Rose Garden – Dig your hole and plant a rose

Digging the holes in the soil After you’ve relaxed a bit, having spent a decent amount of time watering your rose garden soil thoroughly, you can get to the “not so relaxing” yet entirely satisfying process of digging the holes and planting your roses.

Here are a few guidelines, along with what I did:

– Space your roses at least half a meter apart, preferably slightly more than this
– Dig the hole deep enough that the roots will be completely covered when planted, and add another 5 cms depth to the hole
– Line the hole with Rose compost (a special compost specific to roses that helps keep the roots moist and warm in the winter)
– Put your rose bush into the hole
– Fill in the hole using more of the rose compost and soil
– Pat down the soil so that the ground is a little firm, but not too air-tight. Just enough so that the rose bush has good support
– Water, water, water… Ok, not too much so that you drown your roses, but the soil must be slightly more than just damp.

Rose Garden – Water, water, water

Watering your roses is essential, so water them well
The number 1 tip for roses that I received when buying my roses was: Make sure you water them

So, when planting your roses in your newly prepared garden, make sure the soil is completely wet. I’m saying that you should do this at this stage because if you dig the holes first and THEN wet the soil, you might have to dig your holes again. So, give the soil a LOT of water.

You will still have to water your roses straight after planting, though, so don’t go packing that hose-pipe away just yet. 😉

Make sure you water your rose garden well to get healthy roses

Creating a Rose Garden

Everybody loves roses, right? So I decided to add a rose garden to my garden. In the next few articles, I’ll show you what I did, and give you all the tips for caring for roses that I picked up from the Rose Garden specialist who sold me the roses.

As I write the articles, I’ll add a link to the bottom of this article as an index/reference point for all my Rose Garden articles… Perhaps bookmark this page so you can come back to it, and maybe see how my garden is going, as I plan on posting updates and lessons learned as I go along. Of course, if you have any of your own experiences, thoughts or ideas to share, please leave a comment.

Anyway, wish me luck. 😉

Creating a rose garden and looking after roses

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