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Read on to see how I saved R500 a month when I tried to CANCEL my OUTsurance car insurance.

My friend gets a good insurance deal

A friend of mine once mentioned that to get a good insurance rate, you needed to phone around and play the different Insurance Companies against each other. He proved this fact by phoning the one company and asking for a better rate than his current insurance premium. He then phoned his current Insurance provider and told them what he could get somewhere else. They bettered the rate, so he phoned the other company… This went on for a bit, until one of them caved, and he had a new, all-time low Insurance Premium.

Free OUTsurance car insurance quote
SANTAM doesn’t play along

Of course, this might not always work out for everybody. For example, I phoned OUTsurance to cancel the insurance on a car I had sold, and they offered to give me a free quote on my current car (which was insured with Santam). I said fine, because I’m a sucker for sales people. They went and cut my Insurance Premium from R1,450 down to R945! AND, this included more benefits. But, remembering my friend’s story I phoned Santam and asked for a lower premium. They said they couldn’t better OUTsurance’s offer.

So, I cancelled my Santam Insurance policy, and went with OUTsurance.

I received a letter in the post from Santam the month after I cancelled my insurance policy, informing me that they had increased my premium to R1,550. I guess I changed just in time.

So, remember, do yourself a favour and go get your free quote here: Free OUTsurance Quote

17 Replies to “FREE OUTsurance Quote SAVED me R500 a month!!!”

  1. Obviously you are not very well informed consumer. Remember all the companies differ with there products, if you pay for the cheapest product, you will be getting the cheapest cover!!! But please be my guest, LEARN THE HARD WAY!!!!!!

  2. And you obviously didn’t read my text properly…

    “…AND, this included more benefits…”

    Do you think I’m just going to change my insurance without investigating? You’ve obviously had a bad experience, and feel free to write about it here. This just happened to be my experience.

  3. Wait, never mind, I see you work for an insurance company.

    And you (or your company) probably paid very little for your website design?

    – Doesn’t work on FireFox
    – The hosting is not done correctly

    I could give you a couple of tips, but I don’t come cheap 😉

  4. I recently also switched my short-term insurance to OUTsurance just 2 weeks before my current company were to increase my premiums.

    My (ex-)insurers promised to contact me after I cancelled with them, with lower quotes. This only happened a month later and I’ve decided that I’m not about to hop from one to the other every 2 months.

    After shopping around over the past few years and reading about people’s experiences, I’ve decided that these companies are all a bunch of shrewd sharks who will do their utmost to nail us. One can only hope that you are fortunate enough to have a little good luck, a good fairy and some decent help when you’re forced to make claims.

  5. It is definitely a hit and miss thing. As you say, you just have to hope things are right for you at the time. I guess it’s a case of the moon and stars lining up correctly. 🙂

  6. Outsurance quoted me 4 times the price for insurance on my car.. they wanted R4000 for a Subaru Impreza RS (thats the non turbo version..) cause im under 25.. Santam did it for R1000 odd

    Now i Have a WRX insured, still 3.5 times cheaper then outsurance wanted to do my old car, and still under 25..

    Glenrand MIB best by far!

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  8. I’m buying a new care and Outsurance quoted me R730 at first. I told them that I am still looking around and can get it cheaper at Santam. They phoned me back with an offer of R520. Imagine how they would have screwed me if I took the first quote straight away!

  9. And there’s the benefit of phoning around. Apart from just getting possible cheaper quotes elsewhere, you can also get leverage to try get a better quote at your “preferred” provider.

    If you’d like to get a quote from DialDirect, you can go here and fill in the form:

    Dial Direct Insurance Quote

  10. my friend car was stolen and now she takes a bus to work the car was insured with you but had no tracking and you refuse to pay her out. from 2001 to 2010 is a long time to pay just to be kick in the face now this woman life is in danger! jou could have give her three or four years payments back but you dont care about your cleints i feel sorry knowing this woman is struggling! She got NO MONEY and could not aford a tracker!

  11. Hi Jacques.

    That is NOT a cool story. (Just remember, this site is not the actual OUTsurance website).

    I’m sure this happens to a lot of people out there, which gives me a good idea for an article to make sure everybody follows all requirements on their policy, ALL THE TIME! Insurance companies are FAMOUS for trying to find the smallest detail that will allow them not to pay you out.

  12. Hi Jacques,
    You are right it might not work for all, just some may get the low insurance premiums. But low Insurance Premium means covering less than other premiums.

  13. Dont use outsurance, my car got stolen they refuse to pay out, after I paid my premiums for just over two years – every month. They accepted my money, but wont pay out when my car was stolen. Said I had the incorrect immobilizer… they also never bothered to tell me, they were quick to accept my money, knowing they were not going to pay should something happen, I thought the whole time I was covered. No I have no deposit, no car, and no payout to get another car. LOUSY!!!! So DONT insure with OUTSURANCE!!!!!!

  14. That is INCREDIBLY scaley!!!

    Why did they not tell you that you had the incorrect immobiliser when they did the inspection? If they did an inspection, then you could probably sue them for accepting your car to be insured even though there was a reason they wouldn’t pay out.

  15. I did have an inspection done, at a place behind the East Rand Mall, where they send me to. There was an arument amost the outsurance staff as to who’s fault it was that I was not informed. Apparently the inspection people were suppose to tell me, they said the insurance had to let me know, I tried to fight it, with legal advise, but run out of money before there was even a court case.

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