OUTsurance proves themselves

If you’ve read my post on how “OUTsurance saved me R500 a month” you might be thinking that I have a bit of a biased opinion about OUTsurance. Then you might read the comment by the other reader telling me that “if you pay for the cheapest product, you will be getting the cheapest cover“.

The fact that he works for a competing insurance company doesn’t really help his argument. (I noticed this by his e-mail address he used to comment with).

Anyway, you have GOT to read this article about how OUTsurance’s 24 hour assistance really beat out Vodacom’s competing product.

I called and spoke to a guy called Rueben. I explained to Rueben where we were, and after a brief silence, he told me to wait 1 minute. Sure enough, he calls back in 1 minute. Rueben told me that I had to wait another 5 minutes for ‘R&J Towing Service’. Rueben then gave us stern instructions not to get out the car, to keep the motor running, and to keep his number ready. By this time he had also phoned the police to let them know where we were.

It’s gripping stuff 😉

Hopefully this isn’t a once-off occurence, though I must say I am NOT a big fan of Vodacom, and therefore no longer a customer. But that is a story for another day.

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