Get rid of flies and other flying insects – Cedar Wood

Cedar Wood (available on for around $4 here: Amazon Cedar Wood) is a natural, fresh smelling bug repellant. Sounds strange, doesn’t it. Like an Old Wives’ Tale? How about an Old Mother’s tale… My mother brought home little cedar blocks of wood and said that having them around the house would help get rid of flies. My whole family thought it was time to start looking for a home for her.

But it seems to work. Looking around the internet, you’ll see products like Cedar Moth repellant balls and Cedar Fly Repellant blocks. Apparently Cedar has a natural bug repellant in it, which can either kill flies and bugs, or just simply keep them away. And, they can be quite a decoration as well. We tend to put them on a table while eating.

Cedar-Wood-Fly-Repellant-2.jpgPeople have used them in their cupboards for a long time apparently, using them to keep the moths out, and leaving the cupboard smelling forest fresh…

If you’ve also used these, let me know what you think of them. Especially if you’ve noticed if this works for getting rid of flies…

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  1. I have flies all around my apartment. When they are killed the have blood in them. What type of flies are they.

  2. Hi, It is Saturday night ,my son comeback with a friend from fishing and he accidently dropted a whole box of magots on my wooden floor in the corridor. We clean them up and put them back to the box , but few went under my floor. A few houers later I still find them crowling on my floors, but now they are also in the bathroom and few in the kitchen. Should I panic?, remove my wooden floor on the corridor? How much time I have left before they start turning into the flies? Strange that I was finding only red magots, the white ones did not appear later on , do they earlier that red ones terning into the flies? What should I do?Also in the box was some little yellow and brown dots – what was that, is it food for the magots or flies eggs?!! Please help!!! Agnieszka

  3. Hi Agnieszka. From what I’ve seen, the “brown” maggots are the maggots that are about to turn into flies… But I wouldn’t really worry about them. They’ll just fly away 😉 Removing the floor shouldn’t be necessary because it’s not like the maggots are coming from under them. Unless you have something dead under the flors, you should be fine…

    Regarding the dots, I’m not sure about that.

    Let me know how things go.

  4. I live in a cedar home, but every year in the spring I notice flying cedar ants on the window sills, sometimes coming out of the wall. It has been recommended I thoroughly spray each room with RAID, then close every door and window, and leave the house for about 8 hours. Please comment on this solution, or provide another better solution. Please email your comment to me: pwag AT
    Pieter Grobler

  5. I was cleaning a neighbor house and i was washing dishes and she had spaghetti noodles left in a strainer. I picked it up without seeing the magots and i am wanting to know is it possible from them to get in your skin?

  6. judy i am wondering the same thing! My little girl had left something i her little bin in her room and it had maggots in it. I have cleaned them up and remove the bin, but i am wondering could they still be in the house and if so could they get inside your body?

  7. Well, I’m no pro, but I doubt you’ll get maggots into your body. Unless you have open wounds that are rotting, and then they would probably be a good thing 😯

    On a serious note, as long as you’ve cleaned up and taken away a food source, you shouldn’t really have anymore maggots. And after a few days they should turn into flies anyway, and breed at the food source, which you’ve taken away…

    Hope it helps. And don’t forget to subscribe to the newsletter to get rid of those flies 😀

  8. I just wanted to add that I have had some success with maggots in my trash bin, and also, since I’m retired Air Force, I consulted with a pest control company that is owned by a retired Air Force person a few blocks from my home.

    First off, the “Hot Shot Roach and Ant Killer” DOES kill maggots. Not instantly, but give it a few minutes. That was a tip I got from this site.

    Also, the pest control fella recommended the non-toxic fly trap (the one where you put YOUR bait of choice in a jar with some water, and once the flies smell it, they crawl through a small hole in the lid and eventually end up drowning). He also recommeneded a newer product which has been attracting all types of insects almost instantly. Unfortunately, I’ll have to post again tomorrow with the name of that product, since I used the packet that it came in and discarded it in a larger container (as I was cleaning out my two trash bins). Oh yeah, speaking of two trash bins, if you leave your bin open to the hottest heat of the day, it will cook the maggots that try to escape from your bin.

    Will post again tomorrow.

