Time for Pruning Roses in South Africa

The cold spells seem to be coming to an end here in South Africa (I HOPE!!!), so it’s that time of year again where most parts of the country can start pruning their roses.

Time for Pruning your Roses

As I mentioned when I spoke about when to prune roses, your aim is to ensure that the new shoots are not destroyed by the frost, so you want to prune near the end of winter.

And, if you are doing the pruning yourself, this is an AWESOME opportunity to listen to an Audiobook.

If you find working in the garden a little boring, passing the time listening to your favourite authors always works for me.

Oh, and if you’re not aware of it, go read the article about rose pruning to get the free little “rose pruning ebook”. Hopefully it can give you a few ideas.

Enjoy, and dress warmly, it’s still pretty chilly 🙂

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