WARNING: ATM Fraud Security Alert

Here is an email I received from ADT, the security company.

I’m posting it here in case you find it helpful.

Feel free to forward it on to others.

Dear valued ADT client

According to a leading financial service provider’s Joint Operations Centre, criminals are defacing ATMs in order to clone your bank card and record your pin number. This is being done with a high-tech skimming device made up of a camera unit and modified card reader. Authentic card readers at ATMs are made of aluminium. A fake plastic card reader is placed over this and records your card details while a camera unit behind the panel which dispenses your receipt records you entering your pin number. There are other tell-tale signs such as a break in the card reader’s LED display.

As all of us know, it is important to be vigilant at ATMs; always aware of your surroundings and never allowing anyone to assist you with a transaction in any way. Now, the danger can be as close as your fingertips and as nondescript as a bogus panel or tiny hole. Scrutinise the ATM before inserting your card and if you suspect the machine has been tampered with, leave immediately and report this to the SAPS and the bank.

We trust the graphics below will assist you in being able to identify an ATM which has been defaced by criminals.

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