morning. i sent my daughter to the corner, and she came back saying something about a catepillar. upon inspection, it was a maggot! of course, i then noticed the nasty things all over my kitchen floor. i swept, mopped, took out the garbage, and have killed the only two flies i have seen this morning with a vengance. from now on, it is light out for all buggies!

  2. Each summer in Calif. it gets really hot and this year 110! We had maggots last year in and around our garbage and to kill them I used ant and roach spray. It DID work. Roaches are hard to kill too so I decided to use the roach killer on the maggots. I have also used bleach, but this roach killer works bst. along with hosing everything down, all the cracks in the side walks too. Maggots like to hide where it’s cool. Water only revives them unless you can drown them!

  3. I never thought of using Roach Spray. I guess this makes sense, considering, as you said, cockroaches are hard to get rid of, especially since they can supposedly survive a nuclear holocaust…

  4. I have an infestation of house flies! Help! I have no idea where they are coming from. I keep my house quite clean and have never noticed maggots inside or out. I have killed over 50 flies in the last two days, not exaggerating. I have found most of them crawling around on my family room floor. The majority of them don’t fly away when I get close so I can kill them by smashing them with a tissue. They aren’t all the same size, either. The larger ones are a little bit bigger than a typical house fly. How do I get rid of them if I can’t find the source?

  5. I have the same problem as Stephanie – I can’t find the source. We found a few maggots on the floor about 2 weeks ago so we cleaned them up. Then a few more. Now we are infested with flies. I’ve torn apart the two rooms that we found the maggots in but so far, no luck. Any ideas on finding the source or is the only option to just keep looking?

  6. Without trying to sound sarcastic, the only thing I can think of is, try sniffing them out, literally. If there’s something rotting somewhere, you might be able to smell it. Unless the maggots are coming from outside (like mine did).

    Let me know how you found them, if you do.

  7. I like Stephanine have an infestation of house files. About 3 – 4 weeks ago we noticed a rotting smell from my downstairs bathroom but when we looked for the source we couldn’t find it. I believe I had a dead mouse in a wall ( I live in a townhouse complex). The smell lasted for two weeks and I only saw 3 maggots which I promptly dumped down the drain. Now this morning I have lots of flies. We’ve been killing them. HELP!!! What can I do to keep the flyes from coming back.

  8. Oh, my goodness, it sounds like I’m NOT the only one with fly probs! Yea! Just last week it started out as one or two and now there are too many to count. The only thing that I have tried that worked is a kitchen botanical insecticide. It doesn’t harm things in the kitchen, but boy it drops those suckers like hot cakes. I did this last night, but still see a few this morning so a few applications of this must be in order. Any other suggestions?

  9. Well at last someone else who knows how I feel. We live on a plot. we never had aproblem untill our neighbour moved in. She brought 2 horses. We don’t mind the horses so we tried to get rid of the flies without speaking to her which is impossible, she just ignores us anyway.Then she got 3 more horses and she built the stables 5 meters away from our wall right in the corner by our house. Now the flies are bad. Yesterday we had to cut short our braai because of all the flies. I went to take a look what she was up to on the other side of the wall and guess what!?!? She piles up all the horse manure right next to our wall between the stables and our wall. Two hugh piles of manure (from 5 horses) along with other rubbish. This must have been there for the last two or three weeks!!!!! how do I get rid of the source????? We cannot talk to her about it. (I know her stables should be about 15 meters away from the wall,not 5meters)HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Any suggestions??????

  10. Regarding the horses… I guess I’m not the nicest of neighbours, but you could try hanging fly traps on her side of the wall? Maybe catch some of them. Check out how to make a home-made fly-trap, but on an industrial scale.

    Either way, if you DO find a solution to all those flies, PLEASE come back and let us know. The last week has been HELL!!! It’s been a black Christmas, because it looks like it’s snowing flies!!!!!!!

  11. For the past month we have been killing 5-10 very smalls flies per day. We closed our drains but that didn’t help. I have sniffed and cleaned every where to no avail How the heck do I find the source?

  12. Last summer I went mad of killing big flies in my house and I can’t stop thinking where is the source.
    This spring I was repotting some plants into large containers and saw a lot of maggots lived in the soil. And I always buying the soil for my plants. Is it meens that I already bought with eggs? How can I kill those maggots not killing the plant?

  13. I hate flies because of the potential maggot problem, not to mention they leave behind a little something on everything they land. Swatting is gross and messy, but sometimes the only way to kill them.

    One method I’ve found that stops them from flying and will eventually kill them is spraying them with Windex. It sprays, so it surrounds them as they attempt to make a break for it, it soaks their wings so they can’t fly away, and if left alone and soaked enough, they’ll die. However, I usually smash them under a paper towel then wipe up the remaining Windex, which helps in the cleaning process.

    My wife seems to find it rather entertaining as I run from window to window trying to kill a single fly. I tell her I’m killing AND cleaning!

    Good luck!

  14. I just had my husband throw a fogger inside our maggot infested trash bin. The directions say not to put it in a room smaller than 5 by 5, but hopefully the potency will do something. I’ll check back tomorrow.

  15. Brett, I had a GREAT laugh picturing you running around with window cleaner for just 1 fly. Thanks for that. And it’s definitely something I’ll be trying (not the running from window to window bit)…

    Cecilia, it would be great if you came back to let us know how it went. I’m curious to see if it worked (and the state of your bin).

  16. Thank God Im not the only one with “fly” problems… Their everywhere in my house! I cant get rid of them. I dont know where the source is. Does anyone know any home remedies that gets rid of flies? everyday they grow in numbers! They are so bad ill be sitting here on the computer and they fly right on my nose! My 3 young children are even complaining of the Flies… HELP PLEASE!!!!

  17. We noticed maggots in our kitchen by a plant two days ago. We moved the plant outside and my children killed the ‘worms’ with the eraser end of a pencil. Now we’ve discovered them in the pantry, on the kitchen floor again and the diningroom carpet. We’re using a scrub brush after spraying Tuff Stuff – (a product that has many uses besides carpet cleaning) to get them to come up out of the carpet.
    When they rear their ugly bodies out of the carpet we squeeze them to death with a paper towel and vaccum thoroughly. It taken several repeated tries and we’re still working on it but we hope to be rid of them by tonight. This idea was given to me by a friend that had maggots in her truck as a result of a chocolate milk spill that didn’t get cleaned up thoroughly. She said the Tuff Stuff worked for her so I bought it and tried it. So far, so good.

