OUTsurance and the HELP@OUT Service

If you’ve scanned this site before, you might know I’m a member of OUTsurance.

The reason for that is because they’re way, WAY cheaper (for me) than ANY other insurance provider in South Africa. I know this because I phoned around for a couple of quotes recently and I ended up moving all my insurance to OUTsurance.

You can read more about that here: “OUTsurance saved me R500 a month

Hassle Free Quotes from OUTsurance Insurance

As with most people, I am VERY quick to complain (read my Coricraft reviews), but not so quick when it comes to giving good reviews. But today, I just had to write another great review of OUTsurance.

My Plumbing Problem

One of the bathrooms in our house has been starting to smell quite badly. There have been no blockages, and no leaks that I can see.

It was INCREDIBLY frustrating, because the smell did not stay there the entire time, but when it was there, BOY was it strong!

So, obviously, the first thing you think of when your drains are smelling is “call the plumber”.

The second thing you think of is: “HELL no! Not at what they charge!!!”.

Well, from now on, the first thing I will think is, call HELP@OUT from OUTsurance!


That last statement sounds really corny, I know. But here’s a little background about what HELP@OUT actually is (from the OUTsurance website):

Home Assistance applies if you have your Contents or Building cover noted on your Schedule.

You are covered for any of the emergencies listed under What is covered.

The following annual limits apply to each different address noted on your Schedule:

R5000.00 and a maximum of 2 incidents

What is covered (Limit of  Call out + 1 hour of labour):

  • Locksmiths
  • Builders
  • Electricians
  • Glaziers
  • Plumbers
  • Tree fellers
  • Bee keepers

What is covered (Limit of  Call out + 12 hour shift):

  • Security

Notification Services:

  • Notification to the SAPS, Traffic, Ambulance and Fire Brigade Services

Home Gadgets:

  • Referral to service providers for home appliance repairs and services.

(The costs for materials, parts and additional labour are not included)

Why OUTsurance is AWESOME!

So, back to my plumbing problem.

I phoned OUTsurance today at 3:27PM today to say that I needed plumbers to come out and check the smell. I’ve always assumed it was related to a blockage, so that’s what I told them it might be.

At 4:36PM, the plumbers left, after diagnosing the issue (more on the actual cause of the smelly bathroom in another article).

So, in just over an hour after phoning OUTsurance, the plumbers had come and gone. And if you’re aware of traffic in Johannesburg at this time of the day, you KNOW that this is a super-human feat!

What YOU must do NOW!

Like I mention in my article about saving money with OUTsurance, get a quote from them. It will take you around 15 minutes, and you might find out that you qualify for insurance that is a lot cheaper than your current insurance.

If anything, you might get a lower quote, and be able to take that back to your current insurance provider and ask for a lower permium.


So, to get the free (no obligations) quote from OUTsurance, click this link and fill out the form. They’ll phone you back (so that THEY pay for the call):

OUTsurance quote

If you have any comments or if you’ve been through this, please let me know. I’d love to hear if everybody else has also had such a great experience!

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