Healthy Energy Drink that won’t make you fat

I previously wrote about how to make a sparkling energy drink with Energade and sparkling mineral water.

The problem with this is, you shouldn’t be drinking an energy drink like Energade as a normal, everyday drink, unless you’re doing a LOT of exercise.

It is SO high in energy that it can actually help you to put on weight!

A few dietitians have said that it’s actually healthier to drink Coke than Energade if you’re not replacing energy spent doing exercise.

So, here’s an alternative.

Instead of using Energade, try buying a low energy fruit drink that you need to mix with water.

An example is one that we’ve bought from Woolworths: low kj Peach Apricot Nectar Concentrate

It tastes good, and of course, it’s low energy.

You don’t REALLY need to use sparkling water, but I prefer it sometimes. It just makes a boring fruit juice not so boring.

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