Lawn Mowers

Lawn mowers are definitely a key tool in any gardeners kit. Or, should I say, lawn mowers are a key item in any lawn carer’s kit. There are a large variety of lawn mowers, and depending on your needs, there is sure to be one that suits you.

Riding Lawn Mowers


– Easily cuts large lawns
– Can be really easy to control
– Fun to use


– Can be overkill
– Can be difficult to get between your fancy trees or hedges

Push Lawn Mowers


– Can be easier to access tight areas
– Less expensive
– Quicker to setup for small gardens


– Can be hard work
– Can take a LONG time to cut a lot of grass
– Uphills?!?


But, there’s also something else you need to consider when you buy a lawn mower, regardless of whether it’s an electric lawn mower or a petrol lawn mower: the type of blade to use. You could get a lawn mower with a rotary blade, or cylindrical blades. Lawn mowers with a cylinder cutter tend to cut the grass a LOT better, by just trimming the top off the grass. Because of this, you can get a closer cut without destroying your lawn. Unfortunately, the cylindrical cutters tend to be a tad more expensive, so look around…

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