Long Lasting Fabric Softener

Here in South Africa, there is a HUGE market for the cheaper/more affordable way of life. We have people who buy one box of OMO or Skip and then resell it in little packets to the man on the street. They may only make a little profit, but it is a profit. It’s not even a case of buying bulk to get discounts on washing soaps.

Well, from the depths of ThriftyFun.com comes this great tip on how to make your Fabric Softener last a LOOOOONG time…

Take an old towel and soak it in liquid fabric softener. Wring it out good, pour the liquid fabric softener back into the bottle and let the towel dry before using….
…One bottle of liquid fabric softener should last years.

There are some interesting comments there as well. But leave a couple here if you decide to try it… Of course, if you have any OTHER ideas on saving money around the house, let me know as well.

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