Pachira Aquatica – Money Tree

UPDATE: After having had my tree (the one in the photo) for almost 10 years now, I’ve added a few items to the bottom of this post. You should see them in red.

The Pachira Aquatica money tree plant is a plant/tree that will do any new homeowner proud.

Pachira Money Tree Plant

Also known as the “Pachira Aquatica“, the Money Tree is a very hardy tree that can vary in size from small Bonsai to 7 feet tall… It will grow in lots of light AND low light. Being well watered, or not very well watered (though don’t OVER water it).

Because of these features, this plant can be an indoor house plant, as well as a tree kept at the office.

Money Tree Origin

Pachira Aquatica - The Money Tree PlantThere are some interesting theories on where the Money Tree got it’s name from. The most common is due to the fact that it has five leaves on each branch, symbolising the 5 fundamental Feng Shui elements : Metal, Wood, Water, Fire, Earth. The tree is also very commonly found to be made up of 5 intertwined trees. Since this kind of plant symbolizes good wealth, nowadays, people believe not only it brings green color into your room, but also bring luck and fortune to any household, business or people you care.

It is currently quite a popular tree, and some websites are selling this tree along with the other popular Feng Shui plant “Lucky Bamboo”.

Caring for the Pachira Aquatica Money Tree

  1. Keep the soil/potting soil slightly dry. Too much water is not good for this plant.
  2. If possible, add some river sand to the soil to help with the drainage.
  3. Keep the tree in medium light. It can stand sunlight or shade if it has to, but for optimal growth, a bit of both is recommended.
  4. Prune the large leaves if you would like a lot of new leaf growth. Of course, this is not really necessary unless you have inherited a tired looking tree.
  5. This tree is INCREDIBLY tough. It’s lost its leaves a few times over the years for various reasons, but always seemed to grow back. DON”T WORRY about not giving it as much water as it may need.
  6. If you want to increase the performance/size/health of the tree, re-pot it. I’ve just put mine in a bigger pot, and it is LOVING it. The growth has been incredible.
  7. I’ve also just moved my tree into the garden where it’s getting the same amount of water as all my other plants when it rains. Of course, the drainage is still good, but the tree is loving its new spot. It’s in a semi-shady spot under another tree, and thriving.

I FULLY recommend reading some Feng Shui websites to see where to place the money tree plant. You don’t have to “believe” in it, but things like that originate from somewhere, and Feng Shui is just one of the oldest forms of Interior Decorating. Go on, try it, and let me know if you feel any luckier… 😉

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  1. I just purchased one of these trees, but don’t know which variety it is. It is planted in rocks that seem to be glued togetherand I cannot see any soil. I don’t know how to water it, except pouring water in the saucer, which is under the pot. This would not hold much water though. Any help would be appreciated. I would like to keep it outside in the summer under total shade and bring it inside during the winter.

  2. A friend recently purchased one of these bonsai size trees. We brought it home, placed it in “Indoor Plant Soil” and watered it once. The soil is still moist so we have not added any more water. We recently noticed a few white spots on the leaves. These are not dried out spots, just white clear spots going completely through the leaves. Any suggestions?

  3. Regarding #1, make sure the roots have access to the water, but preferably not sitting in the water directly. They can start to rot.

    Regarding #2, personally, I would change the soil and ensure that the soil is well drained. Maybe prune the tree a little.

    Whatever you do, drop me a note and let me know how it turns out.

  4. I have had a money tree now for over a year. It was doing so well then due to space restrictions I have relocated it in my home and now some of the leaves are turning a light beige color from the tips working up to the middle of the leaf. I am very concerned as it was growing and flourishing so well before and even after the move it has been just recently it has started to look sick. I was suggested to give it some plant food which I did twice now in the past month but it is not helping or changing anything at all. HELP please.

  5. I just purchased a money tree and like the first comment it has rocks that are glued together. I am not sure how to feed this plant. There are no drain holes for water. If any one has suggests please let me know. Thank You.

  6. I also have purchased a money tree that has pebbles glued together at the top of the pot. Like comment 1 & 5 do we have to break up the glued rocks to see the soil. I have found some websites that tell you how to take care of a Pachira Aquatica “Money Tree”

  7. As a bonsai grower, I recently bought a money tree plant. It also had glued rocks on the plant.My advice: get rid of the rocks. They serve no useful purpose.
    I think that they are used to keep the plant intact for shipping purposes.
    You need to put the tree & rootball into another pot that has a drainage hole. Put a few rocks in the bottom of the new pot (for good drainage) and then plant he tree & root ball in the pot adding some a bonsai soil. This will allow for good drainage . The plant that I bought had no drainage hole at the bottom of the pot and the plant was sitting in some water. The workers in the store where I bought the plant had no knowledge re how to take care of the plant and they watered it real well… probably on a daily schedule for watering all of the plants in the store.
    The fastest way to kill an indoor plant/bonsai is to over water it. Hope that this helps. Good luck !

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  9. I purchased a small pachira from wal-mart about 6 mths ago. it had 2 leaves and a split trunk. It is doing very well now, leaves are quite large but I feel it should have until next spring to continue growing before I prune the leaves and roots. My question is this…where on the stems do I prune in order to promote new, smaller leaf growth next spring and when re-potting, then, should I reduce the taproot and quarter the feeders? Thank you for your time.

  10. Help my 2 money trees are loosing their leafs. First the leafs turn yellowish and then they fall off. Any suggestions of what I can do to save my trees?

  11. My Pachira tree has grown so fast and the 2 big stems were leaning down although 3 new stems were ok.Could i cut and replant it?How can i cut it?Can it produce roots by cutting the stem by putting it in water or with soil?Oh,i forgot it was a gift from me on the house warming for over 2 yrs now.Pls. help.

  12. My monet tree is growing out of control. One of the branches has doubled in size and is so big that it completely leaning. Do I need to cut it off at the base and re-plant it? Help… I dont want to damage it.

  13. Regarding the leaves turning yellow and falling off. I’ve noticed this on my tree as well. We are in the middle of winter, and I noticed my soil is REALLY dry. I’m going to try watering it thoroughly (though not too much) with some plant food mixed into the water.

    I’ll let you know if this solves it.

  14. There have been a few questions about what to do with the tree. Unfortunately, I’m not a bonsai pro, and I only want to pass on the info that I have learnt, whether researching or doing it myself.

    Because of this, I can’t really comment on the whole replanting of the tree. BUT, I hope you mean cutting off the branch at the base. And, if so, I don’t REALLY think it will just grow if you replant this branch. But that’s what I’ve read.

    I think you could possibly give the tree some sort of support (tie it to a pole) until it has grown large enough to support the branch. Ensuring of course the pot is big enough for the tree to grow.

    If you do try something, I’d LOVE it if you would come back and let me know what you tried.

  15. I purchased a braided money plant from Target.
    I recently decided to repot it. However, as I removed the plant from the original pot, I found that the braid was rubberbandedat the base, there appears to be no roots, the hollow trunks(?) that are braided looked as if the ends had rooted a bit. I put the plant into a new pot and left it outside in indirect light. It has been humid here and I thought that the plant might prefer that environment to one that is air-conditioned. so far, the plant looks fine.
    Can I expect that as long as it hasnew leaf growth, that it may in fact be regrowing roots? thanks for any insight .skmouche 7/23/06

  16. I have bought a money tree a couple day ago and i love it. This site had some great tips for taking care of it.

    When it comes to the comments of the rocks being glued down on some i know what your talking about. (I have a sago palm with the same problem). I have found that if you just water like you would any other plant the water will go through the rocks.

  17. Hi, My new plant is turing brown. What does this mean? Some leaves are falling off. They don’t feel dry. Not enough light or too much water? How do I prune? I just ripped the brown leaves off the stem. Is this ok? Or should I cut the stem itself? THANKS!

  18. I bought my tree small and put it in a big pot, it’s now as tall as my ceiling, what should I do, it litterally can’t grow any taller…and it’s just one trunk, there are not branches, just the leaves and they keep falling off…

  19. We received a money tree about three months ago? When and how do we replant it? It is healthy, but getting taller and want to know what kind of pot we should purchase and what kind of soil to use. Thank you.

  20. My second comment to some about the leaves turning beige is that I am told through a friend that hers did the same and was fine and mine seems to be doing great but the odd beige or brownish leaf appears. BUT stranger than this is that the braided trunk is no longer braided and has not been for many months. I have 2 separate trees/branches that are flourishing but should I try and train them to braid I am afraid of breaking the branches?!

  21. I recently bought a “money tree”, the indoor variety of Pachira aquatica. I also have a Veiled Chameleon that is quite fond of it. Sometimes he gets a little too friendly and nibbles on the leaves (he doesnt cause too much harm). I was just wondering if anyone knows about the toxicology of this plant. Will the leaves harm him if he eats some?

  22. My money tree is very sick! It has lost most of its leaves and the trunk acts like it is dying. The stems/trunk is really dried out.
    There is new growth coming from the bottom. Can I cut off the trunk near the bottom and keep it or am I just out of luck? It was purchased at Porters Nursery, Summerfield/Belleview Florida.

    thank you

  23. Hi,

    I would like to buy a money plant,
    do you know where I can get one in or arround Durban?

    Talk to youn soon


  24. Afraid I don’t know exactly as I’m from Joburg, but most (if not all) of the nurseries here have Money Trees. I know a lot of them have them near the tills indoors.

    Hope this helps.

  25. Further to comment # 10 above. My money tree has done ‘very’ well this summer, new leaves abound, It too is losing some leaves but it seems to happen in winter when daylight is lessened. I’ve found that letting the leaf yellow and dry so it pops off the trunk when pushed leaves a clean trunk (or branch) and the node for a new leaf is unharmed. Will be doing some serious leaf removal this winter and will be doing root pruning this spring, hope this promotes smaller leaves next spring which should be the second stage to having a genuine bonsai.
    Anyone have any other suggestions?

  26. i have a money tree and would like to know if it worth alot of money ,it 7’foot tall and very healthy.i read alot of info ,saying its a high priced tree.thank you for your help.

  27. Hello I have had my Money Tree for years. It has one small 4″ trunk and two branches. I bought it at a local grocery store for $14. It has since taken off!! It is still in the original pot it came in. Its a really nice small, narrow Asian style pot (deep sea-water-blue in color). Now, my plant has grown so much I have to put in it another pot so it won’t tip over.

    The smallest branch is 14 inches long (remember this is all on a 4 INCH trunk) and the biggest branch is 24 inches!! I have needed to repot it for awhile but have been putting it off because I am afraid I am going to harm it if I don’t know what I am doing when I repot it.

    Thanks to Ed (#7) I am ready to go out and buy some new soil so I can repot it. Also, I am glad to hear that I can get rid of that nasty looking moss — ick! My plant is so very forgiving. I leave it out on my sun porch all spring, summer and some of winter. My sun porch gets a lot of light, some direct and mostly indirect. It is now December and I am just now bringing it inside.

    Thanks Ed — didn’t know they had special soil for bonsai’s 🙂 I figured that was the kind of info. I needed to make my “baby” happy. Thanks again 🙂

  28. The new leaves of my money tree grow together and don’t open when they are more mature they curl a little bit. What can I do?

  29. i recieved a pachira aquatica as a house warming gift 2 1/2 years ago… this was my first indoor plant ever… i have truly enjoyed watching it grow…

    my plant has only three stems that make up the braid… new growth of 2 of the braids stems had died a while back… in my attempt to save the wonderful plant… i repotted into a larger pot with some miracle grow soil… as a result, the third stem grows leaves beautifully… this plant has grown very tall… it seems that because it has only one stem to support the new growth it leans to one side (the side closest to the sun)… so frequently, i turn the pot around so that it straightens up..

    could this weaken its structure and cause it to lean so much that eventually it willows?… should i rope and steak it for added support?… if anyone has suggestions i would greatly appreciate them… as i am still quite green in the plant department… thank you…

  30. everyone who has glued pebbles in their plant… mine has moss and glued pebbles. water it through the moss and the soil is underneath the moss if you need to change it. the rocks will come up. i recomend breaking the rocks up and putting them back that way. they are only there for decoration.

  31. I also bought a money tree from target and i had the same problem with repotting it: it had no roots and the 5 branches were rubberbanded. Will the roots grow? Also one of the branches was rotting so i took it out. Its very strange.

  32. to OW…

    …you can google… “money tree” or “pachira aquatica”…and it will direct you to many sites where you can buy large money trees…

  33. Hi, I really need some advice. I have had my braided money tree plant for over 3 years it was doing amazing we had to move cross country to vt and it all went down hill. My tree is no longer a tree just the braided trunk. It has been like this for a month, will it ever grow stems or leaves again? I am still watering it the trunk looks healthy, It there anything else I should be doing for stems to grow from the trunk again?
    Thank you

  34. I JUST bought a 5′ money tree at the flea market here and I am going to repot it and put it near a window and see what happens…I need some advice too. One thing the seller told me is to water it ike rain from the top with a gallon jug and use your fingers to make the water fall like rain down the trunk and leaves. Only water when soil is dry
    I am hoping it will grow taller, do I need to keep briaidng the trunks as it grows?
    Does it like fertilizer? what kind?

  35. A friend send me a money tree, which I keep on my desk at work. This morning I came in and saw a couple tiny flies around the base. I watered the plant and a ton of flies came out of the dirt! How do I get rid of the flies?

