Gall Bladder Care – Milk Thistle

Gall-Bladder-Milk-Thistle.jpgEven though adding the Milk Thistle (similar in appearance to this photo) to your herb garden will add some color, it’s not this plant or herb (or possibly even weed) that will improve your gall bladder‘s health. It’s the extract from this plant (mostly liquid) that helps protect and detoxify your liver and your gall bladder. A lot of herbalists recommend using this extract to help fight fatty liver which is associated with heavy drinking.

Your gall bladder plays an important role in the breaking down of fats in the food you ingest due to the bile that the gall bladder stores. But, reading up on herbs, I noticed that a lot of people are selling Milk Thistle extracts which have been shown to help improve the functioning of your gall bladder.

I just thought I would share this piece of info with you, even if the only thing it does is let you know about it… And, to show you another hardy and possibly pretty plant that you could have in your garden… Of course, I’m hoping to at least get some more info on herbs that you can actually use from your herb garden.

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