Glass Jars – Pretty Storage

glass-storage-jar.jpgAnother great looking idea for storing items is Glass Jars. We’re using glass jars from a place called “Consol Glass”, but there are many other Glass Jar suppliers out there.

In my personal opinion, they are a great way of safely storing your rice, sugar, flour etc… AND, if you have open or glass cupboards in your kitchen, you can make these glass storage jars as part of the display. Here’s a list of benefits for using glass jars similar (though probably bigger) to the one in the picture above:

  • Can be sealed to prevent moisture
  • Thanks to the seal, can prevent bugs getting in
  • No more mess trying to close the sugar packet and stuff it back in the cupboard after a refill
  • Can make your kitchen storage solution attractive

glass-storage-jar-2.jpgAnd, a tip that my wife has used to enhance the appeal of using glass jars to store our sugar: Add some colorful sugar to your plain white sugar, possibly in layers, to take away the blandness of your white sugar. You’ve now made art out of sugar for your kitchen shelves… Any other ideas?

2 Replies to “Glass Jars – Pretty Storage”

  1. I really like your wife’s idea of the coloured sugar for decorative effect! And may I add another benefit to storing things in glass jars? – you can see what’s in there!

  2. great idea, also useful for decorative spices (beside your sink, perhaps :D) also can store treats, m&ms work great!

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