  36. I have a small money tree about a foot tall and it only has one big trunk. Does the braiding of the trunk happen naturally, or do I need to introduce a second plant and train them to grow together?

  37. My boyfriend bought me a pachira aquatica for our anniversery last year. It has a 4 root braided trunk. The directions for watering said that “slightly dry is better than wet”. I don’t water it too often. It is now about 3 feet tall, but there is a problem. One of the roots is totally dead. There are only leaves growing off of one of the braids. I can stick my finger inside the underneath of the dead one. I think it rotted. I want to save my tree!!! What can I do??? Please help!

  38. I have a money tree that has many branches I have heard that you can grow more money trees from those branches. does anyone know how to do this?


    to Audrey…
    …i purchase lucky bamboo and money trees from dealers of the sort… and they say: if you squeeze the base of the trunk and it’s spongy then it’s a dead trunk.. if you squeeze the base of the trunk and it is hard then it’s a healthy trunk…

    to Sarah B….
    …watering your plant like its raining is an interesting way to water… i dont know if i really makes a difference.. but if you see results then do it… i planted mine in miracle grow potting soil and water the soil… it has seemed to grow like wildfire… im loving it… you do not need to braid it while it grows… just plant and water and enjoy…

    to Claudia…
    …like i said to Audrey.. if you can squeeze the base of the trunk then you may be out of luck salvaging it…

    to Mike…
    …try to “google” flies in potting soil or how to get rid of flies in potting soil.. see what it comes up with…:-)

    to Tim…
    …a single trunk plant will not braid itself.. i believe that they are braided by who ever deals them… any nursery should be able to tell you how or if you should braid on your own…

    to Stacie…
    …my plant dealers tell me you can either leave the dead root or remove it.. i finally removed my dead trunks.. and fortunately the one trunk i have left has thickened up and is growing beautifully… do not despair… talk to your plant, play it music, turn it 180 degrees every so often and maybe try replanting it in miracle grow potting soil…



  40. And thank you Kimberly for answering questions on the money tree for everyone.

    If anybody else who reads this is able to answer questions, it is GREATLY appreciated. This is after all a place to share your experiences (and knowledge)…

  41. if anyone out there knows by experience, which species grows faster, pachira macrocarpa or aquatica? at what rate do these trees grow per year?

  42. Thanks, Kimberley for money tree information,
    I liked the way the seller was watering the tree, very peaceful and natural, probably helps me more than the tree…
    Also I am keeping my tree outside in an unheated sun porch that gets southern exposure and is very cool at night but nice in the morning. (North Florida weather)
    As far as the trunk goes, I wonder if anyone can post an answer as to how to create a tree that is not so tall but that the braided trunk can grow wider and look ancient but still stay smallish Would I trim the top growth or replant in shallow pot and trim roots?

  43. HHHHEEEEEEEEELLLLLLLLLPPPPPPPPP! my poor money Tree is dying what can i do to save it it has wilted leaves!!!!!!!!!!

  44. My son bought me a 50 year old bonsai tree that has jasmin like flowers with beutiful fregrance that bloomed nicely for a month…now i see leaves drying, leaves falling and what’s left on the tree are looking dull and leaves seem lifeless pointing down…I lefet it for a while to take care of my very sick aunt who is dying of cancer…I gave it energy healing and felt that it might be needing new soil and vitamins please advise…I do not want to loose my tree please.



  45. I’ve repotted my money tree once before and it was very simple. Take your time and use care. First I located a larger pot, allowing my tree to grow. Added rocks in the base for proper drainage (pebble sized), used a sandy soil with fertilizer for the potting soil and planted my Money Tree so that the original root structure was just below the rim of the pot.

    Furthermore, I’ve moved from Texas to Ohio and found during my travel that I had broken one of the stems of my Money Tree. It wasn’t completely broken, and so I used scotch tape to bandage it up. Now, it’s doing fine and grown back together. Sure he has a battle wound, but all is better with a scar than a broken stem. If you bend a branch, I’d loosly bandage it back together. These plants are delicate and too much strain (like a rubberband or twist tie) can actually damage the trunk, leading to death. First thing I’d do is remove those, if you have to, I’d use a twist tie and very loosly tie it just to give the plant shape/structure when braiding.

    Upon first purchase of your plant, remove the rocks that are glued together. They have no purpose other than decoration, and if you water the rocks, the water will just over spill onto the tabletop.

    Watering: This might sound strange, but I water my Money Tree with ice cubes. It allows for a slow watering and you can measure effectively how much water your plant is getting. I have a 24″ Tree and I water “him” with 8-12 ice cubes about every week and a half. When I lived in Texas, he was starting to get yellow leaves, so I just gave him more water. The leaves of the Money Tree should have a waxy look to them, if they look dry or feel brittle, try upping the water amount. I did!

    Another watering technique: When repotting your plant, put a piece of rope in the base and have it coming out the top with a little length left over. When it’s time to water, place the rope in a dish and the rope will suck the water down to the root structure in the rocks below. This will allow for acurate measuring and another way to slowly water your plant.

    You don’t want to get the base of the trunk wet, if you do the air from the atmosphere, and the water in the soil could cause the trunk to rot. Avoid getting the trunk wet, again ice cubes…

    My tree is doing well, and has survived a year with me! Several moves and battle scars, but still growing and producing new leaves.

  46. Thanks for the great info Brad. Feel free to visit often, giving more updates on what you’ve learnt. I really like the ice-cubes idea.

    I’d also like to agree with the “leaves should have a waxy look to them” statement. I started watering even more than I used to, especially since we’re having a bit of a heatwave hear in South Africa at the moment, and the leaves are looking great! And they’ve all stopped turning brown.

    I just pruned (picked off, rather) the brown leaves, started watering more, and I have no more brown money tree leaves. My tree is looking great!

  47. Hi.. I got one of the much talked about “Money Plant” recently, but am at a loss for where to keep it… indoors or outdoors? Also, a neighbor has the same plant in a water tub (with no soil) and it seems to have grown very healthily! Can someone tell me if it is advisable to keep it in a water tub, with required medicines in the water? Appreciate a personal reply.

  48. hello all…

    …hope everyones trees are growing healthy…

    to Brad… you are hilarious and have great info…. thanks…

    to Deco Gecko… thanks for creating this site… it is extremely useful…

    thats all i have this time around….:0)

    …peace out

  49. Hi Indy. This plant is quite a hardy thing and can be kept indoors OR outdoors. Though, I must say, I think it is a GREAT indoor tree, for decorative purposes. Try planting it in a largish pot, and putting it in the corner of your lounge. It will be a nice feature.

    And personally, I’ve never seen this tree in a water tub with no soil, so I wouldn’t be able to help you there.

    Good luck, and let us know how it goes…


  50. I’m not sure why I’m hilarious, but I have many more stories that would surely make people laugh.

    As for the info, that’s what Engineer(s) are for!

    Hope all is well…

  51. I need help. Ourmoney tree is dying. Originally, it has 3 trunks, braided together, my wife was taking care of it. She said she was not good at it so she endorsed it to me. By that time, only one trunk is alive and I was able to keep it alive. But lately, I must have over-watered it, the leaves began to wither. I inspected the upper trunk, it’s soft, indicating its dead. the lower trunk is still hard and has 2 shoots sprouting out (that’s the only positive thing). Can I still revive this? I was thinking of transferring it to a smaller pot (since original pot was for 3 trunks) and removing the 2 dead trunks. Can I cut the upper dead trunk and leave the alive part of the trunk? Thanks for your help!

  52. Hi All,
    I wanted to add a bit of information about where to get money trees.
    for example try a market. We have a great flea market with all sorts of differnt cultures selling food, crafts, etc. There are several Asian stands that offer the smallest to the largest sizes money and bamboo plants all curled in circles, and bonsai tree starters,
    very reasonable prices and bargining room . so if you are looking to buy new or replace a tree there is a good place to start. I haven’t seen any glued rocks on the ones here. Mine just came in a plastic growers pot. It is fine and looks good too.

  53. hello…

    …to brad… i like the way you talk about your plant calling it “he” and talking about its “battle wounds/scars”… it creates interest in your story…:-)

    …to sarahb… i totally agree with shopping at the local markets… i have looked on the internet for greenery and the market prices are way better AND you can see for sure what you are getting …


  54. Hi, my money tree is about a year old and about 2 1/2 feet tall. I replanted it into a bigger pot recently and it starting growing more leaves and stems, but at the same time it started getting brown leaves that later dry and fall off.

    It seems that with every stem that falls off, a new one comes out, is this normal? The only ones that are falling off are the older bigger ones.

    I think at first I over watered it, so I tried doing it less often, last time I watered my plant must have been about 2 weeks ago and the soil is still moist on top. Is this because of the soil I used when I replanted it?



  55. Hi Paul. Check out the drainage in the pot. If it’s not that warm, the tree might not need that much water, and you may have overwatered it. If there’s no drainage hole at the bottom, the water might be sitting in the pot, which is not good for the roots.

    I only mention this because this was what was happening with one of my other trees.

  56. Hi Deco, I created a drainage system by placing rocks on the bottom of the pot. I’ll just wait untill the soil gets more dry before I water it again. I’ll keep my fingers crossed. 🙂

  57. Hi, I just bought a money tree.. I wonder if it can stay in my conservatory in the winter? There is no frost, but gets close.. I live in Denmark.. Does anybody know? Great site btw 🙂

  58. I wouldn’t recommend placeing your Money Tree anywhere where the temperature is less that 68F, or approx 20C. This tree needs it’s warmth, and placing it in cold weather will subject it to a harsh environment that it’s not adapted to.

    …Kimberly…Glad I can be of service… 🙂

  59. Hi to all you fine “Money Tree” commenters. It seems that there are quite a few knowledgeable people out there who have helped me a lot already (thanks for the “ice watering” idea, Brad, and for all your advice, Kimberly).

    Anyway, I was wondering if anybody here would like to add a few articles, tips, or tricks that they’ve learned regarding anything to do with your house or home… Even if it’s more gardening ideas, or bonsai planting/growing, or even painting, decorating, or sewing… 🙂

    If you are keen, I’ve added a contact form (which you can get to by clicking the link at the top left of this page) where you can send me your idea. You will obviously get “authors” credit.

    And who knows, perhaps we’ll have an even livelier community here soon, with multiple future authors. Because I have to admit, thanks to the comments on this article, this is the best page on the site… 🙂

  60. New shoots are finally coming out on my tree but they have 6 leaves – why is that when all others have 5?

  61. It’s said that 5 leaves represent the 5 elements of Feng Shui: Wood, Water, Earth, Fire and Metal. To have more than 5 leaves, it’s said that your house has been blessed and the more the leaves the better…

    BTW, Feng Shui is the Chinese practice of harmonic balance and order of the Universe and it’s elements around you.


  62. Hi,
    I have been reading many comments on this site about possible problems with the money tree. I have had mine for about 3 weeks now (UK). When I purchased it it was potbound so I repotted it carefully. It is in my house close to large windows with not too much or too little light (seemingly perfrect growing conditions). I have noticed that may leaves have whiteish/ brown dry crispy spots about the size of a pea. Could anyone tell me if this could be damage from transit or if it may have a disease?
    It is a large tree, about 5 ft and seems well established, however it is now in a very large pot and I am fearful that I may be underwatering it? Can anyone suggest how much water and how often you should give to a money tree based in the UK climate?
    P.s. It is now 23rd March 2007 (weather not fantastic) heating on often in the house.

    Look forward to any suggestions or help?

  63. helen (25 Feb),

    I hope I’m not too late. I have had the bad experience of killing a few bonsai trees over the years and I feel your pain. The most success I ever had was leaving the tree outside in an uncovered sunny spot (just like it would be in the wild). That bonsai lasted me over a year until I gave it to a friend for his wedding present when I moved. Try putting it outside and see if it perks up.

  64. I’ve had my money tree for nearly 18 months and was doing great until just a couple of weeks ago when some of the leaves started to go yellow, then brown and fall off. What is happening to it? Am I over watering it? If so can I rescue it?

    Please help, I think it is a lovely plant and looks great in the corner of my lounge!


  65. Hi UK,

    I have just gotten back from a weeek trip, I left my money tree outside in semi shade, sun area southern exp. It seems to have gotten cold whiile I was away and I lost many leaves to cold damage. The trees are sensitve to cold, so be sure and check the temps.
    Also I am having the spots and I think it is due to not enought water/poor soil? I just repotted in Miracle grow soil and watered a bit. Drainage is important. Also check the base of your trees for soft spots. Thats a sign of too much watering. Hope someone can comment on the spots for me also. I hope it is due to dry soil…

  66. I have just purchased a money tree and would like to know where in the house is a lucky place to put it. It is growing like crazy and will have to repot it, but a little afraid as it is doing well.

  67. My pachira aquatica is sprouting leaves all over the place below. All the pictures I’ve seen they only allow the leaves to grow on top.

    1. Is this for aesthetic reasons? Health reasons for the tree that leaves should only grow on top?

    2. How do I prune the leaves below? I believe simply taking it out may be harmful?

    Thanks for info.

  68. Personally, like you, I’ve never seen a money tree with leaves at the bottom, so at a guess, I’d say it’s for aesthetic reasons.

    And, I’ve “pruned” unwanted leaves (dying leaves mainly) by pulling them off carefully. It doesn’t seem to have done anything bad to my tree. Not sure if anybody else has any advice?

