Mothers Day in America – Gift Ideas

Well, due to the popularity of my South African Mothers Day Gift Ideas article I thought I would write an equivalent for my American visitors.

(If you’re from South Africa, the ideas are generally the same here, but the links are specific to America and Canada. For the South African article, please click here: “Mothers Day“).

Magazine Subscriptions

Magazine subscriptions are still my favorite gift because it isn’t eaten on 1 one day, it doesn’t die after a week, instead for the next year, the person who receives the gift subscription will remember the present you bought them. And, with the ability to get 4 subscriptions, MagazineBurst is something you should check out. You can get subscriptions to magazines like “Woman’s Day“, “Good Housekeeping“, “Home Magazine” and “Working Mother“, as well as a LOT of others… (At the time of writing, the offer is $27 for four 1-year subscriptions).

Flower Delivery

Ok, be honest, what lady doesn’t like flowers. And what mother doesn’t like receiving them on Mothers Day?

JustFlowers.comAm I making you feel guilty? 😉 We all know that a bunch of beautiful flowers is almost a must on Mothers Day, (though if you speak to MY mother, it should be every week!). Anyway, for same day flower delivery to anywhere in the U.S. and Canada, try ““. If you’re planning on getting another gift as well (like the magazine subscription, for example) then you can still buy a small bunch of flowers.

– Chocolates and Cookies

Another favorite Mothers Day gift is chocolates and cookies. So try getting your mother some Ghirardelli Chocolates. Or even a subscription to “Mrs. Beasley’s® Cookie Plan” where your mother can receive a box of cookies every month. Now THAT’s a gift that my mother would LOVE, but she would KILL me for. 😉

4 Seasons World of Wine Discovery

Does your mother enjoy wine? Then a gift from 4 Seasons World of Wine Discovery might be what you’re looking for. This is a wine club, so ensure you read all the details before signing up, but I think it really sounds like a bargain. And the introductory gift of a FREE Vintner`s Reserve Tabletop Wine Opener is great.

Miracle Blade III

Does your mother enjoy cooking? Is she in need of a new set of knives? Knowing what it’s like to have to cook with mediocre knives, I can fully recommend a set of good quality knives. So perhaps you’d like to buy your mother a set of Miracle Blade III knives.


So there we go. A nice little list to help you get started on your quest to buy the ultimate Mother’s Day Gift. Of course, if you’d like to leave a comment with your own idea, please do…

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