Silver Spoon Party Hire

I would just like to share an experience I had with Silver Spoon Party Hire.

They’re a company we used to rent plates, cutlery, glasses and tables for a big party we had recently.

Read your contract before signing

If I can start off by saying, when you hire something, ensure that you CHECK THE CONTRACT! Anything that is on the list of items to be hired, will be dropped off, and anything that IS NOT on the list, won’t.

This sounds obvious, but it can bite you in the @ss.

We initially spoke to Silver Spoon over the phone, giving them a list of items we needed. Unfortunately, the lady on the other end didn’t quite understand one of the items, and ended up writing down side plates instead of dinner plates. When we were faxed this list (the contract), we corrected the item, and faxed it back.

But they never received it.

And, against their own rules due to the urgency, they delivered anyway. With the side plates.

Of course, this was a bit of a mess as we couldn’t exactly serve dinner on side plates. So we phoned and spoke to the manager when the delivery arrived, at 5:30pm on the Friday before the party. He mentioned that unfortunately they’re not open on Saturdays, so we couldn’t pick up the plates.

The plates are delivered

After explaining the entire situation, he felt really bad, and ended up sending a driver all the way to our place on the Saturday morning, with the dinner plates.

I would just like to say thank you to Silver Spoon for correcting the situation. Not many people nowadays would do that…

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