  69. Hi all,
    In regard to the money tree, mine is a small single tree (not braided).
    Should i braid it and is there any reason to except for aesthetic reason.
    Some general information would be good

  70. Personally, I don’t think you need to braid it. I think the braiding of the money tree with 5 money trees is due to the “feng shui” that this has, with the “5 fundamental Feng Shui elements : Metal, Wood, Water, Fire, Earth”.

    So, if your tree is growing well enough by itself, I’d leave it.

  71. I received a money tree for xmas in 05 I think it’s doing o.k. It has a lot of leaves and branches on top, it looks like it may be too much for the braided stocks below. Several of the stocks were cut off when I got it and are doing nothing, they are braided, the new ones are not. It looks kind of strange. What am I doing wrong? I do know it likes the sun. It doesn’t like too much water or too little. I just stick my finger in the soil 2 or 3 inches if it feels damp I leave it, when it feels dry I water just enough to dampen the soil, I also keep moss on top.

  72. I bought my tree,Oscar, about 5 months ago from wally mart, there he was small and overwatered. I put a book lamp with a 60watt bulb over him and after 1 month he was totally revived. Then I transfered to a bigger pot, bought some plant food and now he is grown huge. Give them lots of light, DONT OVERWATER, dont let them get cold, as for the myth of good luck and ‘money’, I think it’s true. Since I bought mine I got a cool job, doubled my salary, bought a downtown condo and new car. Treat them well and they will treat you well!!

  73. just got home about ten minutes ago with my pachira aquatica, which i purchased at a local home depot. It stands about 5 feet tall, and has lots of leaves/ branches. I’m sure i will have plenty of questions in the time to come, but i have just one for now. Will it help my plant if i have a tall lamp to put near it, or should i not bother?? thanks

  74. Hi everyone!

    I really love this site, and look to it often. Thanks to everyone for the great advice. I have a couple of questions:
    -my money tree is not braided and it sits near a window. I water it once a week, and I have had it for almost a year. Is this watering too much or too little? How much light should it be getting?
    -I also have the problem where a set of 5 leaves will, one at a time, turn brown and fall off. This eliminates a whole branch in a matter of a week or so. It seems like this happens to others, but is it really ok?
    -How long are money trees expected to live?

    Thanks for all your help!

  75. Hey guys

    Returning Dave’s question, don’t bother with a lamp. Unless it has a 300watt bulb it wont make a difference to a tree of that size.
    Returning Katie’s question, too much water will make the leaves wilt and sag, the soil will get mold growing on top. I give mine a little water one week next I will spray the plant with a misting bottle. They can tolerate dry soil. As for the leaves turning brown and falling off I not quite sure as to why. I notice mine will do the same then several new one will grow in.

  76. My money tree was doing fine, or so I thought. I noticed two of the five trunks were soft and I guess rotted. When I went to cut then out, I saw little grayish looking bugs. I pored water with a drop of dish wash detergent. Will this help get rid of these pests?

  77. Hi everyone! Like many others here, I just purchased a Money Tree. Mine is about one foot tall, and braided. It was very cheap, I got it from a greenhouse for $5.00! I think I got a good buy, hehe.

    So, I have it sitting in front of my bedroom window. One of the main stems at the top seems to be snapped, it is leaning over (it holds 3 leaves). Is this a problem? Should I leave it? Also, is this enough sunlight? I have attached a photo.

  78. I have had Betty for a bout a year and half. I started giving her Super Thrive recently, I will see how she likes it and report back. The main thing I have learned is, rotate them every week, so that a different side of the plant is facing the most light, if it is in a window. and make sure to let it dry good before you give it more water.
    Although I havent done it yet, I was told by the green house today that they like to be fed when they are watered about once a week. I need to go buy food, any suggestions on which brand?
    Good luck .. I will see if I can get a pic up for you all.

  79. helen said,

    on April 23, 2007

    My son bought me a 50 year old bonsai tree that has jasmin like flowers with beutiful fregrance that bloomed nicely for a month…now i see leaves drying, leaves falling and what’s left on the tree are looking dull and leaves seem lifeless pointing down…I lefet it for a while to take care of my very sick aunt who is dying of cancer…I gave it energy healing and felt that it might be needing new soil and vitamins please advise…I do not want to loose my tree please.

    PS: Hoow can i send the image as i am new at this thx and pleese help me save this tree!

  80. I’m going to set up an image gallery here. Then whoever’s keen can just send me their photo (for now) and I’ll put it up.

    I haven’t set it up just yet, so I’m not sure EXACTLY how it’s going to look, etc., but I’ll set it up some time this week. In the mean time, if you’d like a photo of your tree on this site, email the photo to:

    images A T

    (Take out the space and replace the AT with the other symbol)

  81. Dear Steve,

    I will try your advice and will put the tree outside, however living in south of france…its very hot here. do i still leave it outside?

    I will send my photo of the tree to s Bonsai expert, or anyone that might help me…thnx again

    thnx a million

  82. Ok, I’ve finally set up the Gallery. It’s not the most STYLISH photo Gallery, but it’s a place for photos…

    You can find it here: “Money Tree Photos

    I’d really like it if you could contribute, ESPECIALLY if you have a good looking Money Tree so that visitors can see what a good tree looks like.

    Remember to email your photos to “images AT”. About 2000 people come past every month looking for info on Money Trees, so your tree might be famous.


  83. Well, all the leaves fell off my Pacheira this winter, I gave it 2 mths. to grow new ones but nothing happened so gave up and bought a new one. I think the cold (Northern Canda) from leaving a window open a crack did it in, will place it in warmer spot this winter and see what happens.

  84. My Father in law gave us a money tree about a month ago, and I repotted “Fettia” the day we got her. I have looked at numerous websites to learn how to care for a money tree, and this one is my favorite! There are such wonderful tips & techniques to learn from.

    Brad, thank you for the ice cube idea, I am definitely using that method the next time I water!

    Here is another website that I found helpful and might answer a few questions.

    Tim, you had a question on how to braid the trunk, the above website states: “You could propagate pachiras from cuttings/side shoots. Often you will notice new shoots coming out of the trunks. Carefully remove these shoots and transplant it. It will take some time but if you are lucky it will root and you will be blessed with another pachira plant.”

    Hope that helps! 🙂

  85. i just got a cute money tree but its needs to be re potted what kind of soil is best for my little money tree and any tips on how i can maintain the braid

  86. Hi, I purchased a baby money tree from a nursey garden. First it had some little flies come out. I put the tree outside so the flies would fly around in my house. Later, I took it back in. One of the braids die so I remove it. Anyways, don’t know when, the leaves started to turn yellow and dry out, one by one. I picked out the dead leaves. I have been watering it to keep the soil moist, not too moist. I took the tree back to the nursey garden, the lady told me to remove the decoration rocks so the soil could breath better. So I did. Has been 3 weeks now but i don’t see any improvment. Is my tree sick? Is there anything i can do? Thank you

  87. Isa,
    The pachira does not need a lot of water, just make sure there is water at bottom of pot so roots will spread out faster and make tree stronger. Mine is doing well once I started this practise.

  88. Hi, I have a money tree (single tree, unbraided) that was given to me as a gift around 3 years ago, and it has gotten so tall it is now hitting my ceiling and still sprouting new growth, which is all bent over because it has no where to go. It’s against a window, which actually keeps it propped up, and when I take it away from the window, it can’t stand up on it’s own. It’s 8 feet tall and still growing though and it’s out of space to get any taller. I’m wondering if I should put it outside, right now it’s about 80-90 degrees out every day because it’s summer but I live in New Jersey and in about 2-3 months its going to start to get cold out and I don’t think the money tree will do well in the cold–eek, what to do??

  89. Want to purchase a money tree for a sun roon in Southern California-Temps can get 120 degrees in the indirect sun. Is this still a good idea? Can this tree tolerate hot and dry (I know keep it watered, but is there anything else?) Thanks ANYONE

  90. my cat was trying to eat my money tree and broke the stem with the leaves on it. what’s the best way to keep it alive – I currently have it splited as it bent severly but did not break all the way through

  91. In response to two posts from a while ago:
    #22 I found a site that says that money trees are very edible. You can eat its leaves, flowers, and nuts. But I haven’t seen a money tree with flowers or nuts (mine is only a baby) so I’m not sure they’re talking about the same thing.
    About flies: I’ve found that flies like a bowl of vinegar better than my houseplants – usually. Put a drop or two of soap in the vinegar and the flies will die in the vinegar. If that doesn’t work, I take my plants outside and spray them with the insecticide I use before I move my outdoor plants in for the winter. Since money trees seem fairly robust, I don’t think this will hurt them.

    My question: I have a five stranded baby money tree that had just a little braiding when I got it. Any suggestions for how to make the braided section longer as it grows? I can braid three strands – but I have no idea how to start five. I googled but couldn’t find anything.

  92. In responce to the Money Tree being edible…

    I believe the fruit of the money tree, the Water Chesnut, is edible. I’m not sure whether it will produce flowers, and if so whether or not they are edible.

    I haven’t had any issues with flies on my Money Tree (Ed), however, perhaps with the different climates from around the world some of you users do.

    About braiding: I personally don’t think there is a specific pattern as to how to braid the tree, just as long as they are all interconnected. Remember though, don’t braid too tightly as for you can damage your tree. I would briad the tree when the stems are still “green in color” and not when they have acquired some bark. I have recently removed some of the branches (when they are green) in order to make braiding easier. I haven’t had any trouble, and I only remove 3-4 branches at a time. (Maybe every 2 weeks, as not to shock the Tree).

    Hope this helps, for all that care…

  93. My money tree was getting very leggy and unbalanced. I repotted the tree and I pruned back all of the leaves to the truck and left the green new trunk/branches intact. Will the leaves grow back and will it resprout?

  94. Hi everyone. I’ve had my money tree for just about a year now. It has always been somewhat sparse at the top–never more than maybe 5 sets of leaves. Recently however, all of the sets have fallen off. It is down to just a sprout of a new set that may/may not grow into full leaves. To paint this picture for you…the tree currently is a trunk, but 2 green stems, and no leave–pathetic looking. I dont know what is wrong with it…nothing has changed in the year I have had it. Is there any hope that is will rejuvinate? Or is my poor tree done for? Does watering change in summer? Does it want more/less light? Im at a loss, and am afraid my tree may be done for

  95. I took my tree from the air conditioned living room, where the leaves were constantly turining yellow/brown and falling off, to the back glass porch. No AC and a moist environment for the most part. Also very warm. I see that these trees grow in tropical areas naturally, try to check the moisture content in the room. Maybe a few times in the bath when you are showering or a regular shower for the tree itself would help with leaf loss from dry air/ air conditioning.

  96. I dont know about it not liking too much water. The 2nd part of its name is “aquatica” and Wiki says it grows in swamps.

  97. I have found that my tree does better in a humid warm area than a dry AC or heated one. Indoors, in the winter, a few timees a month I spray with a waterbottle or put in the bathroom for humidity. I have found this can help dryness. Standing water can possibly rot the roots and trunk of the tree.

  98. Hello Everyone… Advise needed please! I just bought a money tree placed it in my car with through a large sunroof. The tree was covered in large paper and the paper was stapled on the edges for protection. It was beautiful. But when I took the paper off after getting the plant home, to my shock all of the branches were broken and just hanging. I mean off of them just completely broken and snapped clean through.

    I have several plants and small trees. They have all been carried home the same way. This is the first time one has ever broken a leaf. But to see all of the branches (not even the leaves) broken down is just plain unbelieveable. Does anyone know if I can keep these branches and just put them in some water? Also, now the tree is nothing more then a braided base. There are no branches left on it at all. Should I just throw the whole thing out or will any of the branches grow back? Not that money is the issue here but I paid quite a bit for it and only had it for 1 hour. I really don’t know what happened and if I should bother to keep the tree.

  99. Hello everyone, Great site! I bought my first money tree at a local Home Depot this weekend. It has the 5 braided trucks BUT I have noticed the the cluster of leaves range from quantities of 5, 6, and 7. Is this normal??


  100. To answer my own question…the sun room heat of Callif does GREAT for our little 6″ tree. One huge cup of ice cubes each Saturday as we talk and watch the birds outside. My 2nd tree is not as happy. More stressed from the store, we replanted and watered equally with plenty of sun room heat and light. UGGGG We moved indoors to a less hot, but equally sunny area. More than half the leaves have now fallen and there is a cotton like web substance near the base of the trunk with tiny flies. No boggy trunk, allowed totally to dry between weekly ice cubes. Any suggestions

  101. So we just bought our plant, and read most of the comments on here. I noticed that someone had mentioned taping together any broken stems… Are we supposed to remove the tape after a certain period of time?

    Thanks for all of the great advice from everyone.

  102. In the past I broke a stem of my tree. I used scotch tape, losely, as a band-aid and the stem grew back together. Now, it’s healty and sturdy, however, a visible reminder of the wound is still there. (scar would be a good way to describe) I would remove the the tape once the broke stem is healed back together and able to withstand its own weight. The stem I broke wasn’t completely busted, so my experience is limited to hanging limbs and not severed ones…

    Hope this helps…

  103. I have Two 6′ Braided Pachira Aquatica plants, five trunks in each pot, and one trunk on one plant is starting to get soft and turn yellow but only on the top. It has two branches with foliage that have seen better days but are still there and green. The bottom of the trunk is starting to sprout new growth and the rest of the plant as well as the other tree look wonderful, it’s just the top of that one trunk. It is about 5′ to 7′ away from a large glass sliding door that leads to a small balcony; the other plant is a few feet further from the glass door and doing just fine.

