Defy Dishwasher is stuck on Rinse

Do you ever find that your Defy Dishwasher doesn’t wash?

What happens is that after doing a rinse cycle, (you ARE doing a rinse cycle first, right?), I put the dishwasher dial onto the Wash Cycle option, but it just does a rinse again.

This can be REALLY irritating, and very possibly only happens to me.

But I’ve FINALLY “cracked the code” that ensures that my dishwasher washes when i want it to.

There are 2 things you need to ensure:

The “END” light should be OFF

The “END” light comes on to tell you that a cycle has completed. But it must be off before the next cycle starts. It normally goes off when you open the door to the dishwasher, but occasionally it comes back on when you close it again.

Go SLOWLY when changing the dial to “WASH”

I’ve noticed that ensuring the “END” light is off is not always enough. Sometimes, it’s just that I turned the dial from “Rinse” to “Wash” to quickly.

I have 5 settings on my Dishwasher. Number 1 is Rinse and Number 4 is Wash.

When turning the dial from 1 to 4 I have to ensure that it stops at each number for at least 1 second to ensure it “realises” that the dial has changed.

Anyway, I hope this has helped somebody else out there…

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