Homemade Fly Trap

I’ve spoken to many people who’ve wanted to know how to make a homemade fly trap.

Some of them didn’t even realise how easy it was. And, because most people tend to have the ingredients already, it can be cheaper than the cheap fly traps from Builder’s Warehouse or Amazon.com (check out these traps on Amazon, some starting from $4! – Amazon.com Fly Traps).

So, are you curious as to how to make one?

What you need:

Empty 2 litre plastic coke bottle
1.5 cups of water
1 cup of sugar
1 cup of vinegar
+/- 1m of string
Small piece of meat (OPTIONAL)
Serving spoon of Syrup (OPTIONAL)

Are you keen?

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26 Replies to “Homemade Fly Trap”

  1. The fly trap works as is but I noticed that when I added 3 drops of red food coloring to make it bright red, it caught twice as many flies. I even did a side by side test using half of the original mixture in one container and the other half in another with added food coloring. And as mentioned the red one caught twice as many!

  2. I am an embalmer and have occasion to deal with maggot infestations from time to time. We have been taught in Mortuary science class to use Kerosene, next gasoline, either of these petroleum products do the job 100%.

  3. re mr butlers comment. same here, something about it melts the coating off of the maggots. if you have an apprentice and show him this make sure you tell them why and how or youll end up with a cremation instead like we did. he thought that your supposed to inject the kerosene then light it to get rid of them (the maggots).

  4. My fly trap hasn’t caught a single fly since yesterday morning. I even added a little red colour like someone else did, but nothing. What could be wrong?

  5. A couple of questions:

    – Are the flies landing on a better/easier source of food? (Do you have other food lying around that’s easier to get to?)
    – Does it smell bad? Weird question, but flies do tend to get attracted to smells of rotting food I believe. Try putting some raw meat in the trap. And keep far away from your doors/windows 😀

  6. they seem to like the windows, but there’s no food lying around there. I’ll try the piece of meat. thanks

  7. i am getting ready to make the fly trap , but i have no sugar , but plenty of pre mixed powdered koolaid , will that work??

  8. I hate bugs sooo much, me & my brother juss found maggots in our sink (not many just 10 or 11) cause we didnt wash the dishes for a week or so. Is it possible they traveled anywhere else other then my sink ? Could they have gotten in the cabinets ? What percautions should i take ??

  9. does this fly trap HAVE 2 b OUTSIDE even tho i have ALL these flies INSIDE? i haven’t made mine, yet. i won’t b able 2 till Mon. (crazy weekend, here). thank u,

  10. The main reason this fly should be outside is because of the smell. I don’t think you want this anywhere near you. And, the longer it’s there, the more flies there will be, and the more unhealthy it will get.

  11. We live in the country, and we are really getting so my flies here, and we are getting very decused with it. We have treated are yard 2 times already, we have sprayed, and very clean around the house. We like sitting on our pourches , and have are coffee in the morning, or just sitting out there, but we can’t because of all the flies.

  12. For the embalmer, Michael Butler. Thanks, we really needed to hear that. Geezus, buddy, next you’ll be telling people the process of embalming which any professional with any dignity will not touch that subject!! That was disgusting as most people know that STILL have their brain intact, that gasoline and kerosene will kill about anything if ingested!

  13. Hey

    Does one just leave the bottle open with all those ingredients mixed in it together and put it where the flies are the problem???

  14. Yes, you should see there’s a kind of “funnel”. Leave that unblocked and hanging and it will draw the flies in. Mozzies as well it look like. Then, the more that go in and die, the more that WILL go in and die!

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