    Both plants were repotted into larger pots with Danish potting soil (peat) about 3 months ago.

    I have a very cool but humid apartment with many other plants including orchids so I only water about once a month to once every two weeks depending on the heat and moisture in pot, and always a deep watering trying to keep the water off the trunk because I was told they have a tendency to rot at the base.

    What can I do, if anything?

    I appreciate any information you may have to offer.


  104. Hello
    Dont water it everyday, with mine I have a misting bottle to spray the plant every second day only because where I live the climate is dry. I water mine about once a week, too much it seems to rot?

  105. Just a note to everybody who’s Money Tree’s leaves are going brown.

    Mine went brown, and eventually all fell off (with a little help from me sometimes). It’s warming up quite drastically now here in South Africa, so maybe it’s the change of season.

    Anyway, once the leaves had fallen off, I increased the amount of water I gave my tree to about half a litre twice (or even 3 times) a week. I now have bright green new “baby” leaves. And LOTS of them.

    My money tree actually looks healthier now than when I bought it. 🙂

  106. I was just given a money tree for a housewarming gift and like many on here it was in the tub with no holes and glued pebbles. I plan on repotting it, but that is not my main concern.
    I took the plant to my office immediately after getting it because my cat was eating the leaves. I think I’ve managed to save it, but many large leaves have punctures in them or the ends bitten off. Should I prune any leaves like this? Is there a certain mild amount of this damage that a leaf can live through? I’ve got some new shoots, so I’m not panicked, but I’d like some advice on what all to prune off. Thanks.

  107. I have a single trunk money tree that I purchased at The 99 Cent Only store about two years ago. It’s gotten huge. I’d been wanting one and didn’t know what it was till I was at Target one day. Like many of you the leaves will occasionally turn brown and fall off. I’ve had to transplant it to a larger pot 3 or 4 times since I got it. I recently had to add support since it is a single trunk. I’d still like to get a braided one.

  108. We have just purchased a Money Tree and need to know if this little beauty could have any toxic poison effects on our cats.
    Thanks, someone, for your help!

  109. I have just boughten a money tree, how do I begin to braid the trunks? I am worried about harming them. Any tips?
    It has 5 trunks, but one is looking unhealthy

  110. Ive been looking for an answer to my question for some time now. All I want to know is how to tell when it is time to repot a plant? How do you tell if it is root-bound? After all my research I’ve come up empty and found this site. According to everyone’s advice my tree should have died years ago. I bought it 3 years ago and immediately repotted it because roots were actually pushing through the surface of my soil. It has roughly quadrupled in size and is always helathy in a Canadian climate. The leaves have gone from about 1-3 inches to about 10-14 inches. Now I think it needed to be repotted long before the roots were surfacing; so to be proactive I’m in need of answer. Thank ya.

  111. Hi Tyson. Personally, I think you’ve answered your own question. Every site I’ve seen on the internet says that the following shows when you need to repot a plant:

    – The soil no longer has nutrients -> One of the reasons you need to do it every few years

    – The plant has outgrown the pot -> I have a feeling this is what’s happened to you

    – And then there’s the fact that the pot is not suitable, for example the drainage is not good, or there’s glued rocks on the top 🙂

  112. Hi, can any one tell me were i can get hold of some pachira aquatic a (money tree) from .i need about 24 of the small ones.I need them for my restaurant.Ikea used to sell them but have stopped.I am willing to pay alot for them.Any help would be wellcome

  113. Hi everyone!

    I have received a cutting of this marvelous plant and am seeking care instructions on coaxing roots to form. I have read other sites on rooting cut plants, but none specific to the Money Tree.

    ANY thoughts or help would be greatly appreciated!

    Thanks! 🙂

  114. I’m with Kim. I have a beautiful, healthy Money Tree and I want more. I just don’t know how ot get roots to grow. I’ve tried carefully removing leaf groups at the stem base, and putting them in water – nothing but dead leaf groups in about a month. I’ve tried wrapping them in wet paper towel – again dead. I even tried sticking them in the soil out of pure desparation – dead again. Help me as I want to propogate the world over with my fav plant.

  115. I work in a garden center and pachira aquatica is one of my favorite houseplants to sell and re-pot, so when doing so I like to fill the bottom 10 % with rocks for drainage then a layer of decorative long fiber sphagnum moss to keep the potting medium from mixing into the rocks and making them pointless, then a 50/50 mix of a good peat based potting soil or “Azalea, Camellia, Gardenia, Planting Mix” and pearlite or vermiculite, again for drainage. As you can tell the key to this plant as a house plant is good drainage, don’t over water in the winter and mist every other week because it loves the humidity.

  116. I have had a money tree now for 1 year. It is beautiful. I have noticed on a few tips of leaves they are brown and I have a lot of new growth on the roots. The problem is the new growths leaves are limp and curly. I also noticed some earth worms in the soil. What is happening? I need to prune my tree but don’t know how. I’m afraid of hurting my tree. Please help.

  117. Misting every other week will help to reduce browning of tips. I have curling on the new growth as well but they seem to uncurl in time and growth. As for the limpness, if it’s followed by browning it means too much water; remember pachira aquatica needs less water in the winter.
    Some potting soil contains Worm Castings which is basically worm poop which contains eggs, this is a good thing, don’t use chemicals or pesticides or you’ll kill the tiny ecosystem you’ve accidentally made. When pruning I think you can easily cut off 2/3 of the foliage and still have a good looking tree that will put out new growth, but I like to use twine and train the long flexible branches back in for a fuller look.

  118. Pleae help! I moved my money tree a spot in the house which apparently she did not like but I have since found a different spot which she seems to like. The problem is that during this process she lost about 4 rows of the new growth on the very top to the main branch. She has grown one new umbrella since then which is now at the very top but it looks funny with a long empty main branch with then one umbrella at the end. My question is if I can prune off this main branch to get rid of the long nakeness without hurting the tree. All response will be very much appreciated.

  119. I think you can prune as far as you want because pachira aquatica can form auxiliary buds at almost any part of the tree even at the base of the trunk. But just to be on the safe side I would wait until after spring to see if any actually appear (talk about a funny looking tree.) Also, feed with Vf-11 every watering and mist with same every other week (dilute as directed.)

  120. I’m still curious how you get a new suckling to grow from a thriving plant so I can populate my home with these great little plants.

  121. I got my boyfriend a money tree last year for our anniversary. He’s not into plants or anything, but since he’s a real estate investor, I thought it would bring about some good financial energy. Plus, it was supposed to be easy to take care of.
    Four of the five braided trunks have died. I pulled them out, but I left the one that’s still alive. I was wondering if I should replant it or just leave it & see if it lives. It’s not very feng shui with only one trunk, though 🙁
    The small pot it is in has holes on the bottom & there’s a tray underneath it with rocks. When I water it I stop when I start to see water trickle to the bottom.
    I’m also wondering if I should replace the soil & add rocks & river sand at the bottom, & fill the rest with bonzai soil. If I keep it, is there any way to replant it so it’s a 5 trunk braided tree again?
    Should I just give up & go with the “lucky bamboo” that’s more bachelor friendly?

  122. I’m sorry but your boy’s Pachira Aquatica will never be a five braided plant again but there is still hope for your single trunk plant, even with a wiggle trunk. Repot definitely but try my mix, it might help. Fill the bottom 10 % with rocks for drainage then a layer of decorative long fiber sphagnum moss to keep the potting medium from mixing into the rocks and making them pointless, then a 50/50 mix of a good peat based potting soil or “Azalea, Camellia, Gardenia, Planting Mix” and pearlite or vermiculite, again for drainage. As you can tell the key to this plant as a house plant is good drainage, don’t over water in the winter and mist every other week because it loves the high humidity. Use a relatively small pot because for some reason it likes to be in tight confines. Also, feed with Vf-11 every watering and mist with same every other week (dilute as directed.)

    Pachira Aquatica needs lots of defused indirect light, high humidity and relatively warm Temperatures in the winter.

    Don’t do the lucky bamboo, not after a Pachira Aquatica, but if you do don’t forget to feed it.

  123. I’ve bought 2 5 ft money trees today half price (£30 each) at Homebase (Lincolnshire, England).

    They look fantastic in my bathroom standing sentinel at the end of the free-standing bath in front of the window. I’ve never seen them before today but I love them.

    Your site has been wonderful in letting me know how to care for my beauties – from what I’ve read here I think they’ll love the bathroom which is always warm, I’ll water little and often – avoiding touching the trunk with water in case I make it rot – and I don’t think I’ll bother repotting yet as they probably like the close confines of their small pots. And when I do I’ll use Azalea compost mixed with pearlite.

    Thank you so much for your help.

  124. Hi Money Tree Fans!

    I have a Money Tree that survided 3 house changes and a house rebuilding. It had its good times and bad times… Nowadays, maybee because it’s Winter time it has only a few leaves so I bought a smaller one and replanted them both together. The small one got some white dots on the trunk and it is geting ill and the biguer one has 2 big trunks but almost no leaves. What can I do to save them? Can I cut the trunks of the bigger ones and replant them? I really like my money tree, she is a survivor!!! Can you help me to save her?

  125. I received a Money Tree as a gift this week. The problem is I live in Ohio and it is winter time. The temperature has been below freezing. I had no idea it was coming so I didn’t expect it, so it sat outside overnight in the cold. The temperature has been up and down lately, but I think it was in the low 20s that night. As soon as I saw it I brought it in I unwrapped it. The box was filled with styrofoam popcorn to protect it and prevent it from shaking around. I let it come to room temperature that day while I was at work, and then I set up the tray with the rocks when I got home and watered it. The next morning the leaves do not look good at all, they look frostbitten. There is one tiny one that still looked okay, so maybe some of the trunks died but not all of them? I will check to see if the trunk bases are hard or soft when I get home. But I think it may be too early to tell still. My question is, is there any hope to revive this poor little tree? I think the on-line company that it was ordered from may exhange it for a new one, but I would much prefer to keep this one alive. I just feel it would be really bad luck to kill a money tree. Any advice would be appreciated.

  126. I recently got a new baby moneee by trut it has started to get yellowish/brown leaves and some spots….i was wondering how to get rid of the spots…and i did prune the leaves. any help please?

  127. help
    i’ve just bought a money tree but it seems that she losts it’s root how can i make her live again

  128. My money tree was doing wonderful all summer long, now the leaves are turning brown and falling off. It still produces new leaves, but they eventually turn brown and fall off. Any suggestions on what I can do to help it?

  129. Just got a little money tree for my apt. Anyone know which part of the home you should put it for feng shui? Thanks!

  130. I bought a money tree for my boyfriend about 8 months ago. For the first few weeks to a month it was fine. Then the leave started turning colors and falling off. It is still growing new leaves but even now 8 months later the leaves are still falling off. Any ideas as to why or what to do to fix it? Thanks!

  131. My money tree is dying? Its lost almost all the leaves. Has little knew growth. The leaves are half way up brown then all the way and fall off. What should I do to prevent in loosing my 1 year old? Thanks

  132. Biggest thing to remember is not to over water. Try giving it a little miracle grow and sunlight ( now the sun isn’t strong yet). Mine did the same after I travel cross-country with it in the winter. I found that during the winter monthes they slow down in growing then flourish once the spring comes.

  133. My money tree is 3 feet tall and has lost almost all leaves over time except at the very top where new leaves are still sprouting. Will trimming the tree down help it to bush out or would that risk killing it?

  134. Hello, I just bought a plant that looks the very same as the one at the top of the page the trunk is the same (twisted), it also has 5 leaves on each branch, but the shop (tesco) said its name was “Dracaena marginata”…anyway, i suppose my question is how do i determine exactly its name…once again looks the very same as the one in the pic above. Also, it came with no detailed card just a kinda wrap around sticker saying “large specimen plant”…Grateful for any suggestions or hints.


  135. Hi Keith.

    I would guess if your tree looks exactly the same as mine, then it must be a Money Tree (or Pachira Aquatica).

    Having searched Google for “Dracaena marginata” I found pages with images of trees that look NOTHING like the Money Tree. And all the photos seem similar to each other, so they can’t ALL be wrong…

    Hope that helps…

  136. No question about it that is a Pachira Aquatica. If you have any questions about how to take care of your plant just read the page, I’m sure it’s gone over every thing, but if not it would be cool to learn something new.

  137. My husband bought me a Money Tree for Easter 08, At first I thought it wasn’t doing well. I have it placed on my kitchen counter facing an always open west window. After about a week I noticed that it wasn’t growing at all. The next day I was having tea and when it was cold I poured some into my plants pot. I find now instead of just watering it I "tea" it. I get new plant growth every week and its growing really well. I hope this little post gives some insite for anymore looking for it.

  138. I have a gorgeous money tree and have had it six months now. She’s a tall beauty, compared to most of yours, about 6 foot.

    My tree now has leaves that go brown and crisp on the ends (bottom leaves that are bigger and older) and leaves that go a yellow, slightly see-through colour. I watered it a lot originally because I read about them growing naturally in swamps, but then read otherwise and cut back. This seems to have helped and I’m keen to try the ice-cube suggestion too.

