Decorating a study – Color

Here’s a quick little idea when decorating a study.

If your study is anything like mine, the colors can be a little drab. Dark wood seems to be quite the rage at the moment, and, with our cream painted walls and dark wood study desk and display cabinet/book shelves, our study is pretty much a black and white room. My tip is: Add some color with an abstract painting.


Choose a wall, and get some art that will take up a lot of it. It will be a focal point for your study, as well as a detractor from the lack of colour in your study. Of course, lack of color is not the only reason to put up art in your study, and abstract art is not the only way to put some colour into your study, but it’s a good way to do it, in my opinion.

abstract-art-for-your-study-1.jpgDo you have any experience in adding a dash of color to your study (or other room in your house)?

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