What to do during a robbery

Carrying on from the Home Security Tips article, this article will focus more on what to do in the unlikely (and unlucky) event of a robbery.

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What to do during a Robbery

Surviving a Robbery

  • Stay calm and do not make any sudden movements that could be construed as threatening. Make sure your hands can be seen at all times.
  • Do not look the person in the eye.
  • Do not confront the person.
  • Follow ALL instructions given to you.  Hand over any valuables they want, give them any keys they want.
  • Concentrate on the following information:  clothes the person is wearing, language or accent, names mentioned, age, nationality, etc.
  • Do not speak to the person if not spoken to.
  • Only give information that is asked – do not offer additional information.
  • Do not try to be a hero under any circumstances.
  • If you are asked to lie on the floor, lie in view of the robbers with your hands visible.

What to do if you’re a hostage in a Robbery

If you’re being held hostage as part of a robbery, please remember the following:

  • Keep your dignity.  Notify the person if you need to use a toilet or if you need to take any medication.
  • When being held hostage for a long period of time, keep yourself positive – think of loved ones, things you like to do, etc.
  • Avoid eye contact at all times.

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  1. Thank you for the tips. Even though home invasions don’t frequently result in burglars confronting the homeowners, you give some great common sense information about what to do.

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