Gifts for my Mother In Law

Present ideas for my mother in lawOk, I need your help. It’s my mother-in-law’s birthday soon, and I need to know what present to buy her. It’s not the same thing as buying a gift for your mother, and since Christmas is coming up soon as well, I’m running out of ideas for Christmas Presents for her as well.

So, here’s what I propose. I’ll write down the last 2 birthday gifts I bought my mother-in-law, which should give you a couple of ideas on what to buy for YOUR mother in law. Then, all you have to do is, leave a comment below with what you bought for your mother-in-law’s LAST birthday.

This way, if I get enough kind people to leave a comment, we all help each other out with an idea. And, you don’t even have to THINK of anything, because you’ve already done it, so it’s only memory, not imagination. 😉

Ok, and, the last 2 gifts I bought for my mother in law were:

Can you tell which gift was from a time I needed to impress my mother-in-law? 😉

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By the way, if you need more ideas and you’re from South Africa, please visit my mother’s day article “Gift ideas for Mothers Day in South Africa“. You might find it useful as well.

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  1. Give her a Kitten. I can feel from your vibe that you think you don’t really know her. Other than that give her your heart.

  2. We do Wish Lists. Maybe your family would be interested in starting the tradition. My MIL likes jewelry, accessories, clothes, etc. and we are never wondering the exact style & size with Wish Lists.

  3. the past few bdays and christmases i’ve gotten my MIL:
    a cozy robe, custom stationery, an umbrella, a fruit infusion pitcher, personalized knitting needles, a magazine subscription (to vogue knitting, but you could do one of your MIL’s interests that she doesn’t get to indulge in too much), and a hat/gloves/scarf set from jcrew, and homemade kahlua in cool red and green bottles with some drink recipes attached

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