    I also plan to try misting, as suggested above, to see if that will help the ends of the leaves, which are going brown. I have noticed she keeps her moisture in the pot for a long time though so I probably need to water it even less still. I’m trying not to shock it too much, so more of a gentle transition.  Oh and she’s still got dark brown, damp-looking trunks at the very bottom so def. was over-watering when I got her.

    But yeah in short, some people said the symptoms I have were from over-watering and others said it was due to being dry, so I think it’s a guessing game based on your climate. However, I’ll try the ice-cubes and misting as I said. – I’d be devastated if I killed it!

    By the way, I also get crinkly/curly new leaves, but as someone else commented, that seems to grow out so I wouldn’t worry on that front.

  139. Hi, I have a braided money tree which is getting taller and reached to the ceiling. Would you please tell me how to propagate it. I reall appriciate it.

  140. I have a money tree that has been sitting at my office cubicle for a couple of years, its remarkably healthy!

    I prune the leaves every 3 months or so, just to keep the thing under control. I clip the leaves right at the base of the branch.

    For fun we took these thin green branches and tossed them all in water, and they *all* sprout roots. We gave them to a coworker’s boy scout troop as summer projects.

    My question is this – I have 5 leaves and the stem, with an absolute mass of roots in a cup of water. The leaves are damp, to the point that they start oozing moisture beneath the leaves. I’d like to try and take these and generate a full plant — what’s the proper next step? I have in the past moved a cutting to soil, but the branch never moves to a stem and new branches. Any suggestions on how to proceed?

    Thanks! (Neophyte plant keeper)

  141. My sis n law gave us a pachira aquatica whe we moved to a new place. It was growing really well until summer heat struck us. It was indoor but due to extreme heat, I noticed the plant suddenly looked so dull and lanky. I thought it needed air to breathe so I moved it outside, and the more it was damaged. I moved it back indoor when I saw the leaves turning yellowish and falling and gave it a generous drink. I used to water it everyday generously, till I noticed one of the bark is dying. It started from the topmost til it has gone down. It is so soft and hollow to touch. Then I stopped watering it, waiting til the soil is dry to touch. AFter several months, another bark seemed to be affected as well. What’s happening? What have I done wrong? Can I still salvage my pachira tree? Please help….

  142. My Pachira is to great it gorwed to the sealing, is it possible to cut the top of the tree? Please help me.
    Jan Vugts
    The Netherlands

  143. I too live in the UK and am having problems locating this plant. I know Wyevale stock the larger plant, but I want a smaller one I can put in my living room. I did buy a smaller one as a present last year but haven’t found once since. Any suggestions?

  144. My question is..

    do we have to have 5 stems to have a lucky Money Tree? It seems like im not good of Pachira.. my first one, 2 or 3 of the stems died and the rest are growing so healthy.. and i bought a tall and grown and now 2 of the stems are dying.. huhuhu i’m worried if it’s gonna give me bad luck

  145. I have had my money tree for about four years now. It has been finicky over the years, lost leaves and became stick tree then regrew. we moved to our new home last year, and it is in the foyer, and in a larger pot. The tree loves this location. Like other posts my tree over the years has lost it’s stem and has two active stems, yet it is seven feet tall. My husband thought we should try to braid these two stems and now the top has fallen over. His thinking was it is becoming top heavy. I unbraided the stems, and have it proped in the corner. How can I get the stems stronger to support the weight? Are you supposed to braid as it grows? I love this tree and fear cutting or moving it, for fear of losing it. This plant has gone from being a stick to beautiful but too big for it’s own good. any ideas/

  146. how do i prune this money tree? my tree is looking long and skinny,mine may be in a stone pot with no drainage on bottom, do i need to replant this? how often do i fertilize?

  147. I have a pachira Aquatica Money Tree. The leaves have all fallen off except 2 branches. One branch is prefect the other is drying and turning brown. the twisted stalk is also turning brown except for one twisted stalk which is still green.. Help I love my new plant and have had it since Christmas. What can i do to save it? Oh, it’s in it’s original pot.

  148. I have some on my farm in Costa Rica, growing wild in the river, that are pushing 100 feet tall.Not exactly Bonsai material LOL.

  149. WOW Doug!!! Any chance you could send photos? I’d LOVE to see those.

    And, if you could send photos of the environment as well, because I’d like to see if there roots are in water, or are they just close to the river banks, etc…

    Thanks for the comment.

  150. Hello
    I purchased a braided pachira about 6 months ago, and it is doing very well. However, i recently noticed some mushrooms growing from the bottom of the stem. Does anyone have an idea what they may be? I can send photos to anyone who thinks they can help!

  151. I would guess these are just normal toadstools caused by fungus and moisture.

    At least it seems like you’re keeping the tree well watered 🙂

  152. Dear All,
    I have a money tree that has grown to the ceiling. I bought it because of the symbolism of allowing my money to grow. It has now grown to the ceiling and I don’t want to cut it shorter. Is there anything wrong with that? Is it ok to let it grow on the ceiling or could that hurt the plant?

  153. pinch the stem the is growing and it will stop, kinda like if it was a bonsai tree. It wont kill him just stop from growing.

  154. when can i start brading me tree? how do i make the branches thick and strong? braid as i go?

  155. Please help! I just purchased one of these plants a few weeks ago. When I got the plant it looked healthy and green. The tree looked very small for the pot it was in so I replanted it. Since then the leaves all look like they are getting brown and yellow spots on them and drying out. I do not know what to do. If someone can email me that would be great.

  156. Hi everyone. enjoying the site so far. Thought maybe I could add some comments on my 5 year experience with this plant.

    I will first ask my question then mention learning. I would like to know how I can create a shoot where I want it on one of the trunks. I want more stems futher down the trunk to create a fuller and healthier tree. I have learned more stems shooting from a trunk makes that trunk stronger. If anyone knows how to do this please tell. No one seems to want to answer this.

    I have purchased the small, the large and the expensive. I favor the larger braided versions (each trunk 3″ or mor in diameter, tree about 6 ft tall and full). I have killed almost all of them for various reasons. I have learned much.

    First thing is the over watering. Most plants at the mass retailers ridiculously over water. When you get it home there should be a drying out period. If the plants leaves are turning yellow probubly too much water. Make sure the drainage is good. When repotting, I use packing peanuts (styrafome) as a thick layer before I put in the soil. I have done that with all my plants for 20 years or so. I always wait utill the soil is very dry to water. (stick your finger in the soil about 2 inches, you should feel no moisture. Also leaves will begin to curl if the plant gets too dry) Used the ice cube method for about two years now and it works great.

    Smushy Trunks….Once they are, there Gone and that’s that. But you can leave them there dead and usually the other trunks will pick up the slack and grow leaves. You will be the only one who knows it’s dead and if left alone to dry out and get hard they look just fine.

    I found that in my case these trunks died because they were too wet for too long and kept cold from my AC the comes up from the floor of my house. Roots need warmth to live. I destoryed two georgeous ones that way.

    They love bright filtered light. Direct sun will burn them if they are use to the indoors. I do put them out in a mostly shaded area in the summer. They did well.

    So that’s all for now. Hope it helps.

  157. Hi guys!
    I know it’s been well over a year, but I saw a bunch of you asking about braiding your trees.

    You want to start when the plant stalk is still green and hasn’t become woody (rough and brown) yet. You’ll want the stalks planted close to each other, and slowly (as in, over the course of several days, or even months) shape them with copper wire wrapped around them, or twist-ties.

    If the plants are pliable enough, you can start the braid and tie them together at the “top” of the braid before the leaves sprout.

    For a 5-braid, there’s a wiki-how on how to do a 5-strand braid:

    For those with healthy trees down below and squishy dead trunks above, for the tree’s sake, cut off the dead! It can rot and then take the entire tree down with it. (Make sure it’s TRULY dead before removing it, though. If you peel back the bark and it’s white and healthy, please don’t cut it.)

    Also, Faithy, to get more shoots to grow down the trunk, pinch off the upper baby leaves and aim for a little more light. That will usually inspire them 🙂

    That’s my little bit of info.

  158. My first money tree plant responded so well to watering – it grew tall and bushy and green very fast. I thought it must love being watered 2-3 times a week. Then about 6 months later, it died overnight and I was devastated; for such pretty plants, they die a horrible death. My 2nd plant was over-watered by the Home Depot where I bought it – that one died a month or so after I brought it home, it never had a chance. Now I know you need to let the soil dry completely and only give it a little water maybe once a week around the edge of the pot. You must keep the stems dry or they will rot. Now I have a small bonzai’d tree that I bought from a Chinese lady who explained how to care for it – this plant is tiny and knotted, and very old. I keep the soil dry. So far so good. Good luck everyone!

  159. I have heard of your pleasant info. regarding the Pachira’s treatment and care, but one of the main points that is uncleared to me, did any of you had good luck while this plant is in your possessions.
    My question is simply clear , did your financial situation changed to the better?
    thanks. Bayan

  160. I just bought a bonzai size, very healthy looking money tree from Lowes. His name is Agent Cooper, and unfortunately he has those glued in rocks on top and a pot with no drainage hole. I’m going to repot him by the end of the week and see how it goes.

    Great info. on here!!

  161. Bayan:

    I have not been the type to subscribe to the idea of the Pacheria bringing me money. I suppose it got it’s name “Money Tree” from the first Asian Nursery to sell these plants to the USA? I’m Jus Sayin!

    But I would love to hear from those who know the Old Proverb of the Story. Then again i can’t get a strait answer from most about it origins….So maybe it’s like Sweetheart Day invented by Safeway Stores to sell more flowers…hehe Gotta love capitalism.

  162. I don’t REALLY believe in the whole “money tree bringing in money” philosophy, but I must admit, my money tree initially counted for most of this site’s popularity, and therefore success regarding income from this website.

    So, coincidence, you decide 🙂

  163. Help. Just received a money tree & it was left outside. Leaves were very droopy & ended up drying out. I pruned & trimmed the roots. Anything else that can save my tree?

  164. Question: Agent Cooper (my money tree) survived his re-potting and seems to be doing quite well. I noticed that one of his lower branches’ leaves have little black spots on them. It’s only on the 3 leaves of that one particular branch, though. Any idea what that could be? Should I remove that group of leaves?

    Also, any tips for deterring bad cats from trying to eat houseplants?

  165. Hi All – I found this site from a google search for “how to root a money tree”. can anyone give me instructions on how to take a section of my money tree and start a new one?

    My wonderful, beautiful, faithful Pachira has definitely brought me luck!! An earlier posting was asking for anectodal evidence. I bought my Money tree at a Target store 5 years ago and it was a sad little thing with a small briaided trunk and 2 or 3 little leaves. I actually bought 2 trees, and they looked the same. I gave one to my business partner at the time with the happy exclamaition “I bought us money trees!” He was aghast and made a clever joke that obviously the trees know how broke we are. Ha!

    Another earlier post suggested consulting a Feng Shui book – which I did 5 years ago when I brought my plant home, and even using a compass to make sure I had it right, put the tree in the section of the house indicated for prosperity by the Feng Shui guide.

    The rest of the story is my Money Tree is now almost 6 feet tall, it is a huge gargantuan bushy fabulous harbinger of prosperity. In that time: I sold the company to my stinky ex business partner who got greedy, shortly thereafter I was recruited to a great job making double what I was making in my business and remained there for 3 years, then last year was recruited into another even more fabulous job making half-again more than I was earning before.

    My fear is now she is so tall and majestic, she is growing past the top of the sliding glass door she graces – that’s why I was wondering about cutting, rooting, and sharing the wealth with my friends who are constantly asking me for a piece of my Money Tree!!!

    Sorry so long, but I thought this audience would appreciate.

    Advise anxiously awaited and welcomed. 🙂

  166. Wow, thanks MoneyTreeLover, it’s good to hear that you feel you’ve had good fortune with the money tree.

    Now, all we need is an article with everything you’ve learned regarding where to place the tree in your house 😀

  167. Hi all.
    Ive owned my braided money tree for about 8 months now. it travels with me between SW VA (blacksburg) and NOVA. the trunk is about a5/6 inch braid consisting of 5 branchs. One of the trunks was killed by the tightly tied string from Kroger, but it actually sprouted another living stem below where it died. I water mine about 2-3 times a week and it grows like crazy. Right now alone I have 5 new leaves growing. From reading all of this I am afraid that I over water, but seeing as my tree is very happy and healthy I am going to keep on the same routine. I never mist my leaves, and have only repotted it once since I got it. I plant mine in a mixture of cactus soil (high drainage) and sphagnum moss. It loves it.

    My only question is about braiding and pruning. My tree like I said has about a 6 inch brown braided trunk with 5 green stems coming out, they are all about 8 inches and have a ton of branches coming out off them. Should I be braiding my tree as it grows or is it better for me to just let it grow wild. I have never pruned the tree because I like a lot of leaves on it, but if I am supposed to keep braiding it I will definatly have to do some pruning. If anyone is experianced at this all advice would be much appreciated! thanks.

  168. I pruned mine again after the leaves and stems fell off, then they re-grew. Try to twist the main trunk as it grows, smallers shoots will grow out from the main trunk and upper branches

  169. Does the plant base always grow in the braided fashion? or do you need to tie it together to get it to grow that way?

  170. We have just purchased a Money Tree and need to know if this little beauty could have any toxic poison effects on our cats.
    Thanks, someone, for your help!