  18. We’ve had a lot of flies around lately and I’ve used RAID in the windows to help kill them but apparently not before they laid their eggs. My son just found about 20 dead flies in one window in the house so the RAID works!

  19. Thanks for the info Sherri. And, having seen how small maggots actually are at the beginning of their life cycle, I can see how they managed to get IN your carpet…

  20. When I found the extent of the maggot infestation under my rug this morning, I broke down crying, it was so gross; knowing other people are freaking out and throwing up out there has helped to calm me slightly. To the woman with the neighbor with horses and manure, a problem affecting the use and enjoyment of your property to that extent is a legal problem. If the woman with the horses won’t listen — take photographs and take her to court on a nuisance charge, the judge will order her to relocate her horses and their fecal matter out of the range of your home. (I’m in law school). Maggots are the grossest things I have ever encountered, may they go extinct.

  21. I am having a difficult time with flies. I live on 4 acres and have two horses. I have hung a couple of fly traps with a attractant you add water to and it STINKS! The best thing I have used is the sticky type of fly trap. They land on it and you get the last laugh there. I have them in my garage really bad so what I do is poor a little bit of feed on the ground in the driveway right outside and add some water to it, go and feed my horses in the morning and when I come back they are all over it and I kill them with a fly swatter sometimes 4 or 5 at a time! I figure any way I can help dwindle the population is a win win! ON my back porch I have a box fan for my dogs and I position it so that it is blowing away from the back door and it has kept them out of the house. I spend about an hour a day probably just walking around with a fly swatter. I hate that they land on you and then keep coming back, so it is great when they land in front of you and you miss them with the swatter and they come back and you get them! I am sick I know!

  22. Ours is a little different problem — house flies outside the house (yard flies?). I live in a garden unit of a condo (read: glorified basement). The entrance is 2/3 below ground level, and the outside patio is concrete. When it’s hot (and boy is it hot right now), dozens or hundreds of flies settle in the relatively cool and damp entrance. When one walks out of the house a biblical swarm of flies arises. I’ve tried fly paper – no luck – and I’m wary of stinky fly traps. As the outdoors are technically theirs, I’m reluctant to bomb them away. Other remedies to steer them away gently?

  23. ok….i’ve never EVER had a fly in my home. However, 2 nights ago, I noticed a fly near my front window. I got rid of it (heheheh), but yesterday morning I went to disconnect my cell phone from the charger and saw a bunch of slow moving flies near my window and front door. Of course I freaked, but I was late for the office (I had visions of the movie “The Fly”….ew. Before I got home, I picked up some raid flying insect killer. When I got to my home, I saw about 20 or so flies on the inside of the front window..I sprayed everything down like a mad woman. Woke up this morning, and I saw lots of dead flies on my floor near the window. There is no garbage near the window (I live in a town house in NY) There are no flies anywhere else in the house….I checked each room, each bathroom – nothing…’s just at the front window of the house….HELP before I freak out!

  24. I started to notice a strange fly infestation in my apartment yesterday… I returned from a weekend trip (where it was 90+ the whole time), and there were several large black flies congregating at my window above the sink. I had Windex handy and tried spraying them… and they were dead pretty much instantly! I was so excited about my discovery (my boyfriend thinks I am insane) and have been thinking, man, I should patent some fly killer like this! … then I visit this site and realize I am not the first person on Earth to arrive at this revelation. Oh well… but I do HIGHLY endorse it as a very effective (and afforable!) method of killing the buggers!

  25. Killing maggots- I recently didn’t get my trash can out on garbage day and 4 days later maggots everywhere. On top of the barbage can and inside it. I found what works however. Wasp, Hornet spray. Isprayed the top of the garbage can they just fell right off and some even dissolved to nothing. The next day I checked the can after hosing it off and the maggots inside the can were even gone. Garbage day is tommorrow and I went and checked the can tonight and the maggots have not returned. This method won’t work inside the house as I am sure you wouldn’t want to spray your house with wasp, hornet killer but very affective outside the house. I hope this helps some with these damn pests.

  26. We have the same problem…many flies in the family room and 2 downstairs bedrooms! On the inside, at the windows. I am going to try hanging a ziplock bag 1/2 filled with water, I hear that works.

  27. Does anyone else know why or where these pesky inside flies are coming from? BTW….our house is clean, the only thing I can think of is the compost bin, but that is always in the garage.

  28. I am so grossed out right now! My friend called me last night in a panic, wanting to me to look up the best way to kill maggots. Her garage trash and recycling bin were completely infested with (she said millions) of maggots, and they were all over the floor too. I tried to tell her that people say you have to move them, but she was too grossed out and threw up as soon as I suggested she do that and vacuum as a first step. She doesn’t believe in pesticides, so I just told her to remove any infested materials, vacuum and spray bleach water everywhere and make sure it dries. I have had several flies in my apt the last couple weeks, from leaving my balcony door open. They are everywhere-the catbox, my bedroom trash, kitchen, kitchen trash, and they buzz around the living room television quite a lot. I was unable to get my bedroom trash out the last week (it soesn’t have very much to no garbage, though), and my house is very cluttered since I’m towards the end of summer semester, and have been swamped with schoolwork. So now I’m TERRIFIED I’m going to wake up with a billion squirmy friends I can’t get rid of without getting rid of everything I own. What do I do, and what are the chances of that happening? Any advice for my friend. BTW- I did sprinkle the entire perimeter of my apt building with diatomaceous earth about 6 months ago in anticipation of ant season. I haven’t seen 1 ant this year, does that bode well for avoiding a maggot problem?

  29. Wow… I thought we were the only ones with fly problems….. lol. ok.. prepare to be amused or grossed out, or both. Then prepare to HEEEELLLLPPPPP MEEEEEE!!!!

