Home Decorating Tip #2 – Make small rooms seem larger

In this day and age, people are moving into smaller and smaller spaces. Learning how to make the most out of the space you have is essential. Here are a couple of ideas for you:


  • Place a mirror on the wall. If placed correctly, this can almost double the size of your room, visually at least. For example, in a dining room, place a mirror on one of the walls next to the dining room table. Any body standing up and looking in the mirror will see a room larger than it is
  • Don’t buy super thick curtains or drapes. Shop around for elegant curtains. Large, puffy curtains can make a room seem cosy, which isn’t necessarily always a good thing in small rooms. (But, if this is the effect you’re going for, by all means go for it).
  • Don’t buy the largest size in your furniture. For example, don’t get a king size bed when you won’t have space to open the cupboard doors.
  • Keep your theme simple, and keep it to one theme. Don’t make the room look too busy. Read the article about focal points for more info…


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