  171. I don’t own a cat, but I would LOVE to know why so many people search for the answer to this question.

    Do cats often chew trees or something? What makes you nervous enough to ask this? Believe me when I say a LOT of people are asking Google this question.

  172. was wondering why my leaves on my money tree are limp. They are green and healthy but for two weeks now they remain limp and dont get sturdy. By now they should be stronger

  173. Hey Kara, Kinda seems to me the answer to your question about pruning/braiding is that it’s a personal preference thing. I haven’t owned my pachira very long, but if you like your’s the way it is, that’s cool. If you notice it’s starting to look like a weeping willow tree, with the branches bending downward, you may change your mind and decide to prune and braid it.

  174. Greg – says that “Wilting is a natural response to water stress.” It goes on to say that if the soil is dry, water it, and if it’s moist, don’t. Duh. But the website suggests you check the soil and/or drainage holes. My thoughts: Was the water maybe too cold or too warm at one watering? Also, … Root rot is slow to see on the surface, so you definately want to check it out. If your plant is a “Soggy Bottom Boy” (apologies to “Oh, Brother, Where Art Thou”), get drastic! Lay it on it’s side outside of the pot to let the soil dry out. Use your fingers to loosen up the soil. You may want to even remove all the soil from the roots and repot it in brand new soil. I’m a new Pachira owner but a long-time plant lover. It sounds like this plant would like really well-draining soil (e.g. sandy) with thorough waterings. I personally like clay pots with a layer of broken clay pot in the bottom. Fast drainage, good air circulation.

  175. Hi James,

    Yeah, ha ha… Cats still love to “kill” and eat things. Plants are handy victims. Then, according to, Pachira is non-toxic to pets, but eating it may cause vomiting or diahhrea, just as grass might.

  176. Hi, we have a money tree and it is doing okay. But, there are shoots coming out of the bottom of the tree. With these shoots coming out, I think that they leaves at the top are dying. Are we supposed to take off the new shoots at the bottom, so more shoots can grow at the top? Help, please!

  177. These plants would be trees out in Nature. They want to grow, grow, grow! My guess is that your plant is getting pot-bound. The roots are filling the pot and choking. Hence, the leaves are dying off, too. Perhaps the new little leaves are from new roots that found a little space to grow in the maze of roots in the pot.

    You have two choices. Well, three, if you count doing nothing. You can (1), repot the plant into a bigger pot. This will give all the roots more room to grow, and the top should get new leaves to replace the old. It’s recommended to go only to a slightly bigger pot, not a huge jump in size.

    (2), if you want to keep the plant the size that it is, you can take the plant out of the pot and prune the roots. Yes, I wrote, prune the roots. Not many people do this, because it seems “dangerous”, but after a period of adjustment, the plant will grow new leaves to replace the old.

    The little guys at the bottom can stay or go, depending on whether you want a neat tree-look or not. Blessings to you!

  178. Some people are saying “my leaves were browning. I started watering more and the problem was solved.”

    Others are saying “my leaves were browning and falling off. I started watering only when the soil was dry and the problem was solved.”

    Too much water is bad, too little is bad.

    The Pachira likes to dry out between waterings.. but not too dry. You need to check on it every few days. I went away on vacation for a week and a half and my 1 year old Pachira had some brown / yellowing leaves for the first time. The soil was very dry and the newest growth points were droopy. I watered it and the plant perked back up. The leaves that went beige / brown will not recover. Those spots are dead. That is why you need to consistantly check the plant for moisture. if every couple of weeks you are letting a couple leaves die, your plant will look very sparse, and grow slower because there is less leaf area to absorbe sunlight.

    Mine is growing much slower during the winter months. It is infront of a south facing window, but the shades are drawn most of the time. It doesn’t seem to mind the small amount of light, it just grows slower. If yours is growing slowly because of a similar situation, remember, when the soil gets dry, water with a little less water so the soil doesn’t stay wet for too long. Aim to have the plant dry up once a week. If it is taking longer than this, you are adding too much water, the pot is too big, or the soil isnt draining well enough. If the pot is drying out with a 2 -4 days, increase the water added each watering, and in a few weeks if it starts drying out again within 2-4 days, move to a bigger pot.

    Most people are used to a plant wilting, and looking ‘limp’ when its time to water. Pachira plants don’t show this sign as obviously. stick your finger in the dirt to check!

  179. My pachira plant is doing better. It went through a time where it lost quite a few leaves, but it bounced back. I think I overwatered it. I am now watering it at the base, and letting it drink the water that way. Thanks for the tips….

  180. my wife was given a Money Tree and it hasn’t grown much if at all. There is one trunk w/green top with leaves, the rest are brown. I was going to transplant it for her but, am I too late? What can I do to save the tree, if anything?

  181. i had my money tree now for only a few weeks, and since i got it home i noticed some white spots located on the leaves, i read that i should maybe change my soil, but i was also wondering what those spots actually were like disease or signs of death? Also do i prune these leaves with the white spots? Or will the leaves heal themselves? Thank you for everyone’s help?

  182. I have had 2 of these trees for about 2 years now. I have them in my office. If your plant is getting to large or you would like more new growth this is what I do… Cut the branches off (at the base of the branch)that are to large or off the top if you feel your plant is getting to tall and place them in water. What I have done is to take a 2 liter soda bottle and cut off the top about 4 inches from the cap. Take the section you cut off and flip it upside down into the bottom section of the bottle(remove cap first) and fill with water. Then take the branches you cut off and place them into the soda bottle. If you have any root grow this will help them to grow faster. In a few weeks you should start to see roots growing from the bottom of the branches. I tend to leave them in the water until the roots are 4-8 inches long. Then you can replant them in with your old plant or start a new one. you can braid these plants together but make sure to be careful not to break the roots while doing so. I have started 5 new plants this way that are all doing great.

  183. Wow, GREAT information Liz, exactly what a LOT of people were looking for.

    I’m going to have to compile all this information into an easy to read PDF because it is scattered all over the comments here.

    Thanks to everybody who has contributed, and if you’ve learnt anything new since you left a comment, just click “Reply” and let me know what I can add/learn from you 😀

  184. I’ve had flies in my pachira before. I find that if there’s any mulch or leaves on the top of the soil, it gets flies. Also if it stays too wet. So if I find it has flies, I let it dry out a little more than usual and make sure there’s no leaves or anything on the surface of the soil. Then the flies go right away.

  185. Great info. I’ve had a small pachira a. for almost 3 years. Today i went to tie up the stem and broke it. It is just hanging by a thread. Not knowing what to do, I taped it with a band aid…wetting the patch part and sealing that ovet the cut. I’ll give it a few days, but I think I need to do something to root it. Any helpful ideas??? If I take the cut stem off (it broke off at the leaf site) and just put it in water , do you think it will root up? Thanks, meanwhile I’ll see if my band aid cure heals it self…

  186. I have pchira that flowered. also gave some balls that look like avocados. is this normal?

  187. I bought a Pachira tree,but I want to know were to place the tree in my terrace,to north, south,east or west ?

  188. Ikea sell them for about 2.99, small unbraided ones, which i purchased a few weeks ago and its already growing fast. Probably because ikea dont water anything and it liked the dry spell. coool plant

  189. Hello! I have had a money tree for about a year now, and it was growing and growing. Well, tonight I watered it and noticed that ants had totally taken over the soil and were eating the trunks. It still has alot of beautiful leaves and branches. Can I somehow take some of the lively branches and repot them? Do they need to sit in water to grow roots or just plant them in soil? I am devastated that this has happened. I usually kill all plants somehow, and this one was growing so beautifully! PLEASE help if you can! I would love to salvage some of it! Thank you!

  190. I have a definite ant problem at home, and they always start to attack the new branches/shoots once spring arrives.

    I noticed them the other day, and I just sprayed the tree/leaves where the ants were with poison. It seems to have done the job for now.

    And, regarding re-potting, don’t put it in water, put it in soil that is well watered. Good luck!

  191. Thank you so much for the quick response! I will repot the branches I have left. Do you think they will grow roots? The ants totally destroyed the trunks of the original tree! 🙁 I just cannot believe they did so much damage in so little time! 🙁

  192. Ahhh, I thought you meant repot the trunk.

    I’m not sure if the branches will grow roots or not.I think that’s a VERY tricky thing to get right.

    Let us know how it goes.

  193. I have 2 healthy green growing money tress has little money trees growing in the bottom part of the trunk..look like branches with 5 leaves then split and another stem with 5 leaves growing.. if i cut from main tree what do i do to replant little ones,,do i put in water for roots to grow,or do i put in soil?how do i procreate from these babies?THKS in advance

  194. Hello,
    Help! I just bought a small money tree. It is planted in a clear container with clay pebbles, without soil (hydroculture). The instructions were to fill the container with water once all the water is gone. I found the base of one of the trunks with mold and the trunk is soft. Did I lose that trunk or can I still save it?
    What can I do?

  195. I have a Pachira aquatica plant. I live in Florida. Due to the warm weather, I keep it outside on the lanai. It’s doing beautifully! But I checked it today and a lot of the leaves, especially the new growth on top are being completely eaten clean by SOMETHING! What….I don’t know. There are little tiny black balls on some of the leaves. I’m assuming they’re feces…but maybe they’re egg sacs. Does anybody know what kind of bug/caterpillar eats Money Plants? Help!

  196. I brought a pachira aquatica plant about a month ago but the leaves are starting to go all curly and a leaf fell off earlier, and they’re not as green as they used to be some are starting to go yellow. i dont no whether to give it more water, the instructions were to water it sparingly so i only water it when the soil dries out. its kept by the window as thats the only place it will really get any sunlight in my room.
    I really done want it to die…can someone please help??

  197. I bought a money tree about a month ago. It is a small one, about 12 inch tall. Recently, leaves on one branch starting to curl up and become droopy. What does this mean? Too much water? I was watering it her every other day.

  198. My husband and I are renting a house, and the previous renter left us a beutiful “money tree”. Honestly, it is the ONLY plant I have yet to kill (my Christmas Catus is almost gone, and theyre supposed to be rediculously easy to care for lol!).
    I want to re-pot my tree so I can get more height to it. About what is average height per size of pot? Right now its in a pretty small one. I would like the height to get roughly 1 1/2- 2 feet. As of now, no matter how often I clip, the height growth seems stunted and I believe we might be getting to the point of it being root bound in the current pot.
    Another question, and it might be odd, but does anyone know how well this would fair as a tree in a gecko terrarium? I am in love with geckos, and will be getting a crested again very soon. They love vertical climbs and jumps, and the money tree (actually, there are 4 trunks, so I should say trees) look perfect for a forest for my geckos. I think my main concern is how well it would do with gecko waste? Maybe it would be a good fert, but thought I would ask!

  199. Tino707
    Only water when the soil is completely dry. If your not completely sure stick your finger down in the soil about a inch, be sure to have the tree in a pot with a hole in the bottom…that way it drains well and be sure to put it in indirect light…hope this helps

  200. My money tree had really yellowish leaves near the top with brown spots (a fungus?) and green leaves near the bottom when I bought it. Now the only leaves left are the yellow clusters, and a new set that is green, but paper thin and limp. What is wrong?

  201. Received my plant as a gift. It came in a furniture friendly pot with no holes in the bottom, and has the rocks glued together on the top of the soil, so there is no way to check the dampness. Sooo, do I repot in a different pot? Do I just water sparingly once a week and watch the leaves and hope for the best? I love the looks of this and don’t want to kill it! Should I get a water meter and make a little hole in the rock cover to check it?

  202. I had a plant for 10 yrs than managed to kill it by over watering it one day. Got a new one . Poled holes into the rock cover and water it with avout 1 in. water avery 7-10 days. it gets medium light and is growing like crazy. Here is to 10 more years! Also I don’t fertilze it since I was told it could burn the roots.

  203. Thanks Carol. One other question. As you had one for 10 years you may have the answer. How often do you get a new pot and new soil for these?

  204. Judy, I would try to remove that glued rock mess completely. It can’t be healthy for the plant. The best way to judge when to repot is the length of time it takes for the soil to dry up. About once a week is a good amount. If it needs watering every two or three days, it’s time to get a bigger pot. I find the leaves of this type of plant don’t seem to wilt or droop to tell you they need water or are too wet.. so be careful. I always just stick my finger in the soil, and if it’s dry or almost dry I water. Don’t let it dry up too much, but don’t water if it’s damp. If the pot is a little too big, don’t soak the soil either. I had mine for about a year before I put it in a bigger pot, and it took a good 6 months for it to get happy again and start putting on new growth instead of just losing leaves. I think I put it in too big a pot and it needed to grow into it to be happy. The location I have it in doesn’t get the best light, so it probably would have recovered quicker with better conditions. I fertilize once every 2 or 3 months with a 1/4 strength solution. If you have any more questions let me know!

  205. Thanks!One more question. When I received this (about two weeks ago) it had two leaves that were turning yellow. They were the lowest on the plant and were about medium in size compared to the rest.The other three on that stem were okay. I clipped the two off. What does it mean when they turn yellow? Too much water? Not enough? Or just damage that happened in shipping to the store? My husband brought this home after a couple years trying orchids. His idea. But I think the little house is too dark or too dry or something. Nothing I did, even after talking to a lady at the plant store that had about 30 of them, worked. All four that I had eventually lost all leaves and died. sigh. My African violets just all hang in there for years! So as this little plant was a gift from him, and I love it, I don’t want to be making any mistakes with it. It is in a south east kitchen window with a white, light weight, curtain. We live in WA state.

