Home Channel Tip #6: Keeping your paintings straight

Occasionally I enjoy the Home Channel.

Sometimes it’s a little “girly”, but other times it gives you a little “Useless Knowledge” 😀

Anyway, today I saw this little tip:

Once you’ve hung your painting using the nail you normally use, place a little Prestik behind the picture frame and stick it to the wall.

The nail will support the picture, the Prestik will prevent it from moving.

This will help you keep your photos and paintings hanging straight!

Of course, you don’t always have to use nails to hang your pictures. For the light ones, I hang them with Prestik anyway.

Just don’t go hanging heavy and expensive paintings or frames with Prestik. It’s not 100% secure all the time, depending on your wall, age of the Prestik, etc.

For the non-South Africans reading this, I’ve just realised that Prestik is a South African product. Here is what Wikipedia has to say about it:

Prestik is a rubber-like temporary adhesive that is marketed in South Africa, and manufactured by Bostik.

It is water resistant, and can be used in temperatures from -30C to 100C. It can be used to secure things in place, such a pieces of paper on walls or fridge doors.

It is similar to Blu Tack.

So it looks like Blu-Tack is the way to go for people in other lands 🙂

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