Personalize your home

If you can do it to Google’s Homepage, you should do it to your own house. When you receive visitors, you want them to know straight away that this house is your home. There are a couple of ways of doing this, along with all the previous posts (and hopefully the MILLIONS of future posts):

Put up photos of you and your family:

– Everybody should have some photos of the family hanging around, literally. Of course, if you don’t, you should get some of your best photos framed nicely before hanging them. Remember, we are trying to be stylish here. No hanging photos with thumb-tacks.


Frame a couple of those degrees or certificates:

– Do you have an MBA, phD, technical training, or even a “Worlds best Dad” certificate? If so,you should consider getting the certificates framed and put up on the wall. This is an ideal feature for the study. And, once again, remember what I said about “Focal Points“.

Show off some of those trophies:


– If you have any good looking trophies that you keep bringing out of the closet for family dinners and thanksgiving, think about making it a feature somewhere in the house. Once again, a trophy could look good in the study. You could put it in a nice glass cabinet, where you keep special bottles of whiskey, or those Cuban cigars you’re saving for special occasions.

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