    My girlfriend and I own a house in South Texas and if anyone has been keeping up with national weather, we have been “blessed” with a lot of rain lately (Texas sized ’30 minute’ rainstorms about 8-9 times per day for the last two and a half weeks). For all you Texans out there with fly problems, I also read today that Texas citrus crops have been plagued by black fly infestations lately (but I don’t think we have any oranges growing around here).

    Anyhoo, between torrential downpours, the sun pops up just long enough to turn 1/4 of the rainfall into an arid steamy mist (which is cool if you live in the RAIN FOREST). We try to keep doggie doo and stuff from just laying around, but we have 5 dogs (one of which is a little prissy Yorkie who is deathly afraid to get her backside fondled by the grass when she squats, so she typically prefers to do her business on the concrete walkway behind the carport).

    Our backyard really isn’t “low ground”, but everything is low ground around here when we have rain like we have as of late.

    I haven’t seen any maggots (not that I have been hunting for them… ‘be vewwy vewwy quiet.. we’re maggot huntin’, but the black flies are WAY OUT OF CONTROL. If one of the dogs drops a freshly slobbered-on treat and doesn’t run back to get it within 60 seconds or so, it “comes alive” suddenly covered by 40-50 flies. Early in the morning when I go outside to my studio (which has a covered entryway that is at the lowest part of the yard) as I am gingerly trying to avoid slipping in the muddy, grassy slop we call a yard right now I can see hundreds upon hundreds of the little buggers zooming around at a high rate of speed on a “fly as close to the ground as possible to stay under enemy radar” pattern.

    I clean up the doggie suprises, and keep the stray waste to a bare minimum, but I can’t do anything about the heat or the water right now. Is there some sort of spray (LARGE SCALE) or repellant that I can purchase that will give these little pests their eviction notice (or better yet… their ticket to death row)?


    Helpless in San Antonio

    :::side note: We have hung up dozens of those sticky fly strips and we have to keep replacing them about every 24-48 hours because they are all black and fuzzy. My girlfriend (the put about 5 of those strips on a plate outside my studio the other day with bits of leftover syrup covered pancakes nestled in the pile. She said she was enjoying listening to them hit the sticky stuff one by one and going bzzzzzzzz bzzzzzzz cough cough… and then silence. Strange huh?

  30. Hi, we’ve got a weird fly problem here in our rented room. All the flies are flying at half the room’s height. We’ve hung up fly tape, but that doesn’t get them all. The cold weather recently has helped drive some off, but many are still here. Any ideas of how to get the flies that are basically 3/4 feet off the ground? It’s right over our bed too and I hesitate to go after them with Windex as there is also a cat and guinea pig living in the room with us. There aren’t any open drains, we clean the litter regularly and there isn’t anything open anywhere for them to be feasting on. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

  31. Hi there! We have never had a fly problem before but we clened our basement carpets a couple of days ago (finished basement) with a carpet cleaner. Since this carpet cleaning we have suddenly had a LOT of flies, BIG flies all over the house bt mostly in the basement and travelling up the stairs. I am assuming we have disturbed something…but where is it and how do we find it??? We do have a cat and a dog. The dog does pee in the house but we try to limit his mobility in rooms with carpets. We have SEARCHED the room for any poop or pee but do not see ANY. We are very clean people but we rent and just moved in last year. We NEVER noticed any flies last year…just since cleaning the carpets!!! HELP!

  32. Ugh.. Flies I tell you are going to drive me insane.. For the last week or two we have had a bad infestation of flies in the house. Ive cleaned like a mad woman and did not find the source. Every day I kill Id say 30 flies and that doesnt count the ones my husband gets or the ones that evade me those little boogers. I dont know what else do here.. Ive put up fly strips.. Ive put up those clear fly stickers that go in the window. It seems as though these are flies are smarter than the average fly. They arent going near the fly paper.. Im tired of killing flies and it makes me feel like Im not a good housekeeper even though I clean quite often.. Any ideas on what I can do to stop this?

  33. Hi i found maggots in my verander which as carpet down council says once you have maggots on carpets and wriggling through it they say to get rid of the carpet ! so i have ….i have not found one maggot since or fly .
    To the people who live near horses the best thing to do is get inviromental health round they will write a polite letter to the lady next door and also i use a long net for my patio door and verander door on the outside to stop any flies entering.
    also i found bleach do help to kill the maggots and MR MUSCLE OVEN CLEANER I DONT NO WHATS IN IT BUT IT WORKS ! …once i pulled up my carpet i sprayed the floor with it and i found loads of dead maggots the next day. I HOPE THIS HELPS.

  34. Last night just before bed I noticed a black fly in my room, and after many attempts- I managed to kill it. Then I spotted another, and another, and another! I truly think I must have killed 15 flys…minimum. I carefully inspected my entire room-even closed the windows thinking maybe there was a hole in the screen or something-then went to bed. Today I have found and killed 3-4 more flys in my room. Where the heck are these things coming from??? I just moved into a condo (brand new building- first tenants) in Chicago, and my bedroom is way at the back of the unit. The kitchen is in the front of the unit. I do not take food back to my room, and am a pretty darn clean person. I cannot figure out where the flys are coming from! Help!

  35. I AM GOING CRAZY!! the flies in my house must be the “genious” flies because no matter how much i try to kill them they keep getting away! i cant even sleep past dawn because the stupid things dive bomb me!! someone, PLEASE HELP!

  36. I have flies outside near my dogs! Their ears keep getting bitten and they are everywhere! Is there a pet safe repellent for them or anything? Water bags have not worked out there at all, and I am desperate because I feel bad for them!

  37. A google search brought me to this page and I have to say, i’m almost happy to read of others that are going just as crazy as I am with these bloody buggers.

    We have a horrid fly infestation. We rent and are on the second floor or a 4 unit apartment. The flies are all in the kitchen which has a door leading to an enclosed backporch (with stairs leading down to the lower tenants backdoor and the basement).

    2 days ago we had about 3 or 4 flies that I killed. Yesterday made me utterly sick. I killed no less then 40 flies throughout the day. I had a can of “Flying insect” spray from a similar incident 5 years ago so i sprayed the heck out of the kitchen and went to the other room to get my composure back. About an hour later I walked back into the kitchen and there were dozens of flies on the floor – those were NOT the ones I killed earlier (those were swept up).

