Granite Counter Top Template

In my last post on Granite Counter Tops I mentioned that you should phone the Granite company and see if they have any left over granite that you could use to make your counter top. What I didn’t mention is that you should create a template of your needed granite counter, cut to size and shape.

BUT, even though this should make life SO much easier, it doesn’t help if the Granite Counter manufaturer doesn’t follow the template. I’ve just received my new counter top, and luckily the granite piece matches the rest of the granite counters in the kitchen, but it’s 40 CENTIMETERS TOO LARGE!!! It looks like you have to double check their measurements as well.

This is probably something that is common knowledge to most people, but make sure you double check things before you leave the granite “factory”. It’s REALLY no use having one granite counter in the kitchen that is out of whack…

This might just be a once-off situation, but be careful anyway…

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