Baskets to save space

I think baskets, and specifically straw baskets and plastic baskets, are a GREAT way to save space, and keep your cupboards looking neat and tidy. I didn’t realise this until I got married, so if it’s something that all females know, I apologise. My wife organised my cupboards for me using baskets, and I think its engenius.

Here are the ways we use baskets in our house:

– Square Straw Baskets

The best use is, if you have built-in cupboards in your bedroom, and this is where you keep you socks or underwear, it can be a pain to get at them when getting dressed. But, if you keep your underwear and socks in a square basket, and you keep your basket in the cupboard, you can just take the basket out, and choose what you need. Almost like a drawer… Our baskets look very similar to the following:


– Round Straw Baskets

My wife tidied the grocery cupboard, putting similar items in round straw baskets. Now, when I need a chocolate fix, I open the cupboard, and take out the chocolate basket. No digging around the soups and spagghettis and spices. Very nice. Looks pretty good too.

– Plastic Baskets

plastic-baskets.jpgWe keep quite a few things in plastic baskets. Our baskets generally have lids to keep out the dust and damp, but this isn’t necessary if you’re keeping things inside a room in the house, like the baskets below could keep toys in the kid’s room. But our baskets keep our photos, and my tools, turpentine, cloths, gardening gear, etc. out of the way in the garage.
OBVIOUSLY not all in the same basket… 😉

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