    Today is just as bad. husband and I cleaned the heck out of the kitchen last night. We cleaned and sprayed all around the garbage can (and yes, inside) and did a very thorough job elsewhere.

    Yet 2 hours ago I walked into the kitchen and AGAIN flies on the window and dead on the floor.

    These are all very slow moving flies, the don’t rush around the place like I remember most flies doing. They just sort of hover and cling to things. They walk across the floor and window and now are starting to move outside of the kitchen.

    There are no maggots in the house currently. There were some in the garbage back last week and that was quickly taken care of.

    I can NOT find the source! The windows are closed, the backdoor is closed. And the back porch is free of flies. They seem to be spawning in the kitchen only. I can’t rip up the floor or cupboards nor can I rid up the carpet elsewhere.

    I need to find a way to get rid of these things before I go crazy. It’s disgusting and embarrassing, I don’t even feel safe cooking in the kitchen let alone walking barefoot!

  38. I found this page by google and was amazed at the number of people with this problem. We have a portion of our yard that has thousands of flies. for days I am killing and finding dead too many to count on my window seels. I have a dog and cat that go potty out in the yard but have never had this problem in past years. I put lime dust on their droppings, but if I walk through my side yard thousands of flies will swarm me. What to do?

  39. Preston I have the same problem. We have two gaint breed dogs and a pit lab mix. They have big poo and lots of Pee. We keep putting up the fly bag. The one with fishy stuff in it and you fill it to the line with water and the next day there is like Hundreds of flies in it. The bag fills up in a couple of days and I mean fill. This is the best fly trap that is out there but there is alway more. A female fly can lay 9,000 eggs. Ya that is a whole lot. rescue fly trap is the company. You can get them at Home Depot. There is the disposable one and the plastic one that you just add bate to it. Try it . It keeps the numbers down.

  40. Hi Johnny. Thanks for that info. I saw one of those bags (not the same brand though) in the shops today. Looks like a cool product. Similar concept to the home made fly trap, but easier and more convenient as it’s already made…

    All I can say is, thank GOODNESS I don’t have your sort of fly problem πŸ˜‰

  41. I had the problem of flies. Bought liquid Demon. Mixed it up and sprayed the area around the garbage cans, including the side of the house and sprayed the lawn area around the cans. No more flies. It was kind-of pricey at 48 dollars for about 16 oz, but it makes like a gazzillion gallons. It’ll last you several years. So far, no flies. They would get in the house the minute you open the door.

  42. Im so glad I came across this post and would like to let everyone in on a little secret I just accidentally came across..I live in Texas and have no screen doors to keep the flies out of my home, A couple of weeks ago my husband purchased something called TAT flying insect killer which works great but the smell is enough to make you gag……

    So today because I was trying to cover up the smell of this bug killer I went and got my Lysol Neutra Air sanitizing spray (fresh scent) and started spraying and then had a bright idea to spray it on the flies that were still hiding around the house and walaa…it not only killed my flies but also made my house smell good at same time..hehe

    Hope this helps someone else as well but still looking for non chemical ways to solve this issue

  43. I had some flies flying around my front porch and door and thought it must be because my husband bar-B-Qued there a couple of years ago. I thought there must be some grease stains on the brick, so I
    tried scrubbing the bricks with vineagar. No luck. TThe flies still persisted. Then I read about the aWindex treatment. I didn’t have any Windex handy, but a similar product–George Foreman’s ‘Knock Out’. I sprayed the flies with it and they all took off. It’s been about an hour, I just went back and looked to see if they were still gone. Unfortunately, they’re ba-a-ack. Ugh. I guess I’ll try baggies with water & a penny & foil.

  44. I too use window cleaner to kill flies, not only does it smell nice but you get to see the flies suffer too.
    Just spray onto fly and watch it die.


  46. Much like a lot of others I can’t believe it’s not just me! and so thankful that many have also written about keeping a clean house.

    Our place is always tidy which is why I find it strange we have this issue in our bathroom and the outside hallway area. I keep that place sparkling on a weekly basis. We’ve never had this issue before. It’s our 2nd year at this place. We have two skylights and when we open to release the bastards they look at us like “yeah right!, no thank you.” We actually escort them out cause my boyfriend doesn’t believe in killing insects. But after the 20th fly you start to get a bit pissed off. And like previous comments they are slow, don’t want to move and stick to things. Even things I smack them with! (a towel isn’t the greatest idea! hah). I don’t get where they’re coming from.

    The ONLY thing I can think of that follows the date when they started is our landlord put in a new washing machine in the bathroom around the time they started coming in. Could there have been maggots in the pipes he connected???? OR maybe in the washing machine?? This is truly and completely driving me crazy. It’s making me not want to use the washroom. And uh yeah. we all NEED the washroom. It makes the house feel dirty and for an ocd cleaner, it’s not a good thing!

    I’m going to clean the bathroom again today and pour drain cleaner into the sink & tub and cover them. I don’t get where they’re coming from and to be quite honest after reading some of the comments I’m afraid to find out!!


  48. Hey guys, me again. As per the advice here and from other websites, I did a major crazy cleaning of our bathroom (even though it’s always clean!) Poured drain cleaner in both the sink & bathtub and try to keep the drains sealed most of the time. I still don’t get where they came from. I never saw them near the drains, but it seems to have worked! No flies left!! I can’t believe it. I feel free!

    Thanks for all the advice here! Good luck!

  49. It’s always good to hear a success story in the fight against flies! πŸ™‚

    Glad to hear they’re gone now, Katy.

  50. We got our yard re-sodded about 2 mths ago…..and man, are we having issues with flies in our backyard. I keep the dog poop picked up, I’ve sprayed with the “Cutter” yard spray, I’ve used citronella torches and candles, I’ve bought the fly bags, and I just bought and used Martin’s Permethrin…..hopefully this will work, because nothing else has, so far. However, I did read that mint and basil are good as fly repellents. I guess I’ll try that next!

  51. HELP!! I dont know wht the source of them is there are literaly hundreades in my landing and recently ive found 2-3 in my house!!! WHAT IS CAUSING THIS! its it disgusting to run through them.. and they are as big as bee’s..

    I know they are flies because ive seen a few upclose help!!!!!!!!!!

