3G iPhone

The 3G iPhone has been out in the U.S. for a couple of weeks now, and it sounds like people are still raving about it.

In this article I talk about the cool new features of the iPhone that now means you have no excuse NOT to get the iPhone.

And, there’s a video at the bottom which shows off all the new features and shows you what the iPhone really can do…

The first time I wrote about the iPhone (in my post “Apple iPhone in South Africa“) I was writing about the original iPhone and said that I wouldn’t recommend that you buy it for the following reasons:

  • EDGE connectivity speeds (about dial-up modem speed)
  • Only a 2 MegaPixel camera (which it still seems to have)

Now, there is absolutely NO REASON why you shouldn’t buy the iPhone. Here’s why:

3G iPhone has 3G

This one should be obvious. 😉

I use the internet a lot, even on my phone (which is the new HTC TYTN II which I just bought). And, having a fast internet connection is a MAJOR MAJOR MAJOR necessity. If you current phone only has EDGE connectivity speeds, you won’t BELIEVE the difference a 3G connection makes.

Of course, if you recently upgraded from a dial-up modem to broadband at home, then you’ll have an idea…

Microsoft Exchange Push Technology

I use this on my Windows Mobile phone. I used it on my iMate K-Jam, and I use it on my HTC TYTN II.

This allows me to receive my work emails from anywhere my cellphone has a signal. And, this is also where the 3G connecitivity comes into play.

Even though the iPhone is not a Windows/Microsoft device, it does have this functionality, (as well as the ability to synchronise with your Outlook calendar), and this is a must have for any business mobile phone, in my opinion.

Built-in GPS

The iPhone has built-in GPS (GPS means: Global Position System, which is what satellite navigation devices like the Garmin use).

So, if you can add an application to the phone that can use the GPS capabilities of the phone, you’ll be amazed that you will be carrying a satellite navigation device in your pocket at all times. Hmmm…

I guess you’d be lost without it 😛

Anyway, an example of free software that uses the GPS system on the phone is Google Maps.

Take a look at the video below to see Google Maps in action on the iPhone:

As you can see, some of the cool features are:

  • The ability to pinpoint your current location
  • Your location is tracked as you move around
  • You can search for locations in your area (like Pizza restaurants)
  • You can get the directions to the locations you’ve found

iPhone App Store

If the applications that come with the iPhone are not enough how about the fact that you can now buy applications from the iPhone App Store… Applications like games, educational software, messaging software, etc…

And, some of the applications are even free.

3G iPhone in South Africa SOON!

And, best of all, the iPhone will be available in South Africa through Vodacom VERY SOON!

Of course, it doesn’t help me, considering I just got a new contract on MTN, but hey, what can you do? You can’t win them all. 🙂

So, if you’d like to see everything there is to know about the iPhone, watch the following video…

I must warn you though, it’s quite long (about 40 minutes), but it’s VERY informative.

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