  9. Update to previous post:

    It’s almost exactly 24 hours from the time I re-cleaned the garbage bins applied the stuff I got from the pest control store, and it worked very well!!

    The product I used contains permitheryn (sp?), so that’s probably the main reason it worked. The products I used:

    Hot Shot Roach and Ant Spray (to kill the maggots that were still in the can)

    Max Force Fly Spot Bait (to keep the flys away from the trash bins)- This stuff is a powder that comes in a packet and is mixed with 16 oz. of water in a spray bottle. Its supposed to last for a few months, and I believe it will, cause I didn’t use very much at all yesterday and there is not a single fly anywhere near my trash bins.

    Good Luck everyone, and thanks to the owner of this site. Really informative content you have here.


  10. Thanks for the info Rollo. And for the compliment.

    I’m really glad you found this site useful, and thanks again for contributing to it with your comment.

  11. i have calf that has 2 large open wounds and of course you cant keep the flies off her. well anyways she has all kinds of magot crawling inside of them i flushed them out with salt water which seemed to help for awhile but the are back with a vengance does anyone know how i can get rid of them with out hurting her? please very important

  12. Hi Tina. I’m afraid I personally can’t help you here. My best suggestion would be that you take the calf to the vet to get the wound cleaned and sealed so that it can be covered to prevent flies laying eggs in the wound.

    Maggots tend to eat dead flesh, so the wound must be rotting, so I really would recommend a professional take a look at it.

    Sorry I couldn’t be more helpful. Let me know what happens, if possible…

  13. I had a huge influx of flies pestering my family this holiday and from sheer desperation I phoned a company called Rentokil pest control. They advised me to look in and around my home at what is feeding and harbouring these insects. To my utter disgust, I was inviting the flies into my humble abode through carelessness. They have all sorts of tips etc on their website and also a log that will help you to identify the insects that are bothering you. I hope this helps…

  14. I find that I get flies in my house as soon as I cook meat or fish.And i discovered this great fly swatter that is flexible.And i found out that once you kill a few the rest disappear.I hate those hanging in the ceiling thingys that the flies get stuck to.That is just gross unless youre going to replace daily

  15. I was wondering if maggots can be found on rotten wood, even if there’s no dead animals or rotten meat around? I have littls maggot looking things coming up through the carpet in my bedroom. I’ve been spraying them with bleach and sucking them up with the sweeper, but there’s just so many of them and they keep coming. We’ve only lived here for about a month. If this keeps up then we’ll have to move because I can not live with nasty maggots in my house, especially in our bedroom. Really, how gross is that!

  16. Hi Misty. I wonder if what you’re finding aren’t actually maggots but rather some sort of worm?

    Any chance you have photos of these maggots?

  17. Sorry, I don’t have pictures. I never thought to take any. I’ll try to get some later on and post them. When they’re alive they kinda have a cream/yellowish tint to them with a grey/black end, and when they’re dead they’re brown and kinda look like a grain of rice. I’m really puzzled about what they are/ could be. I could understand if maybe they were in the kitchen because of the trash and food, but not in our bedroom. My step-dad said that if the floor wast rotted then they could be grub worms, but when he looked at them he said they didn’t look like grub worms or your typical maggot. Of course the one’s he seen were dead too, so they had already turned brown. I’m really grossed out about this and it worries me that our animals may pick them up, or what if they spread from the little area they’re in now. It just grosses me out!!!!!!! If I had seen this before we moved in, I would have ran the other way…lol.

  18. Where can i find Cedar Wood??? I have a really big Fly Problem… I need aome thing that is going to help with this as i have used every thing on the market but nothing works…….
    Please tell me where to find this Cedar Wood Fly Repellant Blocks?????

  19. How does the MAXFORCE Fly Spot Bait keep flys out of your house?

    Does it just kill them on contact? OR does it act as a deterrant if you spray it all around your house?


  20. Big black flies appeared in my home this past weekend. It has been very hot and the garbage was not picked up due to holiday. I was out of town.

    Upon return, my son had been home and had done some steak on grill and did not put garbage in outside bin right away. I’ve since corrected this, killed a dozen flies and hope this will subside soon.

  21. For stable flies.
    The male dose not bite. find the broad leaf weed they feed on and get rid of it.
    Every attack point helps reduce the problem.

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