Low GI Salad Recipe

Here’s a recipe for a Low GI salad that my wife is now making.

Low GI chicken and pasta saladIt’s great for lunch, and she says it can be made in advance, which is always cool. I have taken it to work in a lunchbox, so I can definitely say that it keeps.

This recipe serves 2 people, and goes down really well on a Saturday afternoon when you’re looking for a light, healthy meal.

Low GI Salad Ingredients

– 125g of shaved chicken loaf, cut in squares (with scissors 🙂 )
– 1 cup of cooked pasta (we use the “pasta shells“)
– 1/2 red or yellow pepper, finely sliced
– 1/2 cup of green peas
– 2 tablespoons of fresh parsley, chopped
– 5 tablespoons of low-fat Mayonnaise
– 5 tablespoons of “lite” chutney
– shredded mixed salad leaves
– salt/pepper/dried herbs (to your taste)

Preparing your low GI Chicken Pasta Salad

1- Combine chicken and cooked pasta

2- Add chopped pepper, green peas, parsley and shredded lettuce leaves

3- Mix Mayo and Chutney together and add to the salad. Mix it in well…

4- Season with salt, pepper and dried herbs to your liking.

5- Let me know how it goes and if you like it 😉

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