Blue Mountain Lodge in Hazyview, Mpumalanga. WOW!!!

Everybody needs a break from the norm. Even if it’s just relaxing at home.

A few weeks ago it was my birthday and my wife treated me to a holiday in Hazyview, Mpumalanga. It’s near the Kruger National Park for those like me who didn’t know that.

When I say treated, I mean TREATED!

This place is AMAZING!!!

Obviously, you’re getting what you paid for, and it’s not cheap, but it is a 5 star holiday “resort” and I must say, it’s one of the few places I would say that actually deserve that rating!

Brief Intro about the Lodge

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Tidiest Way to Store Plastic Shopping Bags!

Picture it.

You come home from shopping and you have 10 plastic bags filled with groceries.

You unpack your bags, pack away the shopping, BUT, you don’t throw away the plastic shopping bags because you’re supposed to USE them again!

So what do you do with them? Where do you pack the bags? How do you pack them so they are neat and tidy?

I’ll show you how, right here. WITH PHOTOS! πŸ™‚

I’m pretty sure you’ll say to yourself: “Self, why didn’t I think of that?!

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Time for Pruning Roses in South Africa

The cold spells seem to be coming to an end here in South Africa (I HOPE!!!), so it’s that time of year again where most parts of the country can start pruning their roses.

Time for Pruning your Roses

As I mentioned when I spoke about when to prune roses, your aim is to ensure that the new shoots are not destroyed by the frost, so you want to prune near the end of winter.

And, if you are doing the pruning yourself, this is an AWESOME opportunity to listen to an Audiobook.

If you find working in the garden a little boring, passing the time listening to your favourite authors always works for me.

Oh, and if you’re not aware of it, go read the article about rose pruning to get the free little “rose pruning ebook”. Hopefully it can give you a few ideas.

Enjoy, and dress warmly, it’s still pretty chilly πŸ™‚

Audiobooks Let You Read While Sitting In Traffic

If this article sounds like I’m trying to sell you the idea of AudioBooks, that’s because it is! I’ve tried to convince ALL my friends and family to start using Audio Books because I whole heartedly believe in them – please read on to see why…

How many hours a day do you sit in traffic?

Always Stuck In Traffic?!

For the average person, I’m guessing it’s about 1 hour to work, and 1 hour home. That’s about 10 hours a week!

Can you IMAGINE if you had 10 hours a week to read that book you’ve always wanted to read?

No stress while reading and driving

Can you IMAGINE no longer feeling like traffic is a waste of time?!

About 4 years ago I was asked to attend a week-long course that meant I would spend about 4 hours a day sitting in traffic. (For those people living in Johannesburg, I was travelling from Bedfordview to Pretoria during rush hour – ABSOLUTELY PAINFUL!!!).

On Monday evening, I got home and refused to go to bed until I had found a few audiobooks to listen to so that I could at least say that my time spent sitting in traffic was not wasted. And that is how I found the website

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OUTsurance and the HELP@OUT Service

If you’ve scanned this site before, you might know I’m a member of OUTsurance.

The reason for that is because they’re way, WAY cheaper (for me) than ANY other insurance provider in South Africa. I know this because I phoned around for a couple of quotes recently and I ended up moving all my insurance to OUTsurance.

You can read more about that here: “OUTsurance saved me R500 a month

Hassle Free Quotes from OUTsurance Insurance

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Australians are RACIST! Or are they?

I saw this video on the 2OceansVibe blog today, and I just HAD to share it with all of you…

If you’re interested in selling your house, I’m not sure you should specify “NO ASIANS!” in the sales copy. I’m sure that’s illegal all over the world.

But that didn’t stop this chap from doing it:

(email subscribers, don’t forget to visit this link to view the video online: “Australians are RACIST! Or are they?“)

Tell me if that’s not the funniest video you’ve seen in a LONG time! I think my neighbours must think I’m crazy right now, laughing by myself in an empty house. πŸ˜›

Iron Your Clothes or Maggots Could Eat YOU!

In my “Quick Tumble Dryer Tip” I said the following:

This means that pyjamas, underwear, sheets, blankets, socks, etc. do not need to be ironed.

Why would they need to be ironed anyway?

Well, IÒ€ℒve heard MANY horror stories about how flies and other bugs can land on clothes that are hung out to dry, and if they arenÒ€ℒt ironed, may have deposited eggs/larvae that may work their way into your skin! So anything that is hung out to dry must get ironed, in my opinion.

I’m sure a lot of people didn’t believe me, but how about this article on the Daily Mail website:

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Fathers Day 2009 is approaching fast!

Is it just me or is time REALLY flying these days? It’s almost Fathers Day, AGAIN! πŸ™‚

So, just a reminder that Fathers Day in America and South Africa happens to land on the 3rd Sunday in June every year, so this year, it’s on June 21st.

Don’t forget to check out my article on Father’s Day 2009 Gift Ideas. And, PLEASE add any ideas you have in the comments at the bottom. If you just add what you gave (or received) last year, that would be one more idea for the hundreds of other visitors to that article.

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