Must have tools for new home owners

If you’re having a house built, make sure you take a look at my house inspection list.

Having just moved into a new house, here’s a list of tools that I think you’ll need, from personal experience. Especially since it really sucks to get a new item for the house, or have an issue with your new home, and not be able to do anything about it.

Screw drivers

You will definitely need a screw driver some time in your life. And very probably, VERY SOON. I would recommend buying a set of screwdrivers that will include the small, medium and large flat screw drivers, and the Phillips Screwdriver (a.k.a. Star screwdriver).

Screwdrivers are a must have tool for people in new houses


Levels can be quite expensive, so unless you really are planning on doing a lot of maintenance (like putting up new cornices), you should be able to get by with a 30cm Level. This should help you when hanging paintings, mirrors or even when adjusting the level of your fridge or washing machine. You will also definitely use this often.

Spanners are something you need for the houseSpanners

This isn’t as crucial as the screwdrivers, but they can come in handy when you’re assembling things like garden tables (can you tell I needed it for that? 🙂 ). Again, I’d recommend that you buy a set that ranges in size, as opposed to buying them one by one.

Tape Measure

You will not know how you lived without a tape measure once you buy one. In fact, I can almost recommend that you buy 2! One for around the house, and the other to keep in the car… If you’re furnishing a new house, having a tape measure handy while shopping around is excellent!

A Tape Measure is a required tool for home ownersI really like the tape measure that I own, because instead of having to lock the tape in place whenever I’ve extended it, my tape has a spring-loaded brake that I have to release when I want to extend the tape, or roll it back in. So there’s no worries about the brake not being locked properly, as the spring takes care of that.

And, it just FEELS better…


Do I even need to talk about this one? Unless you’re 8 feet tall, you’re going to need a step-ladder to change light bulbs, clean those top shelves, etc. So get a good (safe) ladder.


Something every new home-owner will use often, and soon after moving into the house. You will need this to hang painting after painting after photo… 🙂

Stanley Knife

According to Wikipedia, this is also known as a utility knife, a box cutter, a razor blade knife, a carpet knife, or a stationery knife. This is one of the most used tools I have. If only because I’m lazy and use it to open boxes and bags (like compost bags). Get a good quality, strong knife with replaceable blades.


And, something to keep all your new tools in. Get a large toolbox, with compartments for screws, nails, etc and space for your hammer, screwdrivers, spanners, etc…


I found out I needed this the hard way. New houses always have the kinks. And, thanks to careless builders who tend to block up the drains, a plunger is definitely something you’d rather have and not need, then need and not have. So get one just in case.


So, is there anything from the list above that you think I’ve missed? Feel free to add it in a comment below.

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