  206. Yea, mine sometimes get the bottom leaves yellow and fall off. Just dont mess around with it too much and dont worry if a couple leaves fall off here and there. Don’t over water, and dont under water.. If you think the air is too dry, you can mist with a spray bottle every couple of days. I do that to mine because the winter months are super dry. If possible, open up that curtain so that the plant can get as much light as possible. Mine was losing alot of leaves when winter started, so I put it closer to the window and left the blinds open all day. That helped, and the misting helped too.

  207. My money plant is over 12 ft high!!! I have had it for a little over 9 years!!! It’s to the point now however that the tips of the leaves are turning brown, and leaves are slowly falling!! I am SOOO SAD!!!! I don’t know what to do!!! For the past 9 years or so, I’ve watered it only once a week. No, I’m afraid, it has been overwatered, and the roots are rotting, but I’m too scared to check!! I don’t want it die!! I truly BELIEVE it has brought me good luck through out the years!!! Please HELP if you can!!!!! Thank you!!!!

  208. Hi. I bought my tree from IKEA about four months ago. It’s grown so much since then. Holy crap. It’s got so much new leaf growth and the trunk has grown a few inches too. I’ve have to braid the top of the trunk a couple of times since then. I have it in a bigger pot than it came in and have it in a south facing window, so it gets lots of sun. My fiance says it’ll take over our apartment, since it’s growing so much.

  209. Touch wood Steve, this is a good sign of fortune coming your way,
    My Pashira is not growing and all the leaves are down only sticks standing and my financial situation the same. well, I think their is a tie some where with fortune and Pashira

  210. Hi all..I am worried about my plant…when we first got it, she was just a little thing. Now she is about 2 ft. tall. For awhile she flourished with leaves and branches while sitting next to our bed with afternoon sunlight through the blinds. Then all of the sudden the leaves died and the stems dried out…We moved into a room with more sunlight and now 3 months later is seems that two of the 5 braided trunks are growing new foliage at the base! the other trunks may seem a little squishier than the others and the bark comes off pretty easily…How do I get the leaves to grow at the top again and can i cut the trunk down because the top is dried out and dead?? Is it salvageable? Can you revive the rest of the rotting trunks if they are indeed rotting?

  211. Hopefully I can be of some help here. I have owned money trees for the past 12 years. I have 16 beautiful plants throughout my home ranging from 3-7 feet. These plants are truly easy to care for. The thing to keep in mind is that these plants are not like other house plants and the biggest thing to remember is that they do NOT require as much water as most of the other plants we keep in our home. The most common mistake people make is over watering this plant. Believe me when I say that it is much easier to overwater than underwater. I read other posts that say to water once a week but this is not always true. A lot has to do with the size pot the plant is in. There have been times that some of my plants have gone a month without watering. This dry period has been good for them. They are in the same family as cacti. As many others have said “let plant dry completely before watering again. If you notice yellowing leaves and your soil is wet, let the soil dry and see if that help. You can easily determine the problem with your plants. Yellow leaves that fall off usually means root rot (overwater). Leaves start to grow in crinkly looking or leaves are drooping (underwater). Don’t get me wrong, yellowing leaves could mean some other type of disease but these plants are not very disease prone. Make sure to prune the leave and stems. It will help the plant grow. Just clip off the tops of the stems. It really doesn’t matter where you cut on the plant. They will send out new shoots. When I say stem I do not mean the leaf stem but the main branch/trunk of the plant. If you have a money tree with five main trunks that were braided then you have 5 stems in which you can cut from. Just cut from the top. There is conflicting evidence that if you place cuttings in water, they will grow. I personally do not believe this theory. These plants are not easily rooted in water. Someone mentioned using miracle grow potting soil. This really is the best potting soil mixture for this plant. The main ingredient in the formula is peat moss. This is VERY draining soil. These plants require well drained soil. Stay away from soils that contain dirt (soils that get muddy). Back to cuttings. If you want to grow cuttings into new plants, make sure the cutting has at least 2 leaf nodes on it. I typically try to wait a couple years until the plant is large enough to propagate. Fill a small pot with soil. People say use a 6 in pot but I prefer to use smaller since smaller pots tend to lessen the chance of root rot when the plant starts to grow roots. When you use larger pots on smaller plants, there are not enough roots to suck up the water in the pot. This is how root rot tends to happen. Make a hole for the cutting in the soil before you cut the plant. You will be using rooting hormone and you want Cut stem on a 45 degree angle. Dip the end of the cutting (where you cut) in rooting hormone then place in hole and with your fingers, fill in hole by pushing down on soil. Please make sure to wear gloves when using rooting hormone. Make sure to push down on soil to remove any air pockets. One more thing, the little flies you guys are seeing are fungus gnats. They feed on and lay their eggs in decaying matter. They are not harmful and will not harm your plants. If you want to get rid of them, do not water your plants for a while (until they dry up) and only water them when fully dry. I hope this helps some of you.

  212. ABSOLUTELY FANTASTIC advice. Thank you SO much for writing this out.

    And, it definitely seems like it’s coming from someone with proper “hands on experience”.

    My Money Tree is still thriving, and it’s been amazing to see how hardy it is. Like you mentioned, it can go a few weeks without watering, and yet if I water it twice a week for a while, it still survives. I’m guessing this is because the soil drains very well.

    Thanks again. One day I will compile all of this into an ebook on looking after Money Trees, and your help will be the corner stone. 🙂 Thanks again Tina!

  213. I am very sad , I lost my Pashira tree, the roots gets rotten and too many flies and ants were surrounding it. I am desperate, I don’t know what to do , it was a gift brought from abroad by a friend , Pashira plant is not available in Lebanon and I can’t afford to order one, it is very expensive. I feel as if someone close is dead.

  214. So awhile back I posted about my tree…ant issues…etc. I just wanted to update… I left the good branches in a jar of water for nearly a year. They didwell, continued to sprout new growth and also sprouted roots! A couple months ago I planted them in soil with lots of small rocks for drainage. It has been doing amazing! It looks great and continues to grow! Anyway, I just wanted to share the info in case anyone else had a similar issue. The branches CAN sprout roots!! I was so excited that it continues to live on! Now I just wonder if it would be possible to rebraid it? I am afraid to try it because I don’t want to break it!

  215. I have a 5 yr old money tree that is VERY tall and all the leaves are situated at the top of the branches. I have had to tie it to an anchor to hold it upright because it’s so top heavy. Is it possible to prune is back near the base and get new growth? It’s not very pretty in its current state.

  216. Hi, my 4 foot tall 3 trunk braced money tree is now in bad shape. 2 of the 3 trunks are soft and most of the upper part of those 2 trunks are a tan color and dried out. please tell me what to do? I’m thinking of cutting the dried out growth and removing it. will the soft stems come back? the third stem appears very healthy with lots of new growth.
    thanks for your suggestions.

  217. Beth, I assume what you’re asking is if you cut the branches very low on the plant will it grow new leaves from where you cut it so there isn’t growth only at the top? I have never done this with all my plants in the house. I can’t say that it wouldn’t since you can cut just about anywhere on this plant and new growth will start. I would only be afraid that the stems of your plant may be pretty thick on the bottom. My suggestion would be to cut as low as you can where the stems (branches) are still not too thick. I would not go too low. Maybe half way? When you say very tall, how tall is it?

    Rudy, you have a case of root rot. You need to remove the two bad plants before the third becomes infected. Just as stated in many posts above, this is caused by over watering. The single plant should do fine as long as you allow the soil to dry in between waterings. And to answer your question no, the soft branches will not grow back. They are dead. The plant has rotted.

  218. Just a note that I learnt while looking after roses. The leaves help a plant draw up water and if you remove all the leaves, it might struggle a little. So, I’m not sure if you want to cut off below ALL the leaves.

  219. My MIL gave me two 5-trunk braided money trees today. They’re both about 10″ tall. One of them has a dead trunk. Should I try to carefully remove it or just leave it?
    And it looks like at some point, somebody sliced all the trunks straight across the tops and banded them together with twist-ties-for-plants. The trunks died above where the topmost branch sprouted. They’ve all grown branches that are growing up above the cut trunks. Should these branches take the places of the trunks and be braided? What would happen if I take the twist-ties off, will the braids come apart?
    My MIL also mentioned the trees need to stay near each other, that they’re “happier” that way, they “talk to each other.” Any truth to that? (She’s got some weird ideas about some things, btw.)

  220. Peggy, as far as the dead branch/trunk goes you can try to cut it down to the soil. If it’s been braided for a while, you may have some trouble separating it from the others. This is easier to do when these plants are very young and their trunks are thin. As far as the other plant, you can cut a pachira just about anywhere and sprout new growth. The thing with this plant is that the trunks are the branches originally until you decide to prune it where it will send out new branches. It seems that whomever grew this plant decided to cut through hardwood instead of softwood. Depending on how long it has been braided you can definitely remove the ties. They are just there to support the plant in remaining braided. The ties where most likely there before the plant was cut. It’s near impossible to braid hardwood. The braiding is usually done while the branches are still green. Hope this info helps.

  221. I just read what I posted. I want to clarify something. I said the ties are there to help the plant remain braided but they are just temporary until the plant becomes hardwood and holds itself. Sorry about that. I didn’t mean that if you removed the ties it would unbraid.

  222. I got mine from lowes, It is dead now, the pot had no drain holes, and it died from root rot.

  223. I have a 9 yr old money tree, lives in my office and has survived on only flourescent lighting. I came in to work today and the strongest stalk was broken. I trimmed it and immediately put it in water, but will it re-sprout? Thanks everyone.

  224. I got one of these plants a month ago. It is sitting on my desk at work.
    I have been noticing a lot of new growth, and one of the new branches displays SIX leaves instead of 5. I’m wondering if this is good luck, like a four leaf clover? Or is it just a mystery of nature?

  225. Dani, I can tell you from my personal experience that 6 leaves are fairly common. It has happened to several of my plants now and then. Pachiras are actually known to grow 5-6 leaves. They can even grow up to 7 leaves. 7 leaves means “VERY good luck/fortune”. Your tree seems to be thriving. Good job. Just PLEASE make sure not to overwater! This happens to MANY plants when people are not experienced at growing them.

    Jen, take the cutting, get some rooting hormone, trim the end off, dip the end in water and then the rooting hormone. Shake off the excess and plant in a well draining potting soil (Miracle Grow Potting Mix). It will take a while to root and it may not even happen but it is worth a try. Pachira’s do not normally root in water. If it does, you will be very lucky. Just remember that they will normally take weeks to root so do not get discouraged unless the plant completely dries up and dies. Even if some of the leaves fall off chances are it’ll still take.

  226. Jen, I reread your post. I’m a little confused by your question. Where did the plant break? Will what resprout? What you put in water or what was left of the plant? You can cut a Pachira almost anywhere and it’ll grow back. Not like before but it’ll sprout new branches.

  227. Tina- my plant was down to one trunk and the main branch off that trunk broke. It’s been in water every since. I will get some rooting hormone and try the method you described above. While it’s surviving in the water, it’s not continuing to grow.

    Thank you!

  228. Jen, I’m still confused. Did you take the plant out of it’s pot and put in water? Or did you put the part that broke off in water? What happened to the plants roots? Also, plants will usually stay alive for quite some time in water.

  229. Sorry I wasn’t clear at all was I? The plant is still in it’s pot and growing. The branch that broke off was placed in water, but I will do as you suggested and use rooting hormone and plant it ina second pot.

  230. Tina… I had the same thing happen to mine about a year ago. I didn’t know what to do with my plant so I stuck the broken branches into a jar of water. Sure enough, about 6 months later it had grown roots and I was able to replant my branches. It has been about 3 months since I’ve replanted it and it is doing great! So yes, it CAN grow roots in water. I don’t know if it is the correct or even best way to do so, but it definitely worked for me! Good luck to you!! 🙂

  231. While you do have a chance to root cuttings in water, that chance is very minimal. Most plants will rot before they have a chance to root. If you do want to attempt rooting your cuttings in water I would recommend changing the water daily and using distilled water. Tap water can contain chlorine, heavy metals and bacteria. You stand a better chance at rooting any plant using distilled water. Also once the plant roots, I would recommend adding a small amount of liquid fertilizer to the water. I fertilize my established plants 2 times a month. More if they are kept outside. Hope this helps 🙂

  232. Hi,
    I bought two money plants/trees from Home Depot. I was wondering how to continue the braid for a healthy growing plant. If found out online to braid the main trunks after they grow a few inches above the tree and to trim the leaves growing off of that trunk. Problem…the main trunks have all been cut and the leaves are growing out of the side shoots off the main trunk. Does this mean that my cute little plant will always stay this size or will it grow out of control since it has been cut this way. Any ideas on how to care for the milions of shoots coming out of the top if in case this guy will continue to grow taller? I don’t mind it staying small, but if it grows, I can’t really braid it now so I’m a tad worried it will be all over the place. I hope this makes sense. These plants/trees are very small…maybe 8 inches tall.

  233. hi there. I have had one of these for about a year and it is doing really well. It about 4 feet tall and in a small pot, do they need repotting to a larger pot? And also wondering if anyone could advise me about what to do as it has sprouted some shoots on the lower part of the trunk. would these be suitable to remove and pot and how would you go about doing this? Many thanks. sophie.

