Home Security Tips for South Africans

My Company recently sent out an email with a list of Security Tips and Suggestions because of the escalating crime rate in the area.

I thought it would be good to share it with the rest of South Africa (and the world) because everybody can benefit from extra awareness and ideas.

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Tips for Home Security

  • Ensure all gates cannot be taken off railings and access gained to your home in this manner. (I personally know people who have had this done to them).
  • Train children and domestic workers not to let any strangers into your home.
  • Train children and domestic workers not to leave any doors to your property unlocked, especially doors to kitchen areas.
  • Perpetrators dress in overalls and claim to be workmen from telephone, water or electricity companies.
  • Ensure that you have copies of identity documents of any domestic workers who work in your home and contact numbers.
  • Ensure that all doors are locked whilst your home is unattended.
  • When going on holiday, cancel newspaper deliveries. Arrange with a neighbour or friend to collect post. Unplug electrical appliances and empty refrigerators of perishable products. Have night switch installed that will ensure lights are switched on and off at night.
  • Notify security company of your absence and ensure they have your current cell phone.

Admittedly, I’m not 100% sure I would follow the last suggestion. The whole point of cancelling your newspaper subscription (do people still HAVE newspaper subscriptions in this country???) is so that they don’t pile up in your garden and show the world that you’re not home. So, I’m not too keen on letting anybody else I don’t know that I won’t be home either…

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3 Replies to “Home Security Tips for South Africans”

  1. Trust me on this one, there is nothing worse than being surprised in your own bedroom at 3:30 A.M. by gun wielding thugs.
    An early warning system alerting you to their presence in your yard is definitely preferable…………..I am having outdoor wide angle sensors installed.
    Dogs are only good if they can wake you but mine was poisoned with a quick acting substance.
    Thugs hate well lit areas so install energy saver day night globes high out of their reach.
    Install a security gate between the bedrooms and the rest of the house. This will buy you time to react , phone the police, neighbors etc.

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