Get rid of Snails

Here is a quick list on how to get rid of snails. And no, eating the snails is not an option…


1 – Broken Egg shells or Sea shells:

Snails REALLY don’t enjoy the feeling of crawling/sliming their way over this, so you can scatter these around plants that you want to protect.

2 – Beer traps:

Place jars of beer in the ground, with the top of the open jar level with the ground. The snails will crawl into the jar, and drown. Whether they’re just looking for a good time or not I’m not sure, but don’t waste your imported beer on the slimey pests.

3 – Salt – WARNING: Huge cruelty effect to plants AND snails:

Salt is a serious snail killer, making them sizzle. It’s a bit cruel, in my mind, but then, so are most of these methods. Pouring salt around infected areas will help get rid of snails, but it will also kill plants, so try not to pour it near your plants.

4 – Sandpaper:

Something easily bought online, placing your pot plants on sandpaper will help keep them safe. The snails won’t crawl over the sandpaper to get to your pots, leaving the plants snail free.

5 – Organic Pesticide:

I’ve heard that there are a few websites selling organic pesticide that is useful in getting rid of snails. I think this might be the best route to take, as Organic Pesticide is safe for your plants as well. Remember to read up about the organic pesticide first, especially if you have pets or children who love the garden.

If you have any tips yourself, please feel free to leave them in a comment…

16 Replies to “Get rid of Snails”

  1. Snails can be good looking/cute, but they can also be pests. Just like frogs are cute, they’re also pests… (Though I must say, I do feel sorry for them).

  2. This is the most cruel, horrible, disgusting, sickening website i have ever been on.
    How could anyone make a website about killing
    i think you are despicible whoever you are
    how would you like someone to kill you in such a cruel way?

  3. oookaaay….?

    I take it you’ve never killed an ant before? Or a fly? Or anything else YOU consider to be a pest? How about a mosquito? Ever killed one of them?

  4. My dearest Snail-lover, Please go back to your own planet, we have enough pollution problems to worry about, without having to take care of you as well.

  5. Snails are disgusting…All you people saying ‘OH NOOOO THAT’S CRUUEEL!’ you all know you hate snails! You are only saying it to be the ‘nice’ commenter… *********** Okay…Down to buisness

    WOW the salt works really well!
    Snails are slimey little freaks…They will over populate if we don’t kill them! (FACT!)

    Hate yaa

    Rachel Baker


  6. If you guys love snails so much, pick them up from my backyard.. they’re everywhere and giving my dog worms… Or I’ll just pour salt on them, that should help 🙂 Dogs > Snails any day!

  7. Snails crawled onto and short-circuited the mother-board of my drive-way gate motor . Very costly to replace . Any ideas to prevent a re-occurrence . G. Singh

  8. Singh they are disgusting things – they get in anywhere and my garden looks like a snail graveyard at the moment – Snailbain works well I suggest you pour this around your motor – you can even try the salt or broken egg shells.

  9. My garden is full of snails, beautiful little creatures, I could not even imagine killing them, thought I was the only one doing snail rescue after the rain.

  10. Ok i tried an insect killer..houseplants and garden..the little snail just would not die…so 15min later (at the risk of killing my own houseplant)i put salt on it and put it out its misery..there is no right way to get rid of a snail who is eating your houseplant 🙁

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