OUTsurance and Vehicle Tracking Devices

There’s an interesting story over at Wheels24 titled “Tracking devices explained”.

In nice, simple English it explains the differences between the different vehicle tracking devices and how installing one can affect your insurance premium. They also talk about the benefits of each tracking company (such as Matrix, Tracker, Netstar, etc.), how much each one costs for installation and it’s monthly subscription.

Here’s what they say regarding OUTsurace:

Having a tracking system in your car also has insurance benefits. Outsurance will not insure your car if it is not fitted with a tracking device and if the value of your car exceeds R200 000. Pick Outsurance and they cover the initial installation costs.

My car doesn’t cost that much, but I do believe I got a discounted premium on my car insurance because I use the Matrix Vehicle Tracking unit. And, call me paranoid, but I don’t mind leaving my car anywhere.

I have:

Satellite Tracking
Gear Lock

So, that’s pretty safe. Not 100% safe, but pretty safe. 🙂

If you’d like to read how I saved money on my insurance, feel free to read this post of mine: “OUTsurance saved me R500 a month

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