  52. I just bought a home in Novemeber 2008. Really did not have huge bug problem. However the house did have mice and still does. We need to repair the whole in the wall under the sink and then get a CAt to solve most the issue. The traps have not worked.
    But just a few days ago, I had the same problem. Had maggots all over the floor and they just migrated in all different parts of the house. Such as the hallway, kitchen and living room carpet. Or they could be coming from all parts of the house.
    I poured boric acid all over the house to get rid of the infestation of cockroaches I just discovered a couple days ago. So maybe the boric acid brought them out. NOT SURE though????
    I flushed everyone I saw down the toilet and bombed the house to discover a bunch of dead ones. Then the next day there was more dead ones and some that were somewhat living. Then I discovered a few that had already turned into cacoons yesterday. I am so disgusted, because I spend so much time trying to keep my house spotless. And to have this happen is a complete insult to my cleaning abilites. We have a huge fly problem too. I think that is due to all the farm animals in the neighborhood. So it could either be something dead like a bird, rat, mouse etc. or just plain out Fly Larvae. Not sure. But I havenÒ€ℒt seen any maggots since. I hope they donÒ€ℒt come back. I am doing everything right now to quarantine my kids from certain areas in the house.
    I steam clean my carpet at least once a month. I bought white carpet when I moved in. I didn’t want to reuse someone elses used carpet, so I recarpeted the entire house when moving in. Now I may have to find funds to replace the carpet where I saw the maggots.
    I have used fly motels outside and they worked really well for outside, but did nothing for the inside of my house. Every neighbor around me either has goats, sheep etc. This really sucks.

  53. I’m a neat freak so I’m shocked to find fli infestation of late…I’m a neat freak so I know its not due to dirt but I have questionable neighbors with a dog & cat, as well as, stagnat water near my home. I’ve never had this issue before. This is my 1st. summer & I’m perplexed of this recent infestitation. I go to bed after killing 20-50…wake up & see as many. Then I purchased Home Defense from Home Depot & It made a noticable difference. Now I wake to find most of them dead as well as some (not as many as before) flying around. I don’t smell anything neither do my neighboor. I had bad meet in my fridge I thought the 1st time weeks ago perhaps thats what opened the wayto larvae…so far I havn’t found any maggots but I sprayed Home defense as directed outside & inside my home (almost no smell) incl my basement walls, cracks & any openings and around my floor. I refuse to loose this war & will gain my home back!

  54. about 2 weeks ago i noticed flies in my house(i never had before)my cat was killing them and honestly i didn’t think much of it. well i use the bathroom in my basement so i don’t wake my family in the morning(i’m put around 4am)well i noticed my cat going crazy w/something on my basement floor MAGGOTS!! i killed and cleaned them up. that night my husband and i went though boxes we still have all over the basement floor(we haven’t lived here long)and found water damage and a ton of maggots well we took down sheet rock,went though boxes, thought we got rid of maggots. guess what there back(not as many, but back. i’m so grossed out please somone HELP!

  55. I live in the UK and have a clean house but suddenly overnight there were 15 big flies on my living room window. Every night since then for the past week a new batch have hatched but I can not find any eggs or maggots. The flies only seem to congregate on my living room window and my bedroom window but I am losing sleep now as for a week they are buzzing by my ear and waking me up. Please help.

  56. I don’t know what to do. Flies. All over the house. I’ve never seen a maggot in the house thankfully but flies everywhere. It’s been happening every summer for about 4-5 years now. It’s always nearer to late summer and it’s worse in the later afternoon. I just killed 13 flies in 15 minutes and now there is one buzzing in the living room window behind me again. I can kill them all in the kitchen and leave the room and come back in 1o minutes and there will be 4-6 more. I’ve done everything. Sealed everything. Caulked everything. Followed every suggestion. Nothing works. I’m about ready to burn the house down. My house is spotless. Every room all the time. I cannot find the source of these flies. It’s driving me nuts. Anyone have any new suggestions ? I’ve even hung bags of whole cloves about the outside of the house because someone told me flies don’t like them …to no avail…thanks


  57. I wonder if it wouldn’t be worth your while to at least try and attract the flies to a different part of the house using some sort of trap?

    Maybe that would at least keep them out of your “hair”…

  58. I too am having problems with flies…For 2 days now I have been seeing them on my kitchen door to my backyard!! I kill at least 40 a day I am sick to my stomach thinking about it!! Can someone PLEASE suggest any new remedies to get rid of them?? I am at my wit’s end…please help…

  59. I just read through all these posts and I wish everyone luck in their fight against flies.

    I started noticing a lot of flies a few days ago and shooed them out of the house. Next day there were 10 in each room of my apt so I killed them and more and more just kept coming back! It was clear that they were feeding on something b/c when I swatted them they were full of blood (sorry I know it’s gross).

    So I figured some small animal may have died in the crawl space underneath the hardwood floor (I am living on the ground floor), and I closed up a gaping hole in the floor with strapping tape. I have asked the landlord to fix it for months, so I am especially mad b/c that was the source. Immediately the fly population decreased.

    To get rid of the rest of them I killed them all with a towel b/c they are fairly stupid flies…just sit around in the same place so I have plenty of time to go fetch my towel and whack them. If I miss they often fly back to the same place and then I get them. But I am so grossed out I have lost my appetite. I haven’t eaten that much today.

    Then the house cleaning…I emptied my garbage and wastebaskets, threw out my potatoes, fruit sitting out, and washed all the floors, sashes, every surface of the house, light fixtures, everything. I am worried from reading these posts that they have laid eggs already and I may continue to have a problem, hence the crazy housecleaning. Also I am just grossed out and I feel like my house needs to be cleaned after housing all those dirty flies.

    My mom had this problem when a rat died in the wall of her house and they used Revenge Fly Catchers they got from Home Depot, or you can get them online at

    You can find the source by closing all the doors between each room (if you have doors) and see which area has the most flies. Even if you don’t have doors there will likely be more closer to the source. Seems obvious but it took me a few days to figure this out since I never had a fly infestation before.