  234. Help! I seem to have overwatered my money tree and it’s starting to sag! Is there a way I can salvage it before it starts to rot as some have suggested will happen with overwatering.

  235. My money plant was flourishing. Now some of the leaves have yellow and brown spots. They feel a bit sticky. HELP I have a lifelong black thumb.

  236. Today, after pinching off all the yellow and brown spotted sticky leaves, I notices another new development. There were tiny, clear droplets along some of the stems and on some leaves. The substance feels sticky. Is there any help for my beautiful plant?

  237. I have a Money tree that i got early this summer. it is a 5 braid, and about 12in. high. it was doing fine, but not growing. the leaves turn a light- yellow, falls off, and new ones appear. my question is, one of the braided trunk were soft, and just came out of the ground. i followed another branch that had nothing on top, and that came right out of the ground as well. so now it went from a 5 braid to a 3 braid, but now another one wants to come out of the ground. what do i do????????!!!!!

  238. same issue as joyce above – 5 braid now reduced to 3 (2 were completely limp and dried out, came right out of soil). remaining 3 are thriving, no problems with foliage. would it be suggested to salvage the healthy stems by repotting them? (to prevent the rot from spreading?)

  239. I received a small (probably from Target) pachira for my birthday nearly 5 years ago. It must have liked our family room, because it grew to over 6 feet tall over the years.

    A little too late, I learned that they do NOT like to be watered frequently, because they are native to the desert. Once I started letting the soil dry out completely between waterings, it got less leggy, and did much better.

    Don’t be too concerned about the braiding. just take your time as you braid, and the branches will do fine. A well braided plant will have more stability, and, as it gets larger, will be much easier to turn for even sunlight.

    We are currently dealing with a quandary, though. We put the tree outside for the summer. After a time of acclimation, it decided that it loves it out there, and has flourished. Unfortunately, we live in MN, and the plant’s love affair with the great outdoors will end badly, with the first hard frost.

    We’ve decided to cut it back, and, for insurance, try to root a cutting or two. Then comes the big plastic bag to catch and kill any bugs that have decided to take up residence, before we bring it indoors with all the other plants.

    Wish us luck!

    Remember, your pachira likes some light, regular but not excessive water, and infrequent repotting, even as it grows.

  240. pls can u help me about my money plant is going dieing pls all of you help me my plant i dont now why my lives all is falling down and he is not growing up new lives so tell me what can i do i am puting water every 15 day only little but still not good so kindly its is heardly request tell me what can i do this is third plant i buy same problem going dieing thanks pls reply me all brother and sister

  241. Need advice please. I have a 5′ Money Tree that just these past few months, the leaves are turning brown on the tips. Please with new growth, but even those leaves are curling and turning brown. Just today noticed yellowing as well, but recall that is typical for the cooler months here in SW PA. Bought this at a box box home improvement store and has done well for the past two years. For the first time I took the plant outside for sunshine for a few days. Not longer after that I noticed the brown leaves. Assumed too much sun, but not so sure now that new growth is displaying same symptoms.

    I repotted the tree this year. Seemed to adjust well until I took it outside. I only water it when the soil is dry. Sometimes think I wait too long. However, nothing different from last year.

    Seemed that the tree was getting new growth on the top and wanting to promote growth elsewhere I trimmed on of the stalks. (Leaves already brown) Doesn’t seem to have harmed the tree and seeing new growth.

    Really want to save this tree. Any advice for the brown tips is appreciated. Feel that I should move the tree where it was last year, further away from direct sunlight and aware from the furnace air duct.

    Any thoughts? Friend thought I should fertilize???

  242. I finally took charge of my plant and took out the dead roots. I totally over-watered my beautiful plant. So sad! But I’m happy I can save at least two braids out of five! Now I need to know what to do with the two I’ve saved. The roots are wet. Should I let them dry out a bit? In the sun? From what I’ve read, it seems I should put rocks at the bottom of the pot and mix in sand with the soil. Any other suggestions?

  243. I have a 6′ money tree….it’s not doing that good. Does anyone know why it has little droplets of sticky stuff on the bottom of the leaves and on the branches. Please help if you can…..I have tried googling this but I can’t seem to find what it is. PLEASE HELP…SO I CAN HELP MY MONEY TREE!! Thank you…

  244. I have the same issue with my plnts as Ellen describe: My money plant was flourishing. Now some of the leaves have yellow and brown spots. They feel a bit sticky.
    After pinching off all the yellow and brown spotted sticky leaves, I notices another new development. There were tiny, clear droplets along some of the stems and on some leaves. The substance feels sticky.
    Is there any help for our beautiful plants?

  245. I just received my money tree. The tag on it says that the bulb is used to make paper currency in Taiwan and Japan. It only has three leaves per stem. Is this the same type discussed here? Also, is it toxic to cats?

  246. I have had one of these plants for years and it also came with the glued rocks. I eventually got rid of them and repotted it with new potting soil. The plant has made several moves with me and alternated btwn healthy & thriving and practically dead with no leaves. At one point, I meant to throw it away because it looked just about dead. I put under my deck where I store pots with soil left over and when spring arrived, I went to grab some pots from under the deck and the plant had come back to life and was full of leaves! It wasn’t even in a pot! That was about a year ago and it looks sick again with just 2 small leaves at the top of each long skinny trunk. I’m wondering if I can cut part of the green part of the trunk/stem to encourage growth below.

    There are various insects that produce a clear, sticky liquid known as ‘honeydew’ after sucking large amounts of sap from the plant either on the trunk/stem or the leaves. This would cause the decline of health in the plant. My plant had that at one point too. When you see that honeydew, it’s best to rinse off the whole plant in the shower with a gentle spray. Always check the undersides of the leaves for insects and spray the leaves too, gently while sort of supporting the other side of the leaf while you spray. This will help dislodge the insects. Sometimes they will just look like a teeny white speck of dust but if you had a microscope, you’d see that those specks are actually insects. I used a solution of soapy water in a spray bottle and it worked over time. You can also purchase “insecticidal soap” which is essentially the same thing but stronger & more effective and works on a lot of different insects. You can also buy horticultural oil which is the same thing as neem oil and dilute it according to directions and spray it~ but that would be more for scale insects which just look like a natural part of the wood. Often times, you will see ants too because they like the honeydew. Whatever you use, give it time. I think if there are spots on the leaves it’s probably due to an insect sucking but it could also be sunburn spots. Mine doesn’t seem to like too much heat or bright light~ just move it away from the window.

    I just want to add that these plants really seem to thrive on neglect. I keep mine in the bathroom where there is no natural light and put it in the shower for a thorough watering about once/ month. I let it drain over night and then water it with plant food before I put it back on the shelf and forget about it. The #1 cause for dead houseplants is OVERWATERING! Most plants like to dry out (in about the top 3 inches of soil) betwn waterings.

  248. Hello all,

    I’ve just read through the post and all your comments, phew! Interesting information all the way.

    I got my Pachira 6 months ago, it is thriving, has beautiful thick green leaves and mostly 6-leaf groups all along. I believe the plant is happy, and so am I.

    So far, it was living in its original tiny pot, and I’ve been looking for a bigger replacement pot as I felt it was in need of space to grow. Today, I finally found a large pot worth its beauty so I went ahead with the repotting process. I finished about an hour ago, then found this website.

    After reading the comments, I have only one concern. Basically, I moved from “tiny pot” to “large pot”, and I am now wondering if the jump was not too ambitious? Tina above said that the roots may not be able to absorb all the water in a large pot as efficiently as a in a tiny one… What are your thoughts?

    Also, since I just repotted, would it be better to downgrade immediately to something smaller? I know the back and forth is really not recommended, but I guess it would still be better than let it sit and rot overtime. I will be extra careful with the watering, yet any advice is appreciated. I love my beautiful plant and would regret the move to be its downfall.

    Thanks for any suggestions,


  249. Hector as far as your question goes, transplant your plant into a smaller pot as soon as possible. Too big of a jump up will almost guarantee root rot.When transplanting always go just a step above in size. This plant is overly sensitive to water. You must let it dry out before watering it again. When your plant gets large I highly recommend trimming and combing out to roots with your fingers. These roots grow like trees (in the shape of a ball). This is sometimes the reason a plant will suddenly start to look unhealthy and you can’t find a single reason for it to be that way. Just remember to gradually increase the size of your pot. They do not need as much room as you think. If you have any other questions feel free to ask. I have several of these that I have had for years. I also have a nursery here. These are for sure one of my favorites!

  250. I have a money tree that is about 14 feet tall in my foyer. It has two stalks, but they are not braided, the other stalks died off years ago. The tree is getting so tall, I am worried it will outgrow the space, and I have no other place for it. Can I cut back the largest stalk, and try to reroot it? I am worried this will kill the tree. Has anyone done this before? How would I do this?

  251. Sandy, you can cut the branch of this plant pretty much anywhere and it will grow new growth. As far as propagating from cuttings well that’s not as simple. It is possible but there is not a high success rate for that. It can be done with water or soil. I do not recommend it but if you were to try, make sure you hang onto the old plant in the case the cutting doesn’t take and you end up stuck with nothing. Of the 14 feet, how much has turned to bark and how much is green. I recommend only cutting where it is still green. Once again, this plant is just like a tree where the branches/trunk will eventually be covered in a bark type of material as it grows.

  252. Tina,

    Thank you for your quick reply and advice. I will proceed with the operation today! I instinctively combed out the roots during the repotting process, so that’s a plus 🙂

    I will check this page now and then to keep learning and reading green adventures.

    Happy caring,


  253. Hi guys!
    Just came home with a new friend – Pachira Aquatica and placed it in the living room where it gets enough light in frot of the big window. In Finland sping is just around the corner and we are heading for time when plants get more sun than moonlight! I managed to kill the previous plant – probably because of too much watering and too little light. Unfortunately our winter is not ideal for green leaves!

  254. Amikki, I doubt that sunlight was a factor in killing your plant as these plants do not require a lot of light. People have kept these things in hallways without any direct or indirect light. Don’t worry about that too much. Most important thing is not to overwater and to try to give the plant a little humidity by spraying it daily with a water bottle.

  255. Hi Tina,

    You are probably right – I try my best and let’s see how it goes this time.

  256. About a year ago my husband purchased a small tree for me in a 6pm pot. It is now very full, and getting tall. I’e tried to twist the trunks together and have tied them in place. My question is… Is it too soon to repot? It’s doing so well, I don’t want to harm it! If I do, what size pot and what type soil? What do I need to be careful of? Do I try to keep the rock covering in tact? The pot it is in now has no holes in the bottom and I was told to water with one inch of water once a week. I found a water glass the same width oh the bottom of the pot and use it to measure the water. So far so good. But if I repot, do I look for another one without drain holes and do the same as I have been?
    Appreciate any help! Thank you, in advance.

  257. Judy,

    You should repot your plant at least once a year. Always go one size bigger. You want to make sure there are drain holes on the bottom of your pot since this plant MUST have a well drained soil (I only use Miracle-Gro as it never gets muddy). You want to ditch the rocks on top especially if they are glued.

  258. I just bought a 5′ money tree from an ebay dealer. it came in today and the leaves look VERY healthy. its in a 3gal nursary pot so i think i may need to re pot. but 2 things i am worried about:
    1)The truncks there are 5 of them. almost seem like they are not deep enough in soil. if you imagin the tree in the pot and look where the trunk is emerging from the dirt, all the way up till about 3″ is VERY fat then it imediatly has an indent and is smaller. all of them are like this. could they not be deep enough in the soil?
    2)the braid seems soo loose? is there a way to tighten it?
    ooops i guess i have 1 more ?
    3) the stems are mostly brown. they arnt soft or anything but they are all brown? is this normal?

  259. My husband brought home a braided money tree from a gun and knife show. I expect it was something the vendor was going to throw away but didn’t want to hurt his feelings if he actually paid for it. All of the branches were dead except one. I know there will be no support for this one tree eventually and was wondering what I can do for this “charlie brown tree” to help it be strong and beautiful.

  260. I think I may have killed off my money tree. I had no idea what it was when I bought it and it was doing rather nicely in the conservatory until yesterday when we actually got some sunshine (I’m in the north of the UK, so sunshine in the summer is a bit of a rarity!). Many of its leaves have now gone a very pale white-green colour. Anyhow, I googled it and discovered that it was a swamp-dweller, so I watered it (quite a lot) because the soil was very dry and misted the leaves thinking I was doing it a favour…. Have I killed it? Can I rectify it? And I read on wikipedia that too much direct sunlight can give the leaves sunburn – is this true, and if so, is this what the problem with the leaves is? Will it recover? Any info gratefully received!

  261. I just got a money tree and the pot has no drain hole. Should I re-pot it in a pot with drain holes? If so what kind of soil should I use. Moister control type or what.

  262. I received a Pachira Money Tree (three braided) 3 years ago as a housewarming gift. It was about a foot tall. It had moss and rocks glued over the top of the soil. I got rid of those because they just seemed to be ornamental and of no real value. I put it in a sunny window and it absolutely took off. I have re-potted each spring with MiracleGro Organic Potting mix and in a slightly larger pot each year. Now it is about four feet high and ready to be re-potted again this year. I have the plant leaning against a side table under a sunny window in order to support its massive branches. I have found that watering it once a week or so does the trick, although sometimes I wait longer in between waterings.

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