  60. We bought our house last year and tore out all the walls and took it right down to the main frame. Then we insulted and drywalled and then painted of course. But we have flies so bad!! Now we have bee’s too and its march with snow! yuck! How do i kill the flies and bee’s. I dont even know where to start. All the walls have been replaced and i keep a clean house. Never had maggots before. I do have 3 dogs who use our backyard. Is that my problem? And what about the bee’s? there in my walla or soemthing. trying to take over my bathroom. uggh what do I do?

  61. I’m guessing you have a bee hive close by. Lucky you, kind of. Your best bet there would be to try and see where it is, and then call your closest bee keeper, because they might be able to come get it (bees are a hot commodity at the moment).

    Regarding the flies, they could be coming from anywhere. Try and see where you have the highest concentration, and follow the route. Are they coming from outside? The roof? The neighbours? Etc…

    Your best bet for the flies might be to buy (or build) a couple of fly traps to try bring the numbers down… And make sure all your garbage outside is properly sealed, and check your neighbour’s garbage as well.

    Good luck.

  62. I just moved into my new house almost two weeks ago and during the moving process there were a few flies by a window…i had just assuemd they got in the day before during the house inspection and the door had been left open for too long, but i was wrong. Everyday i have to go on missions to kills dozens of them. i noticed in the basement yesterday that there were a few dozen dead on the floor. since them i have closed all the air vents in the house and i hear them in each room buzzing, trying to get out lol.
    BTW, im currently the only house on my street, the other houses wont begin construction till april. could it possible that it is the digging going on near me that is flushing them out of the ground and into my home? how are they getting in my home?

  63. I found my dog looking at something on the floor and noticed a maggot!! I continued looking and found a total of about 15. I searched the house and could not find any source. I didn’t find anymore throughout the evening and thought maybe I got the problem. I woke up this morning and found another one. I don’t know what to do!! Can’t find the source and am very worried about them harming my dogs. I called an exterminator and they said they don’t handle this problem! I’m soo frustrated and have no idea what to do…

  64. I just moved into a house last week and I am having a HUGE problem with gigantic black flies…horse flies, perhaps? I live within 50 feet of the Huron National Forrest and there are woods all around me…anyhow you cannot walk out my front door without being swarmed by these pests…they are not biting, but they sure are annoying…I haven’t found any magoots inside or outside, but I am sure the source can be found in the woods all around me…how can I control the population in my yard? Will something like “Bug Free Back Yard” help? I can live with the moths the size of birds around here but I cannot handle all these flies!! HELP!!

  65. Ok so my room was great then i found a fly. then i found 10 more. Looked around, found the source. And thought that it would be the end of the problem.


    The next day I find even more slow moving flies by my window, on my bed, why are they still there??? Shouldn’t they leave after getting rid of the problem??? HELP!!! I want my room back!!!

  66. My daughter has flies in her basement. She kills 10, 30 more show up. They had an exterminator come out but he was of no help. He didn’t find where they were coming in so he said if he sprayed insecticide it would kill the ones that were flying around at that moment but they would still have a problem with more flies. Her husband checked all around the basement for any opening and found none. They have a sump pump and we were thinking they were coming up through there…who knows. Know one seems able to help.

  67. had a few flies sunday, no big deal, monay had about 2 dozen, very uosetting, last night killed about 100!!!

    i thought i was the only one to use windex but now the house smells like windex!!

    cant find the source but read lots of good sugstions.

  68. I just noticed a huge fly problem in our basement, it is damp down there and the past few days have been real rainy but i’ve never seen anything like this before…it’s something out of a horror movie. Yesterday i noticed several flies in the front area of our basement as i stopped and looked around i noticed many more i went on a killing frenzy but there were too many for me to swat and kill, later when i went down i went into the room next to the front area and noticed about a 100 more all swarmed up near the light!!! I don’t know what to do as i’m scared to spray something and disrupt them all but they need to die like ASAP!! I’m seriously freakin out because now im worried about maggots i don’t understand why now after all these years were having an issue with them do you think the weather has something to do with it? I need help please!!

  69. Wow Becky, that is not cool.

    I’m not sure where your flies are coming from, but I think you have 2 easy choices:

    1- Spray the flies with poison of some sorts and hope you catch all of them. Watch out when they start going crazy πŸ˜€

    2- Run to the store and buy some sort of fly traps and/or sticky fly paper. This option will be a slower process, but probably easier to tidy up afterwards.

    I’d LOVE to know what you decide to do and how it goes.

  70. So i tried the windex and lysol that helped a little until i could go get some raid…i just spent the last 15mins spraying the entire basement down the stuff works miracles! The flies were dropping like crazy now i just have a huge mess of dead flies and raid residue to clean up! Oh well at least that batch is gone im just praying i dont have a nest of maggots somewhere!!!

  71. Oh and thank you James for your suggestions the sticky traps would have been a cleaner way to go but i wanted them all dead ASAP! lol They def weren’t invited and aren’t welcome to hang around in my basement!

  72. Recently had a bunch of small flies in my house and came across this site.. After cleaning my drain (which badly needed to be cleaned) and also the rest of the bathroom there were no more flies!! Must have been drain flies then..

  73. I have a fly problem also…did some research and found out that they hibernate in houses any place they can get into Attic is a real popular place and sure enough that is where I found them so my house is over 100 years old guess it has been going on a to get one of those bug room things and place it in my attic..sure hope this works..

  74. Okay well. to put it simply I live with my parents i’m a college student, and they tend to be pack ratish. We live in a really realy old house and honestly no one does the cleaning except for myself. It’s really hard cleaning this place all by myself ALL the time. Like the bathroom. The living room. The kitchen. My room. The room I use for art. I’ve tried but i dont know what to do’s really that bad.

    So my cat got out and she got pregnant the first time. We still have her son. And he REFUSES to use the liter box, I tell my parents. We need to get rid of him but they won’t! We’ve been trying to figure out where he has been doing his business and lord and be hold it’s the basement! EVERYWHERE.
    OMG it makes me so mad just thinking about it.

    We found out in WINTER and i just straight up told my parents i can’t clean that all up by myself I need help. they have yet to help me. I don’t know if to hire professional help or not to clean the basement but not only is there poop and piss everywhere when it rains there is random puddles.

    So now that summer is starting..
    Half of our kitchen is filled with FLIES it’s so disgusting. I try my best to wash dishes after my parents and i almost always after myself. but they are EVERYWHERE

    I really need help like seriously. Please help and I currently don’t have a job.. :[

  75. I know my source: I live in a 5th flr walk up and all my windows face the side of the building where the garbage is kept. I’ve tried getting screens, but the flies keep getting thorough. I also just found out my cat has worms and I clean the litter box every night and take my garbage out every morning. I really don’t know what to do. πŸ™

  76. I have little dead flies everywhere! I noticed ants periodically crawling on my bed. Then the ants became more frequent and I also noticed little flies, dead or dying on and next to my bed. I left my blanket outside until I could wash it. My dog and I woke up a couple of days later to the sound of light rain. But it wasn’t raining. It was the sound of those little flies hitting the skylight above my bed. There was a big cluster of ants on the skylight frame and those stupid flies milling around up there. I went up on a ladder, wiped everything off and sprayed all edges and corners of frame with ant spray. Ants are in large part gone. Everyday I find dead little flies in my room. Then I noticed there were a whole bunch in my living room/kitchen. There is also a skylight there. I have had mice in my apartment before, so maybe there is a dead mouse somewhere? I just don’t know what these little flies are and why I always find them dead or dying. Can’t stand it!

  77. Problem Solved,
    Venus Fly traps πŸ˜€
    not but really I have a fly problem too, I dunno where they’re coming from or how they got here T.T

  78. Like everyone else its nice to know that I’m not alone(misery loves company?).In the past 3 days we have been seeing what was a few to now 40 to 50 each morning. We kill all them,very easliy see as how they are the dumbest slowest flies i’ve ever seen, by swatting or simply placing a paper towel over them and squishing. They don’t crunch at all so I thought it was because of old carpenter ant spray I put down every few months. The main room they are coming from is the laundry room. It does have a big wash sink, so I’ll try the drains like has been suggested so far, and I’m going to spray the ant spray again tommorrow to see if that shuts them down. Weve been here 17 years and althought weve had ants in the past we have never had these gross zepplin sized slow flies. I’m just thankfull that we are not alone and I’ll let you know how we make out.Thank you all for sharing so I don’t feel our house is a dirty stye.

  79. Sorry about the typing errors, I’m a sheet metal worker and don’t really type too much, this actually is taking forever to write and my wrist now hurt. I guess I’m off to see how you get rid of sore wrists.(just joking) Thank you all again for your tips and courage to share this embarrasing subject.

  80. So this is the second year in a row that I’ve had a fly problem in my basement. Same time as last year and only in my basement of a quad level home. It only happens for a few weeks until I can reduce the population using fly strips. The problem also happened about the same time last year. Right now I am on the 4th fly strip, and when I say 4th strip I mean the first 3 were totally covered! Ive looked every where for the source, but have not found them. We have cats and 4 litter boxes, but they are never by the litter and I have also not seen any maggots. This year the population started out slow so I hung the first trap to see if I could get them before they took over the basement again. In the last few days there seem to be a lot more. Last year I used my shop vac to suck them up along with the fly strips. Not sure what else to do. So now I am heading to the basement with the shop vac again to reduce their population. Help! Any suggestions appreciated. Thanks

  81. I’m going to repeat the “thank goodness I’m not the only one” phrase I’ve read several times here. Our garbage can is covered, we don’t have food lying about & I’ve even inspected the dogs when they enter to see if the winged devils are hitching a ride. I’ve killed at least 60 flies over the last week, and have gotten the fly count to zero several times, only to discover 8 more of them an hour later. I’ve checked the windows and doors, and since I live in TX and it’s hotter than Hades outside, they are all closed. I’m at my wits end. I may end up in the mental hospital if this doesn’t stop. Aaargh!

  82. I too had an infestion of flies….mostly all in my front window. I opened the shutter this morning to find about 50! Small black flies. Disgusting and yes, embarassing. I read all the previous posts and sprayed them with windex! My quick fix…thanks. I have two house plants which I decided to take outside and closely inspect. I found the problem…tiny bugs crawling rampant in one plant! Eugh. I was concerned that there might be a dead bird in my fireplace. I read somewhere that this could be the problem. Hopefully it’s the houseplants. Anyway, I thought I would share my experience and hopefully my solution. Check your house plants:)

  83. hey, i was flipping out because of the flies in my apartment. (bad fly scenario when i was a kid) anyway i had been trying everything, every spray known to man they just flew through it like it was nothing today i read about roach spray from someone else i ran to walgreens and got some oderless spray they fell out of the air basically (DROPPED LIKE FLIES!) i am sooo happy i did’nt even mind the clean up!

  84. I have the same problems for the past 2-3 days. My house all of the sudden is full of slow moving flies. I must have kill over 100 yesterday and i’m must be up to 50 this morning. It seems that when i kill one, two more appears, it’s driving me crazy. I looked everywhere and i cannot find the source. These flies are exactly like what the other peoples describe, slow and dumb, you can squash them with a paper towel, however i spray them with windex and they fall down and die. I’d like to know from the others, does the problem just went away by itself after a few days ? Cause i’ve been here for years and never had a problem like this before, it appears all of the sudden 3 days ago. Should i expect the problem to go away by itself ?

  85. Hi, Oh thank goodness I am not the only one with this problem. My problem also started three days ago. We had just one fly in the house and while it bugged me, I figured it was just one fly. Then the next day, I woke up and saw four. So my Mom hung fly paper on a lamp and we immediately caught 8 flies. So I didn’t see any more and breathed a huge sigh of relief. Then yesterday we found a couple more flies and today we are now up to 8 that I have killed. Does anybody know if fly paper kills the flies or just captures them? Mine says attracts and captures. I am driving my mother crazy because the flies seem to love this light in my bedroom, so we put the fly paper on that, but then when they are caught I hear them buzzing and want her to come kill them. I am paralyzed and can’t easily reach the light. I think she is about to kill me, but as much as I hate the stupid things I don’t want them to suffer. But it seems like everytime we catch a couple, a couple more appear. The weird thing is that they are not going for trash or food. They are landing on papers most of the time. My mom even set a dish of food near her hoping to draw them to it so I would leave her alone, and they did not go for it. I read a lot of books that involve a lot of dead bodies and some really gross things about flies and now because of all the buzzing, the things that I have read are giving me nightmares. So I started looking for other solutions tonight. And her is a brief summary of what I have found. Fill a clear plastic bag halfway with water and hang it outside of doors or near areas where flies are and is supposed to keep them away. Also placing ammonia around areas where flies are is supposed to help. Also spraying the flies with any of the following will either kill the fly outright or cause it to be unable to fly: windex (causes the fly to be unable to fly); Bleach/Vinegar mixture or just one or the other (kills the fly); rubbing alcohol (kills the fly on contact) some places advise putting it in a spray bottle to make it easier); Raid, Roach Spray, or flying insect spray (all of these kill the fly). I am planning on trying all of these because I am trying to remain calm and not get freaked out about all of these flies in my house. There is one other article I found once, but can’t seem to find again that gave a solution that you could put in a jar that would draw the flies and kill them on contact. If somebody knows what that is, would you please tell me about it. Also I would like to know if any of these get rid of the flies after a few days or does it take longer? I don’t understand how they are coming in because we rarely open doors. We used to have huge patio doors at our old place that we would leave open and never had a problem like this.

  86. having the same problem but live in the UK where we don’t have Windex. lived in my house for 4 years now,over last 3 weeks bombarded with tiny black flies! then last week found at least 20 maggots on the carpet! disgusting things make my skin crawl!! rubbish bin wasn’t emptied in time although wasn’t much in it! can’t leave cans of juice open in case the flies go in it and have sprayed RAID like a madwoman! please help!

  87. I am going to first go ahead and echo the sentiment that I am very relieved to know I am not alone in this issue. I live in a bessement apartment in nyc, and as of a couple of days ago, I’ve been infested with slow-moving flies. I moved in almost two months ago and the problem just started this week. The first day there were about 5-10 of them and I was able to swat them all. Then the next day there were about 10 more that I methodically swatted. Yesterday I came home to find at least 30 of these things either flying around or just on the walls and lamps, etc. For the life of me, I cannot find the source. It doesn’t smell in my apartment, so I don’t think it is a dead animal. I live with a dog and she hasn’t been sniffing around anything either, so I am confident it isn’t a matter of something beyond my smelling abilities. I am borderline OCD about cleaning; I take the garbage out every night, I don’t keep food out and my dog is house-trained. I only have one window and it currently has the AC in it- so it’s not like I’ve been leaving the window open. I checked in with our maintenence guy, and after looking around said he has no clue where they’re coming from. We have had a ton of rain lately and he said he thinks that is the problem. Ans unfortunately, the forecast is predicting nothing but rain for the next several days. As gross as I found it, I went ahead and bought some of those fly strips and so far have caught just two flies w/ them. I must have swatted somewhere between 30-40 last night until I was pretty sure I’d gotten them all. This morning, by the time I was leaving for work I saw at least three more and I’m terrified to go home later to see how many more are in there. Since I have a dog I don’t want to use chemicals and I don’t want to just start spraying Windex all over the place. I also have just that one window so it isn’t like I have a lot of circulation. I’ve looked into buying a Venus Flytrap, but I don’t know how much one little plant can do to rid me of this many flies. I’m going to try using drain cleaner tonight as others have suggested on here. Any other tips would be greatly appreciated!

  88. 1 Venus fly trap will probably do absolutely nothing, considering it takes a few days to “absorb” the fly πŸ™‚ Of course, if you buy one of those MONSTER fly traps that you see in the movies, you might solve a few issues, like stray dogs and cats at the same time πŸ˜›

  89. i had an overnight fly infestation inside my house last winter and realized it was the fresh christmas tree we had just bought. they must have laid their eggs in it. these were normal housefly size and several sticky rolls of fly tape hanging in the kitchen caught almost all of them pretty quickly. ugly, but effective.

    now i’ve got these giant black flies inside, and i think they came in on a cardboard box that had melons in it. flies lay eggs in many weird places. cockroaches are also fond of cardboard. i have one of those electric bug zappers shaped like a tennis racquet and it is tremendously gratifying when the flies snap crackle and pop. gruesome but gratifying.

  90. Oh Wow, I have never seen the likes of this!! 2 Days ago we woke up and we had at least 50 flies on the kitchen and dining room floor. they are near dead. They couldn’t fly.
    This is the strangest thing. I looked everywhere no maggots. The night before i had used the Swiffer Jet on the floors.
    Using a new pad for the Bottom. Low and Behold I wake up and Yuk all those Black Spots on the Floor. Flies Everywhere. It’s still happening!!
    We can’t figure it out!! My BFF and My Sis say it’s Spiritual!
    What does that mean? What does God have to do with All these Flies?
    Searching for Answers!!!! GBY, Char

  91. I have been having a serious problem with flies in my yard since i moved in this house and cant figure out where they are coming from or how to get rid of them. There are thousands of them. My yard is clean, no poop, no nothing. How do I rid them for good if possible. I cant walk outside without 20 landing on me and my kids!

  92. I live on a farm in Alabama…so I’m not suprised, but I’m annoyed. My house is spotless, my husband and me are the only ones, I clean with bleach and amonia and they are still here. I sit on my floor and swat them with a flip flop, I kill twenty or so at a time, but it’s like they multi’fly’ the next day. I can’t find te sorce, I take the garbage out daily and even my kitten catches and eats them. I did have a major maggot ordeal a few months ago in the summer. I woke up to the sound of my chickens pecking at my sliding glass door, came to look at what they were doing and I noticed the lovely infestation of my favorite critter in the whole wide world. Bleach water drowned them, salt didn’t to a dang thing, and whatever I used from Google. Leave the husband alone for two days and I get maggots. Ugh. Now I have lies gallor, I give up. Im just glad to know Im not alone.

  93. I am looking for the source of these flies.. I am suspect of the flower pots in my lanai..I killed a bunch of flies out there but a few in the house too.. they also were in my front screened in entrance way . I killed them all. I checked the kitchen garbage, my dogs dry food I have in a container with a lid, and still looking for the source.

    I am thinking maybe something in the attic and they are making their way down through some kind of opening. I am always cleaning and checked the pantry but no sign of